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Next Generation Biometric Device Testing Request for Information

Solicitation Number: H92222-RFI-BIOMETRICS14
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: U.S. Special Operations Command
Location: Headquarters Procurement Division
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Sources Sought
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This Request for Information (RFI) this is not a solicitation for proposals, proposal abstracts, quotations, or obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products or services, but for planning purposes only. This RFI is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and to explore industry capabilities. Your response to this RFI will be treated as information only. No entitlement to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges by the Government will arise as a result of contractor submission to this announcement or the Government use of such information. The information provided may be used by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in developing its acquisition strategy, statement of work/statement of objectives, and performance specifications. Interested parties are responsible for adequately marking proprietary or competition sensitive information contained in their response. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this request for information or to otherwise pay for the information submitted in response to this RFI.

Responses to this RFI will be used by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center (SORDAC), Program Executive Office, Special Reconnaissance (PEO-SR) to find sources to participate in a test event for next-generation multi-modal biometric devices in September 2014 at Ft Bragg, NC. While production devices are preferred, fully functional prototypes will be accepted as long as they can produce exportable EBTS-compliant images for fingerprints, facial photos and irises.

The Government prefers a complete, integrated system in a single hand-held platform or device to acquire and export the above biometric modalities. The Government is willing to consider solutions that incorporate up to two components, but reserves the right to objectively determine if the system's proposed configuration is acceptable for further evaluation.

Testing will consist of two independently conducted events:

a. Technical data collection, to measure the quality and accuracy of the
device sensors
b. Operator evaluations to determine usability and ergonomic factors.
The preliminary schedule of events (still subject to adjustment) is as follows:

- 24-25 March - Biometrics Technology Industry Liaison Office Day at MacDill AFB, FL.

- 15 July 2014 - Deadline to notify USSOCOM SORDAC-SRSE of intent to participate in the test.

- TBD August 2014 - Manufacturers train testers and government Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on use of their device. Training will be limited to 2 hours per device to ensure equipment is intuitive and easily learned.

- TBD September 2014 - Technical and operational testing at Ft Bragg, NC. Manufacturers will not participate in the actual test events, conducted jointly by USSOCOM and Army Test and Evaluation Command.

Once the information is received, USSOCOM may publish a synopsis requesting further information and industry comments on a refined set of requirements along with a draft acquisition strategy and milestone schedule.

Interested parties with existing or near-term mature capabilities or products that meet all of the aforementioned attributes shall respond, NLT 13 Mar 2014, with a completed copy of the attached information sheet (attachment 1). Selected candidates will be asked to provide additional information via white paper and quad chart and invited to participate in the Biometrics Technology Industry Liaison Office Day. All responses shall be submitted to the Contracting Officer, Phillip Sabo, with a copy to the Test Director, Maj Chris Williams,, and Program and technical point of contacts, Michael Fitz,, and Jessica Fritz,

This announcement is a request for information/comment only and does not constitute a Request for Proposals (RFP). An RFP may or may not be posted in the future.  The Government does not guarantee any action beyond this RFI.

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Attachments 1- Planning 2- Criteria 3- Q/A

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Attachments 1- Planning 2- Criteria 3- Q/A
Posted Date:
March 3, 2014
Description: Test Planning, Criteria, and Q/A included.

Attachment 1

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Attachment 1
Posted Date:
March 10, 2014
ATT_1_RFI.docx (16.43 Kb)
Description: Attachment 1
7701 Tampa Point Blvd
MacDill AFB, Florida 33621-5323
7701 Tampa Point Blvd.
MacDill AFB

Tampa, Florida 33621
United States
Phillip J. Sabo,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 8138266969
Maj Chris Williams,
Test Director