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Solicitation Number: HSCG88-13-A-BOAXXX
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: United States Coast Guard (USCG)
Location: Commanding Officer, USCG Civil Engineering Unit Oakland
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(SBA Requirement Number 0912/13/302688)

Restricted to eligible 8(a) construction firms with a bona-fide place of business located in the specified geographical area in which the work is to be performed. No solicitation will be available. The draft BOA and the BOA submittal requirements are posted on FED BIZ OPPS in conjunction with this announcement. The United States Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit Oakland is seeking Small Business Administration (SBA) certified 8 (a) firms serviced by SBA District Offices in Washington, Oregon and California, and other 8(a) participant with SBA recognized bona-fide places of business in Washington, Oregon and California to participate in a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) Pilot Program. BOAs are designed to provide enhanced contracting opportunities to qualified firms under the 8(a) program serviced by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The BOA is not a contract but a written instrument of understanding negotiated between the US Coast Guard, Civil Engineering Unit (CEU) Oakland, and the 8(a) firm to facilitate the expeditious acquisition of construction services, if and when ordered. The BOA contains contract clauses, provisions, certifications, terms and conditions, which will apply to all task orders issued under the BOA according to the dollar amount of each task order. Annually, CEU Oakland will review the continued need for the BOA in light of (a) usefulness and need for services and (b) the effectiveness of individual contractors. The Contracting Officer will open/advertise the BOA program for new entrants once a year. Under the BOA, 8(a) firms compete on task orders for maintenance, repairs, construction and construction related service requirements pursuant to the BOA. General contractors are preferred, but specialty contractors will be considered as well. Individual projects will be solicited and awarded if and when required. CEU Oakland gives no assurance from the BOA of a steady stream of work. Nothing in the BOA is intended to state of imply any agreement by the Coast Guard to place future contracts or orders with the Contractor or to require that the Coast Guard solicit and acquire covered services from that contractor only. The anticipated construction work may require a diversity of skills suitable to a variety of tasks. The anticipated construction work to be covered under the BOAs include, but is not limited to, new construction, minor construction projects [exterior and interior renovations, alterations, repairs (emergency and routine)], handling of hazardous waste and material, maintenance, mechanical, electrical, heating/air conditioning, painting, paving, earthwork, demolition, installing pipelines, and design assistance. Construction projects covered under the BOA are for work performed in the NAICS Sub-sector Codes 236, 237, and 238.

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA OF COVERAGE: The BOA covers Coast Guard and government installations in Washington, Oregon and California. It has been determined that competition will be unrestricted to all eligible 8(a) firms located within the geographical area serviced by the cognizant SBA District Office and other 8(a) construction firms with a bona fide places of business within the competitive geographical area, and the assigned NAICS code. All other 8(a) BD Participants are deemed ineligible to submit offers.

PERFORMANCE PERIOD: The performance period for the BOA is three (3) years with the Government reserving the right to grant extensions for up to two (2) additional years with no single extension exceeding one year OR until the firm graduates from the 8(a) program, whichever occurs first. Options will not be exercised for firms that do not continue to meet all BOA requirements and will be removed accordingly. The Agreement can only be changed by modification of the agreement itself and not by individual orders issues hereunder. Either party may cancel the agreement with 60 days written notice to the other party. Any cancellation will not have any effect on task orders issued prior to the effective date of cancellation.

SOLICITATIONS: Each project solicitation will indicate the detail of pricing and technical information to be provided by the offeror, and evaluation criteria and the basis for award to be used for each project. The Contracting Officer, when awarding on a best value basis, may consider factors such as Past Performance, Technical Qualifications, Management Approach and Price. If the award basis will be on price alone, the Contractor may be required to furnish a bid bond with each proposal over $25,000. CEU Oakland will require Payment Bonds on each task order over $30,000 and Performance Bonds on task orders over $100,000. The Government reserves the right to obtain a more detailed cost breakdown of labor, materials, equipment, overhead and profit at any time.

ORDERS: Individual projects will be awarded using the Optional Form 347 and will provide appropriate descriptions, specifications, administrative requirements, pricing terms and completion time. Each order will be considered a separate binding contract.

LIMITATION OF ORDERS: The range will be from $3,000 to a maximum of $4,000,000. Firms must demonstrate they meet the qualifications to receive a BOA. Upon submission of the following information, the Government will review the documents and the firm will be determined to be either "Eligible" or "Ineligible." To qualify for a BOA, each firm must meet the following submittal requirements (DOWNLOAD AND USE CHECKLIST FROM THIS WEBSITE TO ENSURE ALL SUBMITTALS ARE PROVIDED):

1. Completed contractor information sheet;
2. SBA Firm Profile from the Small Business Dynamic Search at;
3. Evidence of official 8(a) Certification, be assigned a Small Business Opportunity Specialist and have a reviewed and bona-fide address within the same district in which the work is to be performed;
4. Registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) database;
5. A full copy of the offeror's Entity Record, Entity Overview, and Reps & Certs in SAM;
6. Completed Contractor Responsibility Questionnaire;
7. Letter from the bonding company stating the single and aggregate bonding capacity;
8. Provide evidence of submission of VETS-100 Report, entitled "Federal Contractor Veterans' Employment Report (VETS-100 Report)," as required by FAR 52.222-37, Employment Reports on Special Disabled Veterans, Veterans of the Vietnam Era, and Other Eligible Veterans. (If not applicable, provide statement that Offeror has not had contracts subject to this requirement.);
9. Provide two contractor past performance surveys or performance evaluation reports for each NAICS sector received for projects completed within the last three years; and
10. Safety record information. A request for a BOA may be denied if a contractor has an Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) greater than 1.2 and / or an incidence rate higher than 5.0 or if the contractor does not meet other criteria.

Please submit your package to US Coast Guard, Civil Engineering Unit Oakland, Attn: Lilian Librodo, 2000 Embarcadero, Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94606 no later than close of business on 8 July 2013. EARLY SUBMISSIONS ARE ENCOURAGED. Late submissions will NOT be considered. It is the offeror's responsibility to check FED BIZ OPPS website at for any revisions to this announcement or other notices.

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Posted Date:
May 14, 2013
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2000 Embarcadero
Suite 200
Oakland, California 94606-5000
United States
California, Oregon, and Washington States

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Lilian Librodo,
Contract Specialist
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