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CITRIX Server Farm and CITRIX Installation

Solicitation Number: N02RC42545-83
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: National Institutes of Health
Location: National Cancer Institute, Office of Acquisitions
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Added: Jun 08, 2014 4:37 pm

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), Center for Cancer Research (CCR), Radiation Oncology Branch  (ROB), has the requirement to procure a Citrix Server System, including hardware, Citrix installation, testing and integration with the existing, Government-owned ARIA Patient Management System and all Eclipse Treatment Planning workstations and SOMAVISION Contouring workstations within the ROB department   from Varian Medical Systems, 2250 Newmarket Parkway,  Marietta, GA, 30067

 This process will be processed in accordance with simplified acquisitions procedures as stated in FAR Part 13 13.106-1(b)(1) and is exempt for the requirements of FAR Part 6. The North American Industry Classification System code is 335999, and the business size standard is 500 employees.

Only one award will be made as a result of this solicitation. This will be awarded as a firm fixed price type contract. It has been determined there are no opportunities to acquire green products or services for this procurement.

The Radiation Oncology Branch of the CCR (ROB) treats cancer patients with radiation according to approved clinical protocols and performs research to better understand the role of radiation in the treatment of disease. 

For several years, ROB has utilized a patient management system from Varian Medical Systems known as ARIA for the purpose of maintaining an Electronic Patient Chart for each patient, which tracks and stores vital data such as demographics and diagnoses, as well as data for radiation treatment planning and treatment delivery.  It also serves as a Record-and-Verify system and manages patient-associated images for all phases of the treatment course.  Interaction with the system is vital to clinical operations.  Physicians need to review and approve both images and contoured structure volumes and to generate treatment prescriptions.  Access to this domain is controlled by ROB.

Unfortunately, workflow within ROB utilizes three different domains.  The first is the restricted subdomain that is used to support the actual clinically important equipment.  This is the network within which ARIA operates.  Personnel can access computers within this domain only by using computers specifically attached to it via static IP address and a restricted Active Directory.  Next, there is the NIH (NCI) domain.  This is what most desktop computers are attached to.  Access to the Domain is controlled by the NIH or NCI IT departments.  There are special security restrictions on this domain, such as logon via PIV card, which cannot be supported by the ROB domain without compromising its clinical functionality.  There is no authentication across these domains; which means that people on the NIH domain cannot access equipment or programs on the ROB domain. Third, there is the Clinical Center domain (CC).  All nursing computers are on the CC domain; even though they are located within ROB.  There is also no authentication across domains in this case, as well.

The Radiation Oncology Branch of the CCR wishes to acquire a CITRIX server environment for the operation of its ARIA Patient Management System, its SOMAVISION Contouring Workstations and its ECLIPSE Treatment Planning Workstations so that they are accessible across differing domains within NIH both locally and remotely. This acquisition would bridge network domains seamlessly, to provide the required connectivity.

Note:  Contractor shall provide three Citrix Servers equivalent or superior to the following specifications for the server and hardware:

a. Dell R620 Server - 1U rack mount chassis,

b. PCI-E bus

c. Dual Intel Xenon E5-2620 2.00 GHz, 7.2T/s QPI, Turbo, 15M cache, 6C, 95W, Max Memory 1333MHz processors,

d. 32GB Memory (8x4GB), 1333MHz Dual Ranked RDIMMs,

e. Internal PERC H710P Integrated RAID Controller with 1GB of battery backed cache and with 50/50 read/write cache enabled,

f. 2-600GB, 10K RPM SAS 6.0 Gbps, 2.5" Hot Plug Hard Drives,

g. RAID-1 configuration,

h. Internal Slim optical DVD ROM drive,

i.  Single Quad-Port Embedded Broadcom 5720 Gigabit Ethernet NIC,

j. Dual, Hot-plug Redundant, Power Supply Unit (750W),

k. 1 serial and 2 USB ports,

l. Windows Server 2008 R2, SP1 with 5 client licenses,

m. Volume configured as NTFS, Volume C -100GB, Volume D -500GB,

n. 64 bit operating system and

o. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

WARRANTY: Contractor shall provide a 1 year warranty against defects in equipment and material.  Warranty shall include software updates as applicable.

INSTALLATION: On-site installation of Citrix XenApp Presentation Server and IMA database.   Installation of additional XenApp software installed as necessary to create a server farm. Verification of proper operation and acceptance testing.  ARIA, ECLIPSE and SOMAVISION client applications will be published in the Citrix environment.

Varian Medical Systems (VMS) is the premier manufacturer of radiation therapy equipment and support equipment in the United States.  The Radiation Oncology Branch, NCI owns one Varian linear accelerator and is in the process of installing a second one.  Additionally, ROB owns VMSs ARIA Patient Management System, Eclipse treatment Planning Systems and SOMAVISION contouring workstations all operating in an integrated environment.  ROB has used ARIA (and its predecessor VARIS) and Eclipse since 2002 and have been very satisfied with it.  ROB has considerable time and money invested in this system.

Only Varian Medical Systems has the expertise to adapt ARIA and ECLIPSE into the Citrix environment.  Both ARIA and ECLIPSE are proprietary software systems developed by VMS and are protected by copyright and patent.  VMS has also certified these systems with the FDA as medical devices both stand-alone and in a Citrix environment.  Varian solely developed the techniques to adapt this software to a Citrix environment and has done so successfully in several installations.  Only VMS has the necessary technical expertise to troubleshoot and maintain these systems in this environment.  ROB has experience using ARIA and ECLIPSE in a Citrix environment in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania's Roberts Proton Therapy Center and has been very satisfied with its implementation.

This is not a solicitation for competitive quotations.  However, if any interested party especially a small business believes they can meet the above requirement, they may submit a statement of capabilities. All information furnished must be in writing and must contain sufficient detail to allow the NCI to determine if it can meet the above unique specifications described herein.  An original and one copy of the capability statement must be received in the NCI Office of Acquisitions on or before 11:00 AM EST on, June 23, 2014.  No electronic capability statements will be accepted (i.e. email or fax); an original and one copy must be sent to the NCI Office of Acquisitions at the address stated above.  All questions must be in writing and can be faxed (240) 276-5401 or emailed to Gwennifer Epps, Contracting Officer at  A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government.  Information received will be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement.  In order to receive an award, contractors must have valid registration and certification in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and the Online Representations and Certifications Applications (ORCA), through  No collect calls will be accepted.  Please reference solicitation number N02RC42545-83 on all correspondence.

9609 Medical Center Drive, Room 1E128

Rockville, Maryland 20852
United States
Building 10/CRC
Bethesda, Maryland 20892
United States
Gwennifer K. Epps,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 240-276-5445
Fax: 240-276-5401
Terry Galloway,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 240-276-5384
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