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Individual Carbine M855A1 Familiarization Shoot and Compatibility Check

Solicitation Number: W15QKN-11-Z-F001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - New Jersey
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Special Notice
Added: Nov 24, 2010 10:12 am
Special Notice Announcement for M855A1 Familiarization Shoot and CompatibilityCheck with Army Under-Barrel Attachments for Individual Carbine CompetitionWeapon Candidates

The U.S. Army Contracting Command (ACC) Joint Munitions & Lethality (JM&L)Contracting Center, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000, on behalf of the ProgramManager for Soldier Weapons (PM SW) Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07860-5000 isannouncing a M855A1 Familiarization Shoot and Army under-barrel lethalityattachments Compatibility Check for all potential Individual Carbine (IC)Competition weapon candidates. The purpose of this Familiarization Shoot andCompatibility Check is to allow all vendors an opportunity to better preparetheir proposals for the future IC competition.

The Familiarization Shoot will be held at H.P. White Laboratory, Inclocated at 3114 Scarboro Road, Street, MD 21154 from Jan-May 2011. TheGovernment will provide the recently fielded M855A1 Enhanced Performance RoundEPR), 5.56 x 45mm for the vendors use at the H.P. White Laboratory facility. Potential IC weapon candidates chambered in 5.56 x 45mm are invited toconduct a voluntary Familiarization Shoot of the M855A1 round. Each vendorwill be allotted a total of 10,080 rounds (six cases) of M855A1 and will beassigned an initial time period and a follow-up time period as described belowto use the ammunition during the Familiarization Shoot. The cost ofammunition will be provided at no cost to the vendor. This round is notavailable for any other caliber weapon.

In addition to the Familiarization Shoot, a Compatibility Check withcurrent Army under-barrel lethality attachments (M320 Grenade Launcher and theM26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System) is also available for all potential ICweapon candidates, regardless of the caliber of weapon. Vendors whose weaponsare chambered in a caliber other than 5.56 x 45 mm may only participate in theCompatibility Check. During the Compatibility Check, vendors will have timeto check their attachment/detachment methods with the M320 and the M26 weaponsystems. This is a non-firing Compatibility Check. Vendors participating inthe Compatibility Check will not be furnished any ammunition, nor will they beallowed to bring their own ammunition and fire their weapons while either theM320 or the M26 weapons systems are attached.

INSTRUCTIONS: Interested vendors must register to participate by contactingRay McBride, Lester Roane, or Frank Barile of H.P. White at (410) 838-6550from 06 December to 10 December 2010 (the Registration Period). A SiteSurvey/Safety Brief will be conducted by H.P. White from 13 December thru 16December 2010. Details on the Site Survey/Safety Brief will be provided byH.P. White during registration. If a vendor is unable to attend the SiteSurvey/Safety Brief, the vendor will only receive a Safety Brief prior tostarting their Familiarization Shoot. After the Registration Period hasended, H.P. White will conduct a lottery to randomly assign each 5.56 x 45mmvendor two time slots to conduct the Familiarization Shoot, as well as a timeslot for vendors to conduct their Compatibility check. The first slot for theFamiliarization Shoot will be for three (3) (potentially consecutive) days ina week during January thru March to fire the M855A1. The second time slotwill be given for one (1) follow-up day during March thru May to allow forvendors to confirm any possible changes they have made to their weapon(s). Theamount of time between time slots will be the same for all vendors. Vendorswith IC weapon candidates chambered in 5.56 x 45mm and calibers other then5.56 x 45mm can contact H.P. White and request either a four (4) hour timeslot or an eight (8) hour time slot for their Compatibility Check as itpertains to the M320 and M26 only, with no follow-up time slot. Vendors areallowed to bring multiple weapons; however, a limit of 12 weapons total willbe enforced due to limited arms room space. The allotted total of 10,080rounds of M855A1 provided to vendors for the Familiarization Shoot is to beused over the course of both time slots provided (January thru March and Marchthru May). All vendors attending the Familiarization Shoot and/orCompatibility Check are responsible for any cost(s) associated with the use ofH.P. Whites facility and/or any rental fees of equipment from H.P.White.

H.P. White will provide a list of equipment that can be rented from theirfacility for the Familiarization Shoot upon request during the registrationprocess. Vendors may also bring their own equipment, but due to spacelimitations, the total volume of the equipment must not exceed the size of a10 x 26, moving van/truck, or pull behind trailer. The van/trailer will bestored outside (must be weatherproof) and will be accessible to the vendorthroughout the firing day. When vendors register, H.P. White will ask aseries of questions such as the make, model and number of weapons of eachtype. In addition, the vendor will also be required to submit a picture ofeach weapon.

The first iteration of Familiarization firing will be on a 25yd and 300ydrange (one or more days on each range). A third, 100m indoor range, may beavailable (availability pending the final count of vendors participating). The follow-up firing day is provided for vendors to confirm any possiblechanges they have made to their weapon(s). All weapon data gathered at H.P.Whites facility is the property of the vendor and is not required to beshared with the Government. No Government furnished M855A1 ammunition will beremoved from H.P. Whites facility. Full accountability of the M855A1ammunition provided for this testing will be maintained. All unfiredcartridges will be returned to the US Government.

Note: The Government will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by avendors decision to schedule/participate in the vendor Familiarization Shootand Compatibility Check, nor will the Government be responsible for anydamages incurred to a vendors weapon systems/equipment or injury toparticipants as a result of the use of the Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) oractivities during these events.

Vendors are to be advised of the additional H.P. White Laboratory regulationslisted below: No more than three (3) vehicles at the lab, to include pull behindtrailer or moving van. Trailers, moving vans, and or trucks can be no larger than 10x26. No more than six shooters at one time on the firing line. No more than eight people from each vendor at the lab while testing. Vendors can bring their own equipment (chronographs, shot screens,video equipment, and generators), as they deem necessary, for operation.Equipment can be rented from H.P. White on a first come first serve basis (alist will be provided). Range rules are non-negotiable. Vendor personnel can be ejected fromthe property for safety violations.

Reminder: Interested vendors must register through: H.P. White Laboratory,Inc., Ray McBride, Lester Roane, or Frank Barile at 410-838-6550 December 06 10, 2010. All other inquiries please contact: The U.S. Army, ArmyContracting Command (ACC) Joint Munitions & Lethality (JM&L) ContractingCenter, CCJM-MA, Bldg 10, Attn: Pete Snedeker, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000 at This is a special notice only and is forplanning purposes only. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION AND DOES NOT OBLIGATE THEGOVERNMENT TO ISSUE A SOLICITATION.
US Army, Army Contracting Command, Joint Munitions and Lethality (JM&L) Contracting Center, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000
Peter Snedeker, Contract Specialist, (973)724-4009

Peter Snedeker