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J--Towing and complete dismantlement of multiple CV-59/CV-63 Class Aircraft Carriers in the United States

Solicitation Number: N0002412R4211
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Sea Systems Command
Location: NAVSEA HQ
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Added: Jan 26, 2012 3:27 pm
The Naval Sea Systems Command intends to solicit for the towing and complete dismantlement of multiple CV-59/CV-63 Class Aircraft Carriers in the United States, removal and disposal of hazardous materials in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations, and processing and sale of scrap metals and reusable items. Ownership of the vessels remains with the United States. Towing will be required from the carriers' locations in Philadelphia, PA and Bremerton, WA to the Contractors' facilities in accordance with the U.S. Navy Tow Manual. The contract(s) will be five-year Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts awarded on a firm fixed-price basis at the net cost to the government, considering the estimated value to the Contractor of the resulting scrap metals and reusable items.

The Contractor shall retain the proceeds of the sale of scrap metals and reusable items to offset its costs of performance. The government may award one, two or three IDIQ contracts depending on the best value to the government. The first ship to be awarded is ex-FORRESTAL (AVT/CV 59), located in Philadelphia, PA. The second is ex-INDEPENDENCE (CV 62), located in Bremerton, WA, and the third is ex-CONSTELLATION (CV 64), also located in Bremerton, WA. Additional aircraft carriers may be solicited during the five-year period if the Navy changes their disposition to dismantling. The hull and all portions of the structure of the vessels must be demilitarized by reduction to scrap dimensions not exceeding five (5) feet.

Any and all weapons systems and communications equipment remaining on the vessels must be demilitarized by complete destruction. The Contractor must obtain a facility security clearance at the CONFIDENTIAL level at minimum from the Defense Security Service. All employees and others with access to the vessel, to components of the vessels prior to reduction to scrap, and to information regarding the vessels must be U.S. citizens and, for those with access to the third deck and below, possess individual security clearances at the CONFIDENTIAL level at minimum. The Contractor must have facility controls in place to prevent physical access to the vessels and facility by unauthorized persons, and limit visual observation of the dismantling of the third deck and below by unauthorized persons.

The Contractor must provide office space for on-site government representatives who will serve as the Contracting Officer's Representative, and to observe and monitor the performance of the Contractor.

N00024 NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND, DC 1333 Isaac Hull Avenue S.E. Washington Navy Yard, DC
Carlos Triay (202)781-4935 Timothy Starker (202)781-3944