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Foreign Comparative Test: High Resolution 3D Geospatial Data Production thru GPU Accelerated Cluster Computing

Solicitation Number: H92222-14-HR3D
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: U.S. Special Operations Command
Location: Headquarters Procurement Division
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Added: Jun 02, 2014 12:09 pm
RFI Foreign Comparative Test

High Resolution 3D Geospatial Data Production thru GPU Accelerated Cluster Computing

DESCRIPTION: Special Operations Forces Planning, Rehearsal and Execution Preparation (SOFPREP) program is looking for companies with the capabilities to provide COTS, NDI, or near NDI High Resolution 3D Geospatial Processing and Data Management through GPU Accelerated High Performance Computing (HPC) Technology for Rapid Generation of Visual Databases used in Flight Simulators, Mission Rehearsal Devices, and Gaming and Intelligence Applications. The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) intends to apply for approval of a Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) project to compare and test candidate systems. For information on FCT, see

USSOCOM is interested in contracting with vendors who are currently using advanced processing for rapid generation, management and storage of high-resolution 3D geospatial data and imagery in correlated geo-specific data layers and visual databases used in simulators, game engines and visualization technologies. The government may decide to acquire for testing purposes one or more vendor products that appear to meet or exceed the stated requirements. Further, based on the results of testing, the government may procure and field up to five systems to meet military operational needs.

Request responses from suppliers who can provide a working system ready for test and demonstration on or about March 2015 and capable of providing a product that meets the following thresholds:

1) Technology can be shown to significantly speed production of correlated geo-specific data layers in common standards and other formats currently produced by SOFPREP. Technology will support hybrid GPU/CPU processing in a HPC cluster or cloud system. Technology must be integrated into SOFPREP system architecture and improve upon the existing CAE Presagis Terra Vista Multi-Machine Build (MMB) product, or like item. Capabilities will be tested on various GEOINT sources. Acceleration of database production is expected to vary based on the data density provided as source and the type of processing required in the resulting database. Test objective is a 3 to 10 times faster computational process.

2) Technology can be shown to be capable of at least two output formats, Common Database (CDB) and Virtual Battlespace (VBS).

3) Technology can be shown to produce high resolution CDB data layers and post-process into at least two additional output formats compatible with the broadest range of SOF distributed mission training, rehearsal and visual systems such as:
a. Flight simulator image generators such as FSI Vital, Aechelon pC-NOVA, or like items, running real time 60Hz.
b. Mission rehearsal systems such as JTAC trainers, TopScene or like items.
c. Mission planning and visualization systems such as FalconView, NASA World Wind, Ringtail, TerraGlobe or like items.
d. Military gaming applications such as VBS, CryEngine, Unity, Unreal or like items.
e. Constructive simulation systems such as JCATS and OneSAF or like items.
f. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and tools such as ArcGIS, RaptorX or like items.
g. Emerging technologies for near-real time visualization of geospatially accurate high-resolution 3D terrain and information by disconnected users in the field.

4) Technological agility can be shown through modularity that comes from an open system architecture approach. Vendor will demonstrate GEOINT interoperability through appropriate SISO and OGC compliant open standards, interfaces and common data formats over proprietary ones with tests to ensure alternative implementations can be used.

If applicable, Vendor will provide documentation on the baseline performance prior to any optimization and on the final delivered product (if chosen) in order to assess the improved performance. Vendor will also report the number of HPC nodes and usage in order to recommend the optimal hardware configuration to accelerate production of 3D scene visualization data while maximizing hardware resource usage. Report will provide recommendation on future improvements in the software that would further improve performance on the hardware.

Responses to this RFI are due on or before COB June 10, 2014.

Submission must include:

1. A product description with performance parameters,
2. A statement regarding current availability,
3. Summary of prior testing,
4. Test reports,
5. Summary of logistic and maintenance requirements, and
6. An estimated cost for the price of test articles and production units.

Please provide name of firm, address, point of contact, phone/fax number, and email address. Submit response to US Special Operations Command, SORDAC PEO-SRSE, Attn: Susan Raymie, 7701 Tampa Point Blvd., MacDill AFB, FL 33621 via email to There is no page limitation to responses received, however, Vendors should strive to provide less than 20 pages of documentation.

This synopsis does not constitute an Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposals, and is not to be construed as a commitment by the government to issue a contract/order. The Government will not pay any costs a Vendor may accrue associated with providing a response to this RFI.


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RFI FCT H92222-14-HR3D

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RFI FCT H92222-14-HR3D
Posted Date:
June 2, 2014
Description: RFI Foreign Comparative Test
High Resolution 3D Geospatial Data Production thru GPU Accelerated Cluster Computing

Production Overview

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Production Overview
Posted Date:
June 3, 2014
Description: SOFPREP Production Overview
7701 Tampa Point Blvd
MacDill AFB, Florida 33621-5323
Hurlburt Field, Florida 32544
United States
Susan Raymie
Phone: 8138267486