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Shelf Stable Commercial Meals

Solicitation Number: SPM3S1-09-MEALS
Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Office: DLA Acquisition Locations
Location: DLA Troop Support - Construction & Equipment
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Jul 29, 2009 5:38 pm
This is an unrestricted acquisition for commercial shelf stable meals in support of FEMA emergencies.

Commercial meal minimum technical requirements are as follows:

Each meal shall be shelf-stable with a minimum shelf-life of 9 months at 70 degrees F, and a minimum of 600 kcal per meal. Meals should not include a fluid drink. All other foods must be ready-to-eat and shelf stable. Shipping cases or unit loads for Meals 600-900kcal shall be prominently marked to instruct issuance of 3 meals per day per person. Shipping cases or unit loads for Meals 900+ kcal shall be prominently marked to instruct issuance of 2 meals per day.

Contact Karla Thompkins ( for a copy of the Basic Ordering Agreement and proposal requirements.

700 Robbins Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111-5096
Karla M. Thompkins,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 215-737-2958
Fax: 215-737-2988
Harry Streibich,
Chief Group/Assembly Team