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Establish multiple ID/IQ Fish Food contract for seven (7) USFWS National Fish Hatcheries and one (1) Fish Technology Center located within the northeast region (Region 5) of the United States.

Solicitation Number: F11PS00320
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Fish and Wildlife Service
Location: CGS-WO
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Added: Feb 14, 2011 11:23 am
The U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), Region 5, is interested in establishing multiple Indefinate Delivery / Indefinate Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts for the purchase of fish food for seven (7) National Fish Hatcheries and one (1) Fish Technology Center that are located within the northeastern region of the United States. These locations are as follows:

Craig Brook NFH, 306 Hatchery Road, East Orland, ME 04431;Green Lake NFH, One Hatchery Way, Ellsworth, ME 04605;White River NFH, RF2 Box 140, Bethel VT 05032; Dwight D. Eisenhower NFH, 4 Holden Road, North Chittenden, VT 05763;Berkshire NFH, 240 Hatchery Road New Marlborough, MA 01230;Allegheny NFH, Hemlock Road, Warren, PA 16365;White Sulphur Springs NFH, 400 East Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986;Northeast Fishery Center, 308 Washington Avenue, Lamar, PA 16848.

The base period for each contract will be for one (1) year, with four (4) Option Years. The total magnitude of these contracts is estimated not to exceed $750,000 per year. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 311119 (Other Animal Food Manufacturing), and the Size Standard is 501 - 750 employees. This procurement is unrestricted, and is open to any size business. Award will be made to the qualified contractor who represents the "Best Value Continuum". Evaluation of interested firms will be based on:

1) Technical - Feed Performance Characteristics, (50 %);2) Past performance - five (5) of more years of relevant experience with projects of similar scope, (30%); and3) Price, (20%).

The combination of past performance and technical ability will outweigh cost for this project. The solicitation package will include the technical specifications of the required feed for the species identified below, and will be posted to on or about February 28, 2011. Contractors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), as well as complete Online Representations and Certifications (ORCA), to be eligible for award. Both sites are available at

The successful offeror(s) will provide fish food meeting the specifications and size requirements as identifed within the Statement of Work of Solicitation No. F11PS00320, for the following species:

Lake Trout; Atlantic Salmon; Brook Trout; Rainbow Trout, and Atlantic Sturgeon.

A minimum of $3,000.00 of fish food for each type listed above will be purchased against these contracts, with a maximum cumulative tonnage purchased per year to be as follows:

Lake Trout - 100 tons (200,000 lbs); Atlantic Salmon - 125 tons (250,000 lbs); Brook Trout - 17.5 tons (35,000 lbs); Rainbow Trout - 32.5 tons (65,000 lbs) and Atlantic Sturgeon - 12.5 tons (25,000 lbs).

Proposal packages, including the cost proposal and all other requested information, must be submitted by 2:00 p.m., March 14, 2011. To be considered, all prospective vendors must send their proposal package to: U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Attn: Wendell G. Haire, Purchasing Agent, Contracting and General Services (CGS), 300 Westgate Center Drive, Hadley, MA 01035-9589. Both hard copy and electronic (email) submissions will be accepted. Facsimilie (fax) submissions will NOT be accepted. Electronic contact, for both inquiry or response submission, may be made by emailing to:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - R5 Contracting & General Services300 Westgate Center Drive Hadley MA 01035
Allegheny NFH, PA 16365; Berkshire NFH, MA 01230; Dwight D. Eisenhower NFH, VT 05763; White River NFH, VT 05032; Craig Brook NFH, ME 04431; Green Lake NFH, ME 04605; White Sulphur Springs NFH, WV 24986 and the Northeast Fishery Center, PA 16848.
Wendell Haire Purchasing Agent 4132538531;

Point of Contact above, or if none listed, contact the IDEAS EC HELP DESK for assistance