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Parking Lot Assessment

Solicitation Number: GPO-PLA-001
Agency: Government Printing Office
Office: Acquisition Services
Location: Acquisition Services
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Sources Sought
Added: Jul 10, 2014 10:20 am

This Request for Information (RFI) is issued for market research, budgetary, and planning purposes only, and is not a commitment of any kind for GPO to procure anything.

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) is interested in obtaining information from vendors and industry concerning options for development of its Parking Lot to its highest and best use by a private sector developer. GPO is looking for a commercial contractor to provide GPO with a market analysis, assessment, and recommendations for developing its Parking Lot, including the provision of temporary parking space for GPO's employees while the Parking Lot is under development. The information provided will be used for internal decision making for future actions by GPO.


GPO presently conducts most of its operations at its existing headquarters facility at 732 N. Capitol Street, NW, Washington, DC (Existing Site).

Existing Site

GPO's Existing Site is approximately one block west of Union Station and approximately five blocks north of the U.S. Capitol. The Existing Site lies within the area on the west side of North Capitol Street, NW, that is bounded generally by North Capitol, G and H Streets, and New Jersey Avenue in Northwest Washington, DC. The Existing Site is improved with three interconnected buildings as well as a small garage and storage building. GPO is not seeking options for the development of its buildings and the buildings are not part of this RFI.

Parking Lot

Within the remaining area bounded by North Capitol, G and H Streets, and New Jersey Avenue, measuring approximately 3.2 acres, lies land that is being used as a Parking Lot for GPO's employees and access. Except for two police checkpoint booths, paving, fencing, and other minor improvements associated with parking, the Parking Lot is unimproved. The Parking Lot consists of 2 contiguous parcels, known as Lots 3 and 50, located immediately to the west of GPO's Buildings extending to First Street, NW, totaling 76,998 square feet, or 1.77 acres. On the opposite side of First Street, GPO has an additional parcel, known as Lot 6, which extends to New Jersey Avenue, NW, totaling 14,123 square feet, or 0.3 acres. GPO also provides parking on the segment of First Street, NW, between Massachusetts Avenue and H Streets, NW, although GPO does not own the street. This area, measuring 17,654 square feet, or .4 acres, is known as Lot 7. Immediately to the south of Lot 6 and adjoining Lot 7 are 2 small parcels of park land that GPO does not control.


GPO is seeking to better understand the available solutions and capabilities that industry can offer for commercial development of its Parking Lot, to include continued provision of parking space for GPO's employees, which GPO might consider using in the near future.

To assist GPO in its planning and decision-making in the development of its Parking Lot, GPO is seeking information from well-qualified real estate planning, consulting, advisory, or services firms that have significant relevant experience in all aspects of the transactions being contemplated by GPO. In general, the services being sought may encompass all real estate consulting, advisory, valuation, cost estimating, budgeting, scheduling, accounting, and other similar services that will be necessary or appropriate to assist and guide GPO through all phases of the assessment, procurement, construction, completion, occupancy, and wind up of the development of its Parking Lot. In more specific terms, these services may include, but not be limited to a current assessment, feasibility studies, threshold analysis, stakeholder assessment, best use analysis, and assistance with selection of developers/partnerships.

Making Your Capabilities Known - Requested Information

Vendors should furnish the following information (Word or PDF file) to GPO:

1. Capability Statements that address the experience and capabilities in the areas described in the "Opportunity" section above
2. A separate document that summarizes the vendor's work on similar projects. This should include the company's approach to performing the scope identified above, highlighting unique company capabilities, as well as a rough order of magnitudes (ROMs) for performing this type of effort
3. Comments or Questions

Response to Capability Requirements

The submitted response must be 30 pages or less and contain no marketing material. Please also list company points of contact and GSA Schedule number (if applicable).


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United States
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Senior Contracting Officer
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