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RECOVERY--A--Plasma Wiffleball 8 Testing

This opportunity is a Recovery and Reinvestment Act action
Solicitation Number: N6893609R0044
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Air Systems Command
Location: Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Dept. 2
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Added: May 21, 2009 6:34 pm
RECOVERY - THIS NOTICE IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. THIS OPPORTUNITY IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO CONTRACTORS UNDER theAmerica recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Research Development Test Evaluation (RDT&E) Plan Plasma Fusion (Polywell) project. The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake intends to procure on sole-sourced basis, a Cost Plus Fixed Fee contract for research, analysis, development, and testing to validate the basic physics of the plasma fusion (polywell) concept as well as requirements to provide the Navy with data for potential applications of polywell fusion with a delivered item, wiffleball 8 (WB8) and options for a modified wiffleball 8 (WB8.1) and modified ion gun. The requirement is sole sourced to Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation (EMC2) who is the original developer of the plasma fusion (polywell) approach and holds the proprietary data rights. The address for EMC2 is 1202 Parkway Dr, STE A, Santa Fe, NM 87507-7253. Respondents, other than the above, may submit their capability statement clearly showing their qualifications to perform the required services to the Contracting Officer by email within 10 days of the publication of this synopsis.Contracting Office email See notes 22 and 26.
N68936 NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER WEAPONS DIVISION DEPT.2 Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Dept.2 429 E. Bowen Rd - Stop 4015 China Lake, CA
Peggy Richter 760-939-4272 Theodore Fiske, 760-939-4272

Peggy Richter