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Solicitation Number: HSTS07-09-R-00134
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Transportation Security Administration
Location: Contracts and Procurement

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Additional Q&As from Industry Day Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Jun 30, 2009 No
Vendor Questions_063009.doc Reference - Additional Questions & Answers from Industry Day, 6/11/2009. 29.50 Kb
Amendment 1 Mod/Amendment Jul 22, 2009 No
Tab 1_Sect.B Pricing_AMD01.xls Attachment 01-1 Tab 1, Section B Pricing AMD01 47.50 Kb
Tab 2_Pricing for Prop.Eval_AMD01.xls Attachment 01-2 Tab 2, Section B Pricing for Proposal Evaluation AMD01 33.00 Kb
Section C - Spec Changes.pdf Attachment 01-3 Section C - Specification Changes 170.96 Kb
SECTION L+M_AMD01_072209.doc Attachment 01-4 Sections L&M [one combined word document] 110.00 Kb
Historical Data - TSA (2008 - 2009).xls Attachment 01-5 Historical Data as referenced in Questions & Answers below 116.50 Kb
Q+A_072209_120PM.doc Attachment 01-6 Questions and Answers as of 07/22/2009 108.00 Kb
Amendment 2 Mod/Amendment Jul 24, 2009 No
Tab 2_Pricing for Prop Eval_AMD02 - Version 3-FINAL.xls AMENDMENT 03, one document. Version 3 of Pricing - Proposal for evaluation - Tab B. 103.50 Kb
Amendment 3 Mod/Amendment Aug 05, 2009 No
Checklist attachment.xls Checklist Attachment 21.50 Kb
Current TSO Prices Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Jun 29, 2009 No
Item Pricing.pdf Current TSO Uniform Pricing As per requested on Industry Day, June 11, 2009, the attached file reflects current TSO Uniform Prices. 8.00 Kb
Industry Day Info Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Jun 15, 2009 No
TSO Uniform Industry Day Briefing_6-11-09.pdf This is the Industry Day Briefing 97.09 Kb
Industry Day Presentation -- TSA SOW Specs_Jun 8 2009_v2.pdf Industry Day - SOW Briefing 265.18 Kb
Industry Day Presentation -- TSA Uniform Program_Jun 8 2009_v3.pdf Industry Day Program Briefing 334.40 Kb
Industry Day Attendees.pdf List of Attendees 12.73 Kb
Question & Answers from 6/11/09 Industry Day Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) Jun 17, 2009 No
TSO Uniform - FBO-Industry Day-Q+A.pdf Attached is the first installment of Questions with Answers from the TSA - TSO Uniform Industry Day held on June 11, 2009. 321.85 Kb
Solicitation 1 Solicitation Jul 10, 2009 No
RFP_HSTS07-09-R-00134_071009.doc Solicitation in Full Text 1,265.50 Kb
UNIFORM SPECIFICATIONS - NEW CONTRACT incl TSI 6-24 Master with new seaming stripes_062909.doc Specification 1,053.00 Kb
Sched-B-qty-TSO_071009.xls Section B - Pricing Excel Workbook 59.50 Kb
Statement of Work Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..) May 28, 2009 No
Statement of Work Uniform Contract as of 5-28-09.doc Statement of Work for Uniforms 72.00 Kb
UNIFORM SPECIFICATIONS - NEW CONTRACT-5-28-09.doc Specifications for Uniforms 421.00 Kb
Kissel.pdf Kissel Amendment 100.63 Kb
Items 1-9 of 9