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F-22 Follow-on Raptor Enhancement, Development and Integration

Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-F-22-FREDI
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Material Command
Location: AFLCMC/PK - WPAFB (includes PZ, WL, WW, WI, WN, WK, LP, WF, WK)
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Sources Sought
Added: Jan 26, 2011 4:30 pm

This announcement constitutes a Sources Sought Synopsis for the Follow-on Raptor Enhancement, Development and Integration (FREDI) indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract. The estimated maximum amount for the FREDI contract is $16.00B. Contract efforts are subject to FAR 52.232-18 availability of funds. The FREDI contract will contain multiple contract types at the contract line item level (e.g. Firm fixed-price, fixed-price incentive fee, cost plus incentive fee, etc.) The F-22 aircraft blends low observability with advanced avionics, a highly maneuverable lightweight airframe, and the ability to supercruise. The F-22 is designed to detect, engage, and destroy any opposing force before detection. Further, the F-22 possesses air-to-air as well as air-to-ground capability. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (LM Aero), Marietta, GA is currently the prime contractor for the development, manufacture, modernization and sustainment of the F-22 aircraft. The FREDI contract will provide for the development of integrated software and hardware upgrades to the Lockheed Martin developed F-22 weapon system including flight support at Edwards AFB, CA. Development of systems upgrades include but not limited to: correcting existing defects, changing the system to incorporate new requirements, and changing the system to add capability and enhance performance. Additionally, the FREDI contract may need to provide specific support efforts as part of the F-22 weapon system transition to a more organic support concept. Efforts under this concept include but are not limited to supporting fleet management, materials management, maintenance management, support equipment and customer technical services. LM Aero has been the sole designer, manufacturer and integrator of the F-22 weapon system since the program's inception. Contractors interested in this effort must submit the following information for evaluation to the Government. Responses should be concise, program specific and encompass all areas: (1) description of existing F-22 or similar comparable weapon system experience in the integration and certification of software and hardware upgrades systems; (2) demonstrate management, logistics, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and flight test experience, and knowledge of embedded Air Vehicle systems with emphasis on operational safety, suitability and effectiveness for air vehicle support and training systems; (3) description of capability to design, develop, integrate, fabricate, test and install modifications and enhancements including the contractor's facilities and assets currently available to process classified up to TOP SECRET clearance level; (4) qualifications of lead management and engineering personnel projected to work on this contract to include education, background, accomplishments and other pertinent information relevant to the task outlined above; (5) identification of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability maturity Model (CMM) Level certification; (6) organization structure, with emphasis on how this program fits into the overall company's weapon system integration and sustainment process; (7) demonstrate the ability to interact and coordinate with Air Combat Command, ASC, Air Force Material Command, and LM Aero as the total system integrator of the F-22 weapon system; (8) indicate the level and types of F-22 technical data, analytical tools and databases required to accomplish this effort; (9) indication of current ISO/quality certifications or the plan to achieve these certifications; (10) indication of large or small business in relation to NAICS 336411, size standard 1500 employees. Include Cage Code; (11) provide documented determination of EVMS compliance or comprehensive plan for compliance per DFARS 252.234-7001; (12) demonstrate military equipment valuation (MEV) accountability according to FASAB standards; (13) show compliance to unit identification requirements per DFARS 252.211-7003; (14) provide plan for obtaining and required information from the current integrating contractor, LM Aero. Interested firms should submit sufficient information which will permit evaluation of technical capabilities in writing or electronically to Aeronautical Systems Center, ASC/WWUK, Attn. Mr. John Strieter, 2725 C Street, Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7424 within 15 calendar days from this announcement. If there are any questions with regard to the FREDI contract please contact John M. Strieter, Contract Negotiator, ASC/WWUK, (937)904-5354, e-mail or Billy Sandridge, Contracting Officer, ASC/WWUK, (937)904-5317,e-mail . An Ombudsman has been appointed to address concerns from offerors or potential offerors during the proposal development phase of this acquisition. The Ombudsman does not diminish the authority of the program director or contracting officer, but communicates contractor concerns, issues, disagreements and recommendations to the appropriate Government personnel. When requested, the Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals or in the source selection process. Interested parties are invited to call ASC's Ombudsman, Howard Marks at (937)255-8642, e-mail This synopsis is not to be construed as a commitment on the part of the Government to award a contract nor does the Government intend to directly pay for any information of responses submitted as a result of this solicitation.

Contracting Office  Address

Department of the Air Force, Air Force material Command, ASC - Aeronautical System Center, 2275 D Street, Wright Patterson AFB, OH, 45433-7218

2275 D Street
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433-7218
John M. Strieter,
Contract Negotiator
Phone: 937-904-5354
Fax: 937-656-7517
Billy Sandridge,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 937-904-5317
Fax: 937-656-7517