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Request for Information

Solicitation Number: W52P1J13RXX3S
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - Rock Island (ACC-RI)
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Special Notice
Added: Feb 07, 2013 10:19 am

The Army Contracting Command - Rock Island (ACC-RI), in coordination with the Project Director Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (PD CHESS) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to obtain information from industry regarding the ability to provide IT services on behalf of the Department of the Army. The estimated value of services within the scope of this RFI is $11B to $15B over a 5 year period of performance.


The intent of this RFI is to obtain information regarding the ability to provide IT services for a follow-on IT service contract to replace ITES-2S, on behalf of the Department of the Army. The US Army is seeking the following:

Information regarding industry interest and capabilities in participation in the concept described below, and
Specific feedback and comments from industry regarding the grouping of the IT Services task areas in accordance with the attached questionnaire.

This is a Request for Information only. This RFI is being conducted pursuant to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) subpart 15.201(e). No contract will be awarded from this announcement and no reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information submitted in response to this RFI. As such, this RFI is issued solely for informational and planning purposes and does not constitute any obligation on the part of the US Army.

Not responding to this RFI does not preclude participation in any future RFP or solicitation, should one be issued. All submissions become US Army property and will not be returned. All information received in response to this notice that is marked 'Proprietary' will be handled accordingly.


The ITES-2S scope includes a full range of services and solutions necessary for the Army to satisfy its support of the Army enterprise infrastructure and infostructure goals with Information Technology (IT) services worldwide. The scope includes the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) requirements as defined in Army Regulation 25-1 (AR 25-1). ITES-2S are services-based solutions under which contractors may be required to provide a full range of IT equipment. Therefore, end-to-end solutions to satisfy worldwide development, deployment, operation, maintenance, and sustainment requirements are included. Additionally included is support to analyze requirements, develop and implement recommended solutions, and operate and maintain legacy systems, and equipment (The current ITES-2S Labor Categories are listed in Attachment 2). It is the intention of the Government to establish a scope that is broad, sufficiently flexible to satisfy requirements that may change over the period of performance, and fully comprehensive so as to embrace the full complement of services that relate to IT. The U.S. Army, Department of Defense, or any other Federal Agencies are authorized to fulfill requirements under ITES-2S.
The Government has the requirement to provide IT services, as a follow-on to ITES-2S, to both the Army warfighter and civilians supporting the Army business operations, along with mission partners in modernizing and maintaining LandWarNet. LandWarNet links the Army's forces around the world and provides on-the-move capability to maneuver forces while pushing access down to the lowest tactical level and from that foxhole back to their home station.
Because of the depth and breadth of the services required to satisfy the IT requirement, the Government seeks information and advice on how to provide these services in a manner that will result in best value, for example, appropriately qualified personnel at a cost that provides value to both the Government and the customer and in a manner that is flexible to the vendor, e.g., multiple contracts that are narrower in scope.
This is an RFI looking for innovative solutions in providing IT service contracts that will enhance the Army customer's (and possibly other DoD and federal agencies) ability to support their IT requirements. The Government is looking for a way of purchasing services that could break out the services into different suites or catalogs in accordance with the new DoD Services taxonomy.

All sources, with the capability as described herein, are requested and encouraged to respond to this RFI.


In an effort to gather information in a manner which can be analyzed, the US Army is requesting responses in three separate Sections (1) General Information; (2) Capability Questionnaire; and (3) General Feedback and Comments regarding the proposed concept and software products indicated (optional).

Instructions for Section 1: General Information

In order for a company's responses to Section 2 and Section 3 to be considered for the Government's analysis, the completion of Section 1, General Information, must be provided.

Instructions for Section 2: Questionnaire

The government is seeking comments from industry regarding the overall concept of the proposed ITES 3S contract. Responses shall be single-spaced, open-faced, and no smaller than 10 point font, with one inch margins and compatible with MS Office Word 2007.

Instructions for Section 3: General Feedback and Comments

Responses to this section are OPTIONAL. Please provide any feedback/comments that your company feels would enhance the proposed contract vehicle.

Interested parties shall submit an electronic copy of their responses via email to: The due date and time for submission of responses is Thursday, February 21, 2013, 1:00pm CST.

In order to move the information gathering along in a meaningful, timely, organized manner, the following cannot and will not be considered:

Responses sent by any other mechanism (such as hard copy responses, telephonic responses, facsimile responses or hand-delivery responses)
Responses sent to any other email addresses.
Sales brochures, videos and other marketing information materials

Section 1: General Information

1) Company Name:
2) Business Size (Indicate large or small business size under NAICS code 517110):

Section 2: Capability Questionnaire


1. Are you a small business under NAICS code 517110? ____Yes ____No

If so, what type?
a. Veteran-Owned Small Business
b. Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
c. HUBZone Small Business
d. Small Disadvantaged Business
e. Women-Owned Small Business Concern
f. Other (please describe)___________________________

2. Have you ever been the prime contractor under a multiple award IDIQ contract?
____Yes ____No

a. If yes, what was the dollar value?
b. If yes, was the contract for IT hardware, software, or services?
c. If yes, did you perform services /deliver products worldwide?
d. If yes, did you perform services /deliver products in hostile areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan?
e. If no, what was the contract for?

3. Do you have the capability to perform services and deliver products worldwide?
To include hostile areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc? If you are awarded a Task Order in a country where you have never performed, what steps would you take to ensure the mission is accomplished?

4. Would you be able to provide these services for IT products already in Army inventory?

5. Experience: Indicate which entities you have experience with. Check all that apply:
Gf___DoDgf ___Army ___Federal Agency ___ Commercial

Please describe the services that were provided, the Government contract number (if applicable), the agency for which the services were performed for, and POC information for that agency.
6. Do you have an Approved Accounting System? ____Yes ____No
7. Do you have an Approved Purchasing System? ____Yes ____No
8. Is your SAM registry complete, accurate and up-to-date? ____Yes ____No
9. Do you have any suggestions for any task areas or labor categories that may be required for services that are NOT described in the Description of Task Areas? If so, please describe the task areas/labor categories below:
10. Please review the Task Area list, and provide comments or suggestions on any task areas or labor categories that may be required for future Army requirements.
11. What are some emerging or established IT industry trends that are not defined in ITES-2S but are available in other contract vehicles currently in use? How could these be applied to a new contract vehicle, such as the anticipated ITES-3S?
12. If you are an ITES-2S incumbent, what aspects of ITES-2S worked well? What didn't work so well?
13. Would breaking ITES-3S into multiple individual contracts vice one as exists under ITES-2S be beneficial to both industry and Government? The individual contracts would be more restricted to a Task Area or particular IT taxonomy. How does industry believe the task areas should be grouped and why? Please explain and expand your answer.
14. Please describe your capabilities and experience in each task area and provide any supporting documentation necessary to convey this experience to the Government. NOTE: the supporting documentation MUST prove that you can do these tasks. DO NOT simply state that you can perform these tasks.

Section 3: General Feedback and Comments



2.1 Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
Benchmarking/Operational Capability Demonstrations
Business Case Analysis
Customer Relationship Management
E-Business Planning and Support
Functional Requirements Decomposition
Gap Analysis
IT Capital Planning
Quality Assurance
Risk Management
Workflow Analysis

2.2 Information Systems Security
Computer Security Awareness and Training
Computer Security Incident Response
Information, System, Data, and Physical Security
Mainframe Automated Information Security Support

2.3 Information Assurance
Cyber Operations
Continuity of Operations
Contingency Planning
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Disaster Recovery
Policy and Compliance
Remote Monitoring/Intrusion Detection
Security Architecture Design
Security Hardening
Secure Video Teleconferencing
System Certification and Accreditation (DIACAP)
System Recovery Support Services

2.4 Information Technology Services
Automated Workflow System Development and Integration
Configuration Management
Capacity Management
Computer Aided Design/Engineering/Management (CAD/CAE/CAM)
Computer Systems Administration, Management, and Maintenance
Design/Specifications for Information Systems
Data and/or Media Management
Data Storage Management
Database Applications Development
Design/Specifications for Information Dissemination
DODAF-based Operational & System Architecture Design & Development
Economic/Business Case Analysis (Cost/Benefit and Risk)
Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange Support
Global/Geographic Information Systems
Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V)
Information Architecture Analysis
IT Architecture Support
Internet/Intranet/Web Applications/Network Computing
Legacy Systems Modernization
Performance Benchmarking/Performance Measurements
Section 508 Compliance Support
Simulation and Modeling
Software/Middleware Development
Source Data Development
Statistical Analysis
Systems Development and Software Maintenance
Systems Programming
Video Teleconferencing/Audio /Visual/Media Systems
Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
Web and Computer Systems Decision Support Tools
Web Enabled Applications

2.5 Enterprise Design, Integration, and Consolidation
Collaboration Systems/Facility Development
Compliance with Interoperability Standards
Cost Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Independent Verification and Validation
Information and Knowledge Engineering
Information Management Life Cycle Planning/Support
Integrated Solutions Management
Knowledge Engineering/Management
Market Research and Prototyping
Measuring Return on Investment (ROI)
Earned Value Management
Product Integration
Reliability and Maintainability
Requirements Analysis
Resource Planning Systems Development and Integration
Resource Systems Management
Resource Systems Planning
Reverse Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Life Cycle Management
Systems Integration
Technology Insertion
Test and Evaluation
Wireless Networking

2.6 Education/Training
User Training
Wargaming, Experimentation, Scenario Design & Execution
Instructional Design, and Modeling & Simulation
Design & Execution of Computer-generated Imaging Training

2.7 Program/Project Management
Strategic Enterprise IT Policy and Planning
Change Management
Deployment Management
Program Assessments and Studies
IT Research and Development
IT Strategic Planning Program Assessment and Studies
IT Project Cost & Schedule Management
IT Strategic Planning
Management/Administrative Support/Data Entry

2.8 Systems Operation and Maintenance
Computer Center Technical Support
Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software Products and Support
Computer Systems Administration
Computer Systems Facilities Management and Maintenance
Licensing Support
Legacy Systems Maintenance
Network Management
Help Desk Support
Desktop Support
Property Management
Software License Management
Supply Chain Management (Logistics)

2.9 Network Support
Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure Support
Office Automation Support
Seat Management / Asset Management



Program Manager - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Project Manager - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Project Planning Manager
Project Administrator
Project Engineer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Quality Assurance Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Client/Server Network Architect
Software Architect
Systems Engineer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Managed Systems Engineer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Applications Systems Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Software Engineer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Applications Programmer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
IT Certified Professional - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Seat Management Administrator
Configuration Management (CM) Specialist - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Computer Operator - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Information Assurance Engineer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Information Systems Auditor - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Data Security Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Disaster Recovery/COOP/Contingency Administrator
Information Security Specialist - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Systems Administrator - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Database Administrator
Database Analyst/Programmer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Database Librarian
Data Warehousing Project Manager
Data Architect
Data Warehouse Analyst
Data Warehousing Programmer
Data Warehousing Administrator
Help Desk Coordinator
Help Desk Support Service Specialist - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
PC Support Manager
PC Systems Specialist
PC Maintenance Technician
Web Project Manager
Web Designer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Web Software Developer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Web Technical Administrator
Web Content Administrator
Network Administrator - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Network Support Technician - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Documentation Specialist - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Technical Editor
Graphics Specialist
ERP Business Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Business Systems Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Information Systems Training Manager
Information Systems Training Specialist - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Chief Enterprise Architect
Lead Enterprise Architect
Senior IT Systems Solution Architect
Audio Visual Engineer Fabrication Engineer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Audio Visual Programmer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Draftsman - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Administrator - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Instructor Technical Training - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Facility Staff Support - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Distribution Operations Specialist - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Quality Professional Staff - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Advanced Database Analyst/Programmer - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
IA Policy and Compliance Certified Professional - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Cyber Operations Research Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Cyber Operations Malware Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
Cyber Watch Operations Certified Analyst - (Senior, Intermediate, Associate)
ACC - Rock Island (ACC-RI), ATTN: AMSAS-AC, Rock Island, IL 61299-6500
David Gannon, 309-782-0868

ACC - Rock Island (ACC-RI)