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Uganda: Balancing Biofuels and Food Security Technical Assistance

Solicitation Number: 0811020A
Agency: United States Trade and Development Agency
Office: USTDA
Location: USTDA
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B- Uganda: Balancing Biofuels and Food Security Technical Assistance

POC Evangela Kunene, USTDA, 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1600, Arlington, VA 22209-3901, Tel: (703) 875-4357, Fax: (703) 875-4009. PLEASE DO NOT CONACT CONTRACTS OFFICE; PROPOSAL SUBMISSION PLACE: Godfrey Ndawula; Head Procurement and Disposal Unit; Amber House; 1st Floor Room C109; Plot 23/29; Kampala Road; P. O. Box 7270; Kampala, Uganda.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) of Uganda, the Grantee, invites submission of qualifications and proposal data (collectively referred to as the "Proposal") from interested U.S. firms which are qualified on the basis of experience and capability to provide technical assistance for Balancing Biofuels and Food Security.

Uganda’s rapidly growing demand for electricity necessitates further public and private investment in power infrastructure projects. Recently, Uganda has experienced prolonged drought, significantly reducing the production of its hydroelectric power plants. This, combined with the sharp increase of global fuel prices, has led to substantial increases in energy costs in Uganda, hitting the industrial and business sectors particularly hard. Fortunately, Uganda has an abundance of indigenous energy resources including biomass, hydropower, solar and geothermal energy, which are gradually beginning to be exploited.

To take advantage of these resources, the Ugandan government is currently pursuing a new set of policies, including the recently passed Renewable Energy Policy, to encourage the development of renewable energy resources, especially biofuels. In order to support those efforts, the government has requested assistance in designing regulatory framework which will encourage the development of a biofuels industry without jeopardizing the country’s food supply. Specifically, the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)-funded technical assistance will assist the government in establishing biofuel quality regulations, content monitoring, regulations for testing facilities, tax incentives, blending requirements, and analysis of potential feedstocks and tariff requirements.

The Government of Uganda (GOU) is concerned that without proper guidance and regulation the development of a biofuels industry could have adverse effects on local farmers and potentially raise the cost of food. Since the majority of Uganda’s population lives below the poverty line, the GOU does not want to inadvertently develop an industry that would have a detrimental impact on the majority of its population. Therefore, the government has requested USTDA assistance to conduct the following:

(1) perform an analysis of the potential biofuel market within Uganda;

(2) compare potential biofuel resources and technologies, and provide cost-benefit analyses to show the true impact of developing one resource verses another; and

(3) recommend appropriate regulations to govern the market and potential incentives for the development of safe and responsible biofuel production.

Technical Assistance Components:

•Task 1: Conduct Project Kick-Off Meeting

•Task 2: Prepare Market Estimates

•Task 3: Indentify and Compare Potential Biofuel Resources

•Task 4: Prepare an Investment Plan to Implement the Strategic Blueprint

•Task 5: Conduct Economic Analysis for Generic Biofuel Refineries

•Task 6: Review Regulation and Incentives for Development

•Task 7: Determine Developmental Impacts

•Task 8: Prepare Lists of Proposed Equipment and Services

•Task 9: Conduct Preliminary Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis

•Task 10: Prepare Final Report

The U.S. firm selected will be paid in U.S. dollars from a $527,280 grant to the Grantee from USTDA.

A detailed Request for Proposals (RFP), which includes requirements for the Proposal, the Terms of Reference, and a background definitional mission/desk study report are available from USTDA, at 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1600, Arlington, VA 22209-3901. To request the RFP in PDF format, please go to: Requests for a mailed hardcopy version of the RFP may also be faxed to the IRC, USTDA at 703-875-4009. In the fax, please include your firm’s name, contact person, address, and telephone number. Some firms have found that RFP materials sent by U.S. mail do not reach them in time for preparation of an adequate response. Firms that want USTDA to use an overnight delivery service should include the name of the delivery service and your firm's account number in the request for the RFP. Firms that want to send a courier to USTDA to retrieve the RFP should allow one hour after faxing the request to USTDA before scheduling a pick-up. Please note that no telephone requests for the RFP will be honored. Please check your internal fax verification receipt. Because of the large number of RFP requests, USTDA cannot respond to requests for fax verification. Requests for RFPs received before 4:00 PM will be mailed the same day. Requests received after 4:00 PM will be mailed the following day. Please check with your courier and/or mail room before calling USTDA.

Only U.S. firms and individuals may bid on this USTDA financed activity. Interested firms, their subcontractors and employees of all participants must qualify under USTDA's nationality requirements as of the due date for submission of qualifications and proposals and, if selected to carry out the USTDA-financed activity, must continue to meet such requirements throughout the duration of the USTDA-financed activity. All goods and services to be provided by the selected firm shall have their nationality, source and origin in the U.S. or host country. The U.S. firm may use subcontractors from the host country for up to 20 percent of the USTDA grant amount. Details of USTDA's nationality requirements and mandatory contract clauses are also included in the RFP.

Interested U.S. firms should submit their Proposal in English directly to the Grantee by 4:00 p.m., November 7, 2008 at the above address. Evaluation criteria for the Proposal are included in the RFP. Price will not be a factor in contractor selection, and therefore, cost proposals should NOT be submitted. The Grantee reserves the right to reject any and/or all Proposals. The Grantee also reserves the right to contract with the selected firm for subsequent work related to the project. The Grantee is not bound to pay for any costs associated with the preparation and submission of Proposa

1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1600,
C/O US TDA 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1600
Arlington, Virginia 22209-3901
Evangela Kunene
Phone: 703-875-4357