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siRNA Studies for Nanotherapeutics

Solicitation Number: S11-039
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: National Institutes of Health
Location: National Cancer Institute
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Dec 14, 2010 3:59 pm
The purpose of this RFP is to identify and evaluate the clinical potential of candidate siRNA nanotherapeutics which have shown promise with respect to targeted delivery of siRNA to tumor cells, increased uptake of siRNA by tumor cells and/or increased circulation times of siRNA. Nanotechnologies which may minimize immune responses and/or off-target effects of siRNA are also of interest, but these characteristics are not required for the submission to be eligible.

Researchers with promising in vitro data may submit proposals to conduct studies in small animal models of cancer; researchers with promising in vivo data in small animal models may submit proposals to conduct studies in large animal models. Appropriate small and large animal studies may include efficacy, toxicity, biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and/or pharmacodynamics. It is expected that data gathered under the resulting agreement will, in conjunction with other data generated by the offerors, enable filing of Investigational New Drug (IND) or Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) applications with the US-FDA. The purpose of this RFP is NOT to fund basic research on nanoplatform development, RNAi compounds and animal models. It is also not intended to fund ALL necessary studies needed to file an IND or IDE.

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RFP S11-039 - siRNA Studies

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RFP S11-039 - siRNA Studies
Posted Date:
December 14, 2010
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Description: RFP S11-039 siRNA Studies
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