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T.S. Golden Bear 2013 Drydocking

Solicitation Number: DTMA-94-Q-2013-0012
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Maritime Administration (MARAD)
Location: WR Acquisition
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June 24, 2013

PORTLAND , Oregon 97217-7655
United States
Added: Apr 26, 2013 3:53 pm Modified: Jun 04, 2013 12:37 pmTrack Changes

VENDOR'S Question No. 1-Air Blowdown
CLIN 07 para 5.11  Request confirm 1,200 psi air blowdown requirement of underwater hull before painting.
MARAD Reponse:
This is a standard procedure in the yard to blow off the hull.  The 1200 psi is a typo.  Yard should be capable of providing at least 120 psi  to accomplish the basics as noted in the 12.0 Painting Guideline
VENDOR'S Question No. 2 -Air Blowdown
CLIN 08 para 5.11 Request confirm 1,200 psi air blowdown requirement of waterline to deck hull preservation area before painting.
MARAD Response:
Refer to the Question No. 1 MARAD Response

VENDOR'S Question No 3 - Block Removal
CLIN 04 Which two docking blocks are to be moved?
MARAD Response:
This is a standard part of any drydock specification which puts money into a possible block move for any one of a number of reasons.  We have sited two (2) blocks so we have an idea what the cost is TO MOVE TWO (2) BLOCKS
To further the explanation a block might have to be moved to allow access for some bottom damage or a bottom plug is covered or some other reason that is needed by the owner after the bottom is inspected in the drydock.

VENDOR'S Question No. 4 - Costs for Clad Welding and Plate Insert
MARAD has added at the end
CLIN 22  3.2 - CLAD Welding and Insert plate. The term "For bidding purposes estimate twenty (20) feet of single pass weld" appears to apply to CLIN 025 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 per the inserted language in CLIN 25
CLIN 22 para 3.2 is the description of the task - 5.2.2 gives the contractor the option of inserting versus clad welding at the contractor's discretion.  Is it MARAD's intent to modify the work specification of para 5.2.2 eliminating that discretion and to provide priced repair options based on the pricing sheet request?
The 20 LF of clad welding corresponds to 84 sq inches of clad welding or an insert diameter of 12.75 inches to accomplish a 6 pass ABS hull plate insert.
The present work spec calls for the clad welding or replacement of a 2 sq ft area. 
MARAD Response:
This is a standard question asked for bidders so that the Owner will understand the costs for each bidder to either ¿Clad Weld¿ or to ¿Insert¿.    This has nothing to do with the choice of the Contractor but rather what might be required by ABS. The Contractor needs to give us their cost for each procedure. 

VENDOR's Question No 5 - Yard Estimated costs for extra  1 Haul Day.  1 Wet Berth Day, 1 Drydock Day
CLIN 24 Para 5.1.2 Call out for the provision of pricing 1 haul day (dock and undock). There is no provision for this in the pricing sheet.  Total costs for haul day to be included. Tug services to return vessel to dock, dock, undock, tug services to move vessel from dock to berth vice the breakout as in CLINS 1,2, and 4 . Should this pricing requirement be submitted via cover letter?    Alternately is the intent of this item to re land the ship on the blocks and pump down the dock for additional repair work?
MARAD Response:
Use this as a guide to supply costs for each listed item OF ADDITIONAL DAYS BEYOND BASIC CONTRACT.
The intent of this work Item is to price additional days that the vessel might be in the Contractor's facility at the direction of MARAD Contracting Officer.  These days would be ONLY those required  AT THE SPECIFIC REQUEST of MARAD Contracting Officer. Additional days due to Contractor's delay shall be for the Contractor's account
Provide your cost for each of the following items:
2.1.1 In addition to the firm-fixed price for drydocking, the Contractor shall provide the cost for additional haul day for the vessel.  This cost is the complete cost For one cycle of docking/undocking of the vessel.  If the reason for redocking the vessel is due to the Contractor, this item will not be used.
2.1.2 One (1) Haul Day $___________
2.2.1 In addition to the firm-fixed price for drydocking in the Contractor shall provide the cost for additional days of vessel in drydock.  Cost of this item shall be complete cost of additional days on Contractor's drydock when vessel is required to remain on drydock at MARAD request.  If the reason for extended drydock is due to Contractor's delay or normal work, this item will not be used.
2.2.2 One (1) Drydock Lay Day $ __________
2.3.1 In addition to the firm-fixed price for drydocking in Item 201, the Contractor shall provide cost for additional days for the vessel to be in Contractor's facility at a wet berth.  Cost shall be  complete including all general services in Items 101 - 125.  This shall include berth, shore power, water, and all other services.  This item will be used if it is MARAD's request to remain in Contractor's facility.  If the reason for extended repair period is due to Contractor's delay, this item will not be used.
2.3.2 One (1) Wet Dock Lay Day $ ___________

1.  The solicitaton closing date is extended to Wednesday 6/5/13 @ 1400 and all other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
2.  This amendment changes statement of work reference:  
7.1       Per USCG Regulations, provide the daily services of a National Fire Association Certified Marine Chemist or Competent Person to inspect, test, and certify that the work sites and systems aboard the vessel are safe for entry, safe for hot work, and that explosive or other dangerous atmospheres do not exist in areas to be accessed or worked.

Amendment 0004
1. The solicitaton closing date is extended to 6/3/13; and all other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
2. The Statement of Work is revised and the quote Pricing Sheet is revised to reflect changes.
3. A summary of the SOW corrections and changes follows:
Pg. 4 - 3.2
3.2 Labor, Material, Equipment and "Services"
Pg. 5 -3.4
3.4.1 Contractor has "ultimate" responsibility for dimensions, measurements, sizes, & etc.
Pg. 6 - 3.7 Add
3.7.3 All ballast water tanks and fuel oil tanks to be sounded by contractor no later than 24 hours prior to dewatering the dry dock. Present report copies to COTR, C/E, and C/M.
Pg. 10
4.1.5 Supply GANT Chart to COTR showing critical paths in dry dock and yard evolution.
Pg. 11
5.4 Contractor is responsible for doing his own ACM testing. Ship is "deemed" ACM free.
Pg. 12
5.10 Install new "ACM free" insulation...
Pg. 13 - 7.0
7.1 Provide "daily" chemist certificates...
Pg. 22
11.4 After COTR "permission and approval" the contractor shall call out ABS & USCG.
Pg. 25
12.8 Painters shall each have "wet film thickness gauges" to be used during coating applications.
Pg. 35
5.2 Estimated 655 tons or 188,300 gallons
Pg. 36
5.9 At completion of Drydock Contractor is responsible for pumping¿..
5.9 Remove and shift "two (2)" blocks as required by COTR.
Pg. 37
5.11 Estimated 655 tons or 188,300 gallons
CLN 005
Pg. 43
3.3 *and the "Full" coat of anti-fouling A/F
Pg. 45
5.15 "Full" coat of anti-fouling A/F
5.15.2 "Boot top" is a stand-alone item.
5.17.1 For bid purposes use 12 inch x 6 inch x 2-1/2 inch (42lbs)
Pg. 46
5.17.2 estimate 100 or less fasteners
Pg. 47 - 7.0
7.1 Prove all work to the Chief Engineer and Chief mate.
Pg. 47 - 7.0
7.2 Coating record goes to ABS after COTR approval.
Pg. 55 Add:
5.4.10 Renew Ten (10), two (2) inch or smaller sea valves as directed by COTR.
5.4.11 Renew Fifty (50) ABS approve material fasteners (nuts and bolts).
Pg. 56
5.5.1 Contractor's Requirements
5.5.2 Contractor's Requirements.
Pg. 57
5.5.7 Use ten (10) valves for bid purposes.
Pg. 58
5.5.13 Check prior to undocking while still on the blocks with dock flooded.
Pg. 62
5.20 Fill and drain rudder and stern frame with an environmentally friendly preservative.
Pg. 65 - CLIN 11 Tail Shaft - 1.0
1.1 Furnish Lube Oil Analysis to ABS and the USCG.
1.1 Addition of EAL oil replacement and flush per OEM (1100 gallons EAL & present used is Mobil DTE16)
Pg. 66
5.1.4 For bidding purposes use 24 each 6in diam x 1 in thick rope guard & 8 each 6in x 12in x 2.5in hull adjacent
Pg. 66
5.2.3 Propeller nut needs witnessing to the "hardening up" and the securing of the welded keeper by ABS and/or USCG.
Pg. 69 - 5.0
5.3 * Use environmentally friendly oil only. - EAL OEM approved Change/Flush/Fill
5.5 Only one RTD, there should be a spare RTD installed to switch the wiring to when there's a failure.
Pg. 70 CLIN 13 - 1.0 (Optional)
5.4 NDT Propeller Blade Roots for ABS and USCG.
Pg. 79 CLIN 016
5.14 * SP-6 (commercial)
Pg. 80
5.19 Definition of the high solids (80% or above) for epoxy.
Pg. 85
5.13 * Establish the minimum criteria for the blast as a SP-6 for tank coating.
Pg. 87
5.21 Tanks should be kept under Dehumidification during and after blasting prior to coating.
5.24 For bid purposes allow twenty-four (24) fasteners.
Pg. 89 - 3.0
3.2 Need weight of zincs specified. - Est 42lbs
5.2 Need zinc weight.- Est 42lbs
5.3 "Plan is available to Contractors"
Pg 90
5.5 Repair as per underwater hull paint schedule.- Plan Available
Pg. 90
6.4 Important that the hull is not "notched" thus setting up a stress riser.
Pg. 91 - 5.0
5.2 Use a Man-Lift (Cherry-picker) in lieu of staging
Pg. 92
5.3 For bid purposes use two hundred (200) square feet of Capastic. Do not use Coal Tar as it's a carcinogen and a hazmat. It's very difficult to dispose.
Pg. 95
Refer to Notes:
5.4 Protect all motors and their controllers in way of high pressure bilge cleaning ops. Meg all motors in way of bilge cleaning after coating is completed. The spec should call out for SP-1 solvent cleaning in way of main engines, lube oil filters, clutches, reduction gears and anything else that drips oil.
Pg. 97
3.2 Repair is to include coating as per hull's coating schedule.
Pg. 98
5.2.4 Furnish and install a new "ABS certified" shaped steel plate.
Pg. 104 - 5.1
5.1.1 minimum quantity: one (1) long ton or two thousand two hundred (2200) pounds in spec item.
Pg. 105
5.2.2 And, 5.2.3 For bid purposes estimate twenty (20) feet of single pass weld.

AMENDMENT 0003 - Questions and Answers

For items 16 & 17 are there any drawings for these tanks available?
As stated at shipcheck, there are no tank drawings, but there are ships hull unit drawings.
We may have some of these drawing electronically, else the expectation was to manage at the shipcheck or prior to sailing check the drawings out for copy.
I can search for these drawings, but not before next week after which time the ship will have sailed.
Ship sailed 5-13-13 for cruise
Only one (1) contractor (VIGOR) attended the ship check meeting and elected NOT to inspect tanks. 
As we stated in the meeting and later in the amendment, we could supply the capacity in Gallons and Tons of the tanks, but we do not have tank details to show specific dimensions.

Item 7 Underwater hull preparation, coating, and inspection, paragraph 5.17.1.  For the UWILD bolt ring fastener replacement are the sea chests included, or is it just the few overboards listed on the UWILD drawings?

Sea Chest suctions are included. Note that bolt rings are only on penetrations above a certain size.
The specifications state that the expected arrival drafts will be 25 09.  Can any fluids be removed to lighten the vessel up for dry-docking?  Can the ship be de-ballasted so that a 20foot draft be achieved?
ANSWER: By Chief Mate Dan Lintz
The TSGBs Minimum Operating Draft is 25 06.  A 20 draft cannot be achieved.
Is this the minimum operating draft for at sea?  Once you are on the blocks, but not out of the water can you dump any remaining salt water ballast in order to achieve a lighter draft. 
ANSWER: By Chief Mate Dan Lintz
Yes, this is at sea minimum operating draft, but once in dry dock we will be able to discharge ballast off the ship.  I have 10 Fresh Water Double Bottoms I could pump off and any Salt Water Ballast (if any) can be pumped off.
If yard requires a specific draft less than 25 06, it will be their responsibility to off load and store and/or dispose of the ballast fresh and salt water plus return the same amount of fresh and salt water to the ship prior to sailing.  The same applies to fuel if it is needed to be removed from the vessel.
Do you have a CARGOMAX program?  We would like to review this in order to determine which dry-dock would be the best fit for the Golden Bear.
ANSWER: By Chief Mate Dan Lintz
I do need to run the numbers on our CargoMax program to determine minimum draft we can achieve considering the Fuel Oil that will be remaining on board. 
Ship has departed San Francisco at 0900 hours on 13 May 2013.  If additional information is needed, Contractors should contact Contracting Officer to gain information from the vessel.
Amendment 0002 -
1.  Makes correction to Amendment 0001 as the values should be for gallons and long tons not cu meters or sq feet.
VENDOR QUESTION #3: CLIN 016 Blast and Coat 3-174-1 &2 Ballast Tanks.  Could you give the approximately square footage and capacity of these tanks?
Capacity of the tank are:
3-174-1 = 92,064 gallons or 342 long tons
3-174-2 = 96,341 gallons or 359 long tons
3-188-0 = 3,118 gallons or 71 long tons

2.  The Statement of Work identifies the Service Contract Act Wage Determination No. 05-2069 - SOLANO COUNTY CA as the applicable wage determination.  This is incorrect.  The applicable Wage Determination will be the county where the awarded shipyard is located and where the work will be done.
3.  The solicitaton closing date of 5/31/13; and all other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Amendment 0001 changes the statement of work in reference to CLIN 0003, 0009, and 0022 (Services, Sea Valves, and Steel renewal).   Note that this is a net reduction in scope (Addition: a. steam supply b. clad weld tank 6-104-1 Reduction: a. telephones b. Garbage chute removal & insert c. 6-65-1 insert).
 The CMA security letter is not required for drydock work, so it is not included.
Disk with all electronic drawings were delivered at shipcheck.
Complete revised copy of ATTN2 TSGB DRYDOCK SOW is attached. 

VENDOR QUESTION # 1: On page 25 of the specifications under paragraph 13 Hours of Work, it states that the hours of work will be 0700 hrs until 1700 hrs.  In a dry-docking availability like this one ship yards usually have a limited second shift to ensure timely completion of all work.  Is a second shift authorized?
The second shift needs to be identified as to number of hours and cost per hour and number of men and how they will be monitored (eg: Second shift foreman).  The idea is that we want to have a fixed labor cost if at all possible at straight time rather than overtime or premium time payments.  Vendor would need to  show how the second shift is truly efficient and benefits the completion of the job.

VENDOR QUESTION #2: CLIN 004 Dry-docking. Is there a docking plan available in electronic for the bidders?
The Dock plan was delivered along with most referenced plans at the Shipcheck/Pre-solicitation conference.

VENDOR QUESTION #3: CLIN 016 Blast and Coat 3-174-1 &2 Ballast Tanks.  Could you give the approximately square footage and capacity of these tanks?
Capacity of the tank is: 3-174-1: 351 cu-m or 92,064 Gal 3-174-2: 96,341 Gal 365 cu-m 3-188-0: 18,812 Gal or 71 cu-m

VENDOR QUESTION #4: CLIN 017 Blast and Coat 3-188-0 Ballast Tank.  Could you give the approximately square footage and capacity of this tank?
Square footage not available

VENDOR QUESTION #5: CLIN 022 Steel Renewals and Hull Welding.  What fluid is usually in this tank # 6-65-1?
Normal fluid in Tank # 6-65-1 is:   Fresh water, but this tank has been changed to 6-104-1 in amendment

The solicitaton closing date remains 5/31/13 and all other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Added: Jun 25, 2013 1:20 pm
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Amendment 1

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May 6, 2013
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