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RECOVERY: R&D on Human Biospecimen Integrity

This opportunity is a Recovery and Reinvestment Act action
Solicitation Number: ST10-1005
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: National Institutes of Health
Location: National Cancer Institute
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Nov 03, 2009 12:02 pm

The Biospecimen Research Network seeks proposals that will significantly advance the field of biospecimen science. This RFP is designed to solicit a broad and diverse range of projects that can:

* Provide data to support development of reference markers for biospecimen integrity.

* Illustrate quality assessment measures for biospecimens used in cancer research and in the development of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

* Establish biospecimen monitoring procedures and/or tools to bolster biospecimen quality assurance for cancer research.

* Demonstrate how specific pre-analytical variables affect biospecimen integrity and/or the ability to yield reproducible , high-quality cancer research data .

* Address how emerging clinical technologies affect the integrity of biospecimens.

SAIC-Frederick is issuing this RFP as a demonstration of its commitment to excellence in the area of biospecimen science. With this RFP, the research community is invited to submit proposals spanning a broad range of biospecimen issues that will help define and solve the most important biospecimen challenges.


Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act the BRN seeks to support one or more subcontracts advancing the field of biospecimen science. Projects awarded ARRA funds must be completed within a 2 year period and are subject to additional reporting requirements as described below in Section 6 - Reporting Requirements.

A primary goal of this RFP is to support the development and broad dissemination of biospecimen integrity assessment tools, protocols, and QA/QC measures needed to yield reproducible, high-quality data from research and development efforts that utilize biospecimens.

Specifically, it is anticipated that research supported by this RFP will:

* Enable greater reproducibility and higher quality data from biospecimens and advance the state of cancer research.

* Lead to the development and adoption of scientific evidence-based, standardized biospecimen handling procedures and tools for use in research and clinical procedures.

Appropriate proposals may demonstrate how to assess the integrity and quality of biospecimens for particular scientific analysis. In addition, appropriate proposals may determine how particular emerging clinical technologies affect biospecimen handling, quality and integrity for downstream research analyses. Subcontracts awarded as a result of this RFP will be selected based on sound scientific, clinical, biomedical, and engineering principles, but priority will be given to approaches likely to yield significant and reproducible improvements over the current state of the art. Proposals must contain a section that addresses both the level of reproducibility and technical risk associated with the proposed research, any related ongoing research by the offeror or others in the scientific community, and an explanation detailing why the proposed research might lead to significant improvements over alternative approaches and current state of the art approaches. Note: The "offeror" is the single business or academic unit submitting the proposal.

The following are examples of appropriate proposal topics. This is NOT an all-inclusive list and well-crafted proposals outside of the framework of these examples are invited:

* Development of quantitative measures to determine biospecimen quality and integrity in any and/or all phases of biospecimen processing, from procurement to analysis;

* Late-stage development of automated tools and/or devices to monitor biospecimen quality, collection, processing, storage and/or analytical variables;

* Creation of a reference set of markers that may be used to assess biospecimen integrity for specific molecular or proteomic analyses;

* Studies of specific plasma and serum processing and storage variables and their effects on downstream proteomic analysis;

* Studies of specific biospecimen processing variables (e.g., freezing, fixation, embedding, etc.), storage variables and their effects on downstream genomic analysis;

* Experimental comparison of prostate and/or colon cancer biospecimen quality and integrity procured through robotic versus manual surgery;

* Experimental comparison of relative biospecimen molecular integrity of the same anatomic tissues procured through different means, for example surgically excised tissues vs. autopsy tissues from normal donors.

The following areas are specifically EXCLUDED from this RFP:

* Development, validation and/or establishment of methods or tools in non-human systems;

* Proposals that are not experimentally-based, e.g. proposals to implement new management structures for clinical and/or research laboratories;

* Establishment and/or validation of surgical procedures;

* Identification and validation of new disease biomarkers.

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Solicitation No. ST10-1005

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Solicitation No. ST10-1005
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November 3, 2009
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