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Solicitation Number: Sources-Sought-Synopsis-2-SGSS-Implementation-Contract
Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Office: Goddard Space Flight Center
Location: Office of Procurement
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Sources Sought
Added: Apr 14, 2009 11:28 am
Notice 1: Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) Implementation ContractRequest for Proposal (RFP) Notional Schedule for planning purposes:Initial Technical documentation made available (SOW, SRD, IRDs). Additionally, agovernment developed Conops and functional Architecture, will be made available forcontext purposes early MayPre-solicitation synopsis late MayRelease draft RFP late JuneIndustry day/Site visit @ White Sands Complex (WSC) (follows draft RFP)Release of RFP early AugustNotice 2: SGSS Assumptions.(The following are planning assumptions for the SGSS Implementation Contract, and arenon-binding. These are subject to change over time. A full and updated set ofassumptions will be released in the draft technical documents. The binding baseline forthe contract will be in the RFP.)a) The SGSS Implementation Contract is responsible for replacing the user interface, userservice, and network command and control (space and ground) at the WSC and the GuamRemote Ground Terminal (GRGT). The SGSS Implementation Contract will interface with theSpace Network Expansion East (SNE-E) terminal for command and control.b) GRGT Space-to-Ground Link Terminal (SGLT) 6 and SNE-W (SGLT 7) will be treated as anintegrated Space Network Ground Segment (SNGS) site as the GRGT and will receiveequivalent SGSS-developed upgrades.c) Initial implementation of the SGSS will support nine sets of concurrent user services: 6 at WSC, 2 at Guam Remote Station (GRS), and 1 at SNE-E.d) To meet expected Continuity of Operations requirements, the SGSS Remote BackupSatellite Operations Center (RBSOC) will provide remote control (Telemetry, Tracking andCommunications (TT&C) and User Services) capabilities, but will rely on processing and RFchain at the primary SNGS sites. For contingency operations, the RBSOC will have accessto other Space Communication and Navigation Program (SCaN) apertures (Near Earth Network(NEN) and Deep Space Network (DSN)).e) We are planning for a new ~19m space-to-ground link (SGL) dual Ku/S band TransitionAntenna to be made available to the SGSS Implementation Contractor at the WSC for thepurposes of aiding transition.f) In addition to new SGSS hardware, the SGSS monitor and control function must becompatible to monitor and/or control with other SNGS functions (Bilateration Ranging andTracking System (BRTS), Australian TDRS Facility (ATF)) and facilities (power, cooling,etc.)Notice 3: SGSS Website Access RequirementsTo gain access to the SGSS procurement Library website, please log onto . Each vendor is required to fill out the SGSS ProcurementLibrary Access Form to obtain access to the site. This form can be found on the site. Each vendor can receive a maximum of three (3) user IDs.Question 1) IEEE 1633 Standard ImplementationWhat experience do you have with implementing IEEE-1633 (entitled Recommended Practicefor Software Reliability)? Would you envision any difficulties in implementing thisstandard on SGSS if it were to be applied?Question 2) Scheduling Tools.SGSS is soliciting information about existing planning & scheduling tools and theirapplicability to the Space Network customer scheduling task. Specifically, SGSS wants tounderstand how scheduling tools interface to other elements of a system. Please respondto any of the following questions. 1. Please describe the Application Programming Interfaces (API) for service bus andother interfaces available in the scheduling tool.2. What language is used to implement procedures (e.g. Java?, Lisp?, )?3. Does the scheduler read XML files?4. How does the scheduler manipulate the definitions of tasks and resources?5. What glue code is required to automate the scheduling process?6. Is there an optimization function. How would the optimization function addressscheduling?Question 3) Open Source Standards.What would be the impact if the government requires the SGSS implementation to includeopen source (non-proprietary) interfaces, and the capability to replace architecturalfunctions in a vendor neutral, plug and play environment?AcronymsSN Space NetworkSNGS Space Network Ground SegmentSGSS SN Ground Segment SustainmentGRGT Guam Remote Ground TerminalSNE Space Network ExpansionSCaN Space Communication and Navigation ProgramNEN Near Earth NetworkDSN Deep Space NetworkBRTS Bilateration Ranging and Tracking SystemATF Australian TDRS FacilityRFP Request for ProposalSGLT Space-to-Ground Link TerminalGRS Guam Remote Station RBSOC Remote Backup Satellite Operations CenterTT&C Telemetry, Tracking and CommunicationsSGL Space-to-Ground LinkAPI Application Programming Interface
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 210.M, Greenbelt, MD 20771
Jonathon D Wingerberg, Contracting Officer, Phone 301-286-5971, Fax 301-286-1720, Email - Sherika D. Wilson, Contract Specialist, Phone 301-286-1291, Fax 301-286-6299, Email

Jonathon D Wingerberg