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Turbine Engine Monitoring System (TEMS)

Solicitation Number: FA820212R0001
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Material Command
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Sources Sought
Added: Nov 22, 2011 6:03 pm Modified: Nov 23, 2011 3:26 pmTrack Changes
The government is contemplating a contract for the Turbine Engine Monitoring System (TEMS) for the A-10 System Program Office (SPO). The purpose of this synopsis is to provide market research to determine interested sources available.
The A-10 weapon system architecture includes two monitoring functions that provide critical data for sustainment of the weapon system: the Flight Loads Data Recorder (FLDR)/Individual Aircraft Tracking Program (IATP) and the Turbine Engine Monitoring System (TEMS). The FLDR/IATP is a combined monitoring/record keeping system for aircraft usage and structural loads to support management of aircraft structural integrity. TEMS monitors engine performance parameters and stores event and trend data to support management of the TF34 engine.
The Supplies/Services include the following:
• The Contractor shall inventory and perform acceptance testing on each government-furnished Electronic Processor Units (EPUs) (P/N 9058027-10 in a serviceable condition) upon arrival In Accordance With (IAW) Test Requirement Document (TRD) document number 02-A10DOC-6163.
• Production, retrofitting, integration, and testing of up to three-hundred-forty-four (344) EPUs (PN 9058027-10) to Improved Electronic Processing Units (IEPUs) (PN 200222868-50)(Group B kits).
• Production, retrofitting, integration, and testing of up to thirty-six (36) IEPUs (PN 200222868-30) units to -50 IEPU (PN 200222868-50)(Group B kits)
• Production and testing of up to three-hundred-eighty (380) IEPU Vibration Card Circuit Assemblies (CCAs), part number 16094-0100-10, to replace all legacy Vibration Cards, part number 91300-301 and 91300-302
• Provide repairs for EPU and IEPU hardware
• Refurbish and restore all assets provided by the Government to "A Condition"
• Provide a fully Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) Technical Order (TO) with complete Bill of Material and detailed electronic schematics that allows for the development of a full Government Organic Depot repair capability for the IEPU -50 CPU CCA.
• Provide the Government unlimited data rights in accordance with DFAR 252.227-7013 Rights in Technical Data-Noncommercial Items to use this TO data in support of organic repair of the IEPU -50 CPU card.

The TEMS ADR modification shall upgrade the current IEPU (PN 200222868-30) TEMS/ADR dash 30 to the new IEPU (PN 200222868-50) TEMS/ADR dash 50. The dash 50 IEPU configuration will resolve both obsolescence and reliability challenges with the current dash 30 IEPU. The dash 50 IEPU will provide increased reliability (MTBF) and will provide Ethernet interface needed for future compatibility with the avionics buses. This will also allow for faster data downloads due to the ADR and Real Time Engine Data file sizes.
The Contractor may be required to travel to various locations to be determined to support the objectives.

If a contractor is interested, either email the contact points listed below or indicate your interest on this site on the interested vendors list.

Period of Performance: Two years from time of award

6038 Aspen Ave (Bldg 1289)
Hill AFB, Utah 84056
Contractors Facilities

United States
Kenneth A. Hernandez,
Contract Negotiator
Phone: 8015863209
Eileen Wahlstrom,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 801-586-1707
Fax: 801-777-6172