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S--Custodial Services - Newport, Oregon

Solicitation Number: SOL-NC-12-00028
Agency: Environmental Protection Agency
Office: Office of Acquisition Management (OAM)
Location: RTP Procurement Operations Division (RTPPOD)
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Mar 28, 2012 1:39 pm
THIS IS A COMBINED SYNOPSIS/SOLICITATION FOR COMMERCIAL SERVICES PREPARED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FORMAT IN FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATION (FAR) SUBPART 12.6 "SOLICITATION FOR COMMERCIAL ITEMS", AS SUPPLEMENTED WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THIS NOTICE. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT CONSTITUTES THE ONLY SOLICITATION. QUOTATIONS ARE BEING REQUESTED AND A WRITTEN SOLICITATION WILL NOT BE ISSUED. This solicitation number is SOL-NC-12-00028 and the solicitation is being issued as a 100% small business set-aside competition Request for Quotation (RFQ). The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 05-57, effective March 15, 2012. This procurement is for Janitorial Services.

The associated North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 561720 - Janitorial Services, which has a size standard of $16.5 million, is applicable. A firm, fixed-price contract is anticipated to result from award of this solicitation. The anticipated period of performance will be a one-year base period and four one-year options. The option periods will be exercised at the discretion of the Government.

The Offerors shall prepare pricing in accordance with the attached Pricing Sheet (Attachment 2).

The Statement of Work (SOW), Quality Assurance Plan, Floor Plan, Wage Determination and other documents are available at All information and any modifications to the solicitation will be posted to this site; check the site frequently to ensure you have the latest information available.

The procurement is for Custodial Support Services for the U.S. EPAs Western Ecology Division (WED) facilities located at 2111 S.E. Marine Science Drive, Newport, Oregon.

A. SCOPE ? The contractor shall furnish all supplies, labor, materials, equipment, supervision and management for the performance of the work of this contract unless otherwise specified herein. The Contractor shall also furnish all necessary supplies for maintenance and cleaning of the restrooms and lunchrooms, including toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap (including applicable dispensers), sanitary napkins for the bathrooms, tampons, toilet seat covers, sanitary napkin receptacle bag liners and trash can liners. These supplies and materials shall be of a quality to conform with applicable Federal Specifications. Federal Specifications for supplies and materials are listed in Appendix 1 to this Statement of Work. Within fourteen (14) calendar days of contract award, the Contractor shall submit, to the Project Officer, a list giving the name of the Manufacturer, the brand name and intended use of each of the materials that the Contractor proposes to use in the performance of the work. The Contractor shall not use any material(s) which the Project Coordinator determines would be unsuitable for the purpose or harmful to the surfaces to which applied or to any other part of the buildings, its contents, or equipment. GOVERNMENT PROVIDED SERVICES and SPACE - At the facilities in which services shall be provided, electrical power will be furnished by the Government at existing power outlets for the Contractor's use to operate such equipment as is necessary in the performance of work specified under the contract. Hot and cold water will also be made available to the Contractor for use in the performance of work as necessary. EPA will provide a Janitor closet (Room A-134 in the Administrative Wing) for the Contractor's use in the performance of the Statement of Work. The Contractor shall keep this space in a neat and orderly condition. EPA will not be responsible for any damage or theft of the Contractor's equipment or supplies or Contractor's em ployees personal property which is stored or used on EPA property. The approximate square footage of the facilities are as follows: 1) - Administration Wing-7,250 sq. ft.; 2) - Laboratory Wings-23,560 sq. ft. TOTAL SAPPROXIMATE SQUARE Footage is 30,810 sq. ft. The Facility contains four (4) daily use restrooms, plus one (1) which is part of the First Aid Room (A-105A) and has only infrequent use.

The Contractor shall not bring any chemical items (this includes any and all cleaning products) onsite without prior approval of the EPA's Project Officer. The Contractor shall provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to the Project Officer for all chemical items used in EPA facilities. All regular work shall be done between the hours of 6:00 am and midnight Monday through Saturday (Federal Holidays excluded). All floor stripping/waxing and carpet shampooing shall be done on weekends. The Contractor must provide the Project Coordinator with 72 hour notice for any activity which will disrupt Government business in any area for more than 30 minutes. The Contractor shall provide a representative who can be reached by telephone during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. This representative shall have the authority to make decisions and take corrective action necessary for the fulfillment of the contract terms and conditions. The Contractor shall ensure that personnel are ade quately trained and available to perform the services as specified herein. The Contractor shall refer any problem(s) which may arise beyond the scope of the contract to the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall maintain the quantity and quality of supervision necessary for the effective and efficient management of work operations. Supervisors shall have an intimate knowledge of the various tasks, equipment, and materials so as to be able to both properly train and direct the workers in their individual tasks, and to maintain and control the effective inspection and follow up program. The Contractor shall notify the Project Officer, in writing, of any irregularities reported by personnel (i.e. defective plumbing).


Cleaning shall be required, including full performance of all specified daily services on the first official working day of the contract period. In case an emergency condition exists that requires immediate attention (such as flooding of a particular section of the building), the Contractor shall divert its force, or such part thereof either as requested by the Project Officer, as necessary, from their normal assigned duties to meet the condition. When these employees are no longer needed for the special work, they shall be directed by the Contractor to return to their normal duties and the Contractor shall not be penalized because the normal daily work which otherwise would have been performed during the interval has been neglected.

The Contractor shall correct deficiencies and/or incomplete work within 48 hours after a written notification from the Project Officer.

The Contractor shall perform all services to maximum capacity during the afternoon of the last contract day. Restrooms shall be stocked as per normal requirements on the last contract day.

B. PROVISIONS 1. Periods of Performance - The period of performance of this contract shall be a 12-month base year plus four (4) additional 12-month option periods. a. The Base Year period of performance is May 1, 2012 - April 30, 2013. b. Option Year 1 period of performance is May 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014. c. Option Year 2 period of performance is May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015. d. Option Year 3 period of performance is May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2016. e. Option Year 4 period of performance is May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2017. 2. WED non-duty hours are: a. Daily, Monday through Thursday, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the next day. b. Weekends, 5:00 p.m. Friday to 7:00 a.m. Monday. c. Federal Holidays as described: (1) Columbus Day, (2) Veterans Day, (3) Thanksgiving Day, (4) Christmas Day, (5) New Year's Day, (6) Martin Luther King Day, (7) Presidents' Day, (8) Memorial Day, (9) Independence Day, (10) Labor Day. In accordance with FAR 52.204-7(b)(1) Central Contracto r Registration, all prospective awardees shall be registered in the CCR database prior to award, during performance, and through final payment of any contract or purchasing agreement resulting from this solicitation. All offerors are to include with their offers a completed copy of provision 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items. The following FAR clauses apply to this acquisition: 52.212 4, Contract Terms and Conditions Commercial Items. The following additional FAR clauses which are cited in clauses 52.212 5 are applicable to the acquisition: Post Award Small Business Program Representation; 52.222-3 Convict Labor, 52.222-21 Prohibition of Segregated Facilities, 52.222 26, Equal Opportunity; 52.222 35, Affirmative Action for Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era; 52.222 36, Affirmative Action for Handicapped Workers; 52.222 37, Employment Reports on Special Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era; 52.217-9, Option t o Extend the Term of the Contract, 52.222-50 Combating Trafficking in Persons; 52.225-13 Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases; 52.232 33, Payment by Electronic Fund Transfer-Central Contractor Registration, 52.222-41, Service Contract Act of 1965, As Amended; 52.222-42, Statement of Equivalent rates for Federal Hires. Any applicable wage determination(s) will be made a part of the resultant contract.

A pre-proposal conference/site visit will be held on-site at US EPA's Corvallis, Oregon Facility on April 4, 2012 at 9:00 AM local time. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. Notify the Contract Specialist not-later-than April 2, 2012 if your company will be in attendance and the names of company representatives (limit 3) that will be attending. Attendees should report to 2111 SE Marine Science Drive, Newport, Oregon and request Primo Knight. All technical questions resulting from the site visit and SOW should be forwarded via email to the Contract Specialist, Louis C. Williams, Jr., no-later-than April 5, 2012 at the following email address: Offerors should review any other information posted with this Request for Quotation on EPA's website at the following address: Arrow down to the CURRENT SOLICITATIONS section and click on the solicitation. ALL FURTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO THIS SOLICITATION WILL BE LOCATED AT THE EPA WEBSITE. Please submit two copies each of the technical and price proposal to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, RTP Procurement Operations Division, Attn: Louis C. Williams, Jr. (E105-02), 4930 Old Page Road, Durham, NC 27703. Mark: PROPOSAL SOL-NC-12-00028, or send via email to . All offers are due by April 12, 2012, 12:00 PM (noon), Eastern Time. No telephonic or faxed requests will be honored.
RTPPODUS Environmental Protection Agency109 T.W. Alexander DriveMail Code: E105-02Research Triangle ParkNC27709USA
NHEERL - WED2US Environmental Protection AgencyNational Health andEnvironmental Effects Research Lab2111 SE Marine Science DrNewportOR97365USA
Louis Williams

Contract Specialist