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A--Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) Platform Performance Demonstration (PPD)
Request for Information (RFI)

Solicitation Number: W56HZV-LRV-09-15-2014
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA)
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Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) Platform Performance Demonstration (PPD)
Request for Information (RFI)
Message to Industry:

The US ARMY will approach industry in order to possibly enhance its Infantry Brigade Combat (IBCT) Team by providing a Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) capability in the form of a Commercial Off The Shelf/Modified Commercial Off The Shelf/Government Off The Shelf (COTS/MOTS/GOTS) light armor- quote mark CH-47 internal transportable quote mark - quote mark light vehicle quote mark to support the Global Response Force (GRF) forced-entry mission set. Interested partners should look at readily COTS/MOTS/GOTS Light Vehicles with lethality capability of defeating and engaging hardened enemy bunkers, light armored vehicles, and dismounted personnel in machine gun and sniper positions with the capability of being transported internal and external sling load from a CH-47. Consider such things as commonality, and modularity of proposed solutions among the Infantry Brigade Combat Team while ensuring the solution is transportable (internal/external sling load) by CH-47. This Platform Performance Demonstration (PPD) effort would take approximately one week at a Department of Defense Installation during the 3rd or 4th QTR FY15.

Vendors both domestic and international are encouraged to respond.
All information provided will be used by the U.S. Government only.


The US ARMY TARDEC-RDECOM team has drafted this Request for Information (RFI) in an effort to gather needed information from potential interested companies in order to support the LRV Initiative to improve their IBCT Light Vehicle Force. This RFI is intended to obtain information regarding the candidate vehicles, including (technology, production capabilities, transportability, mobility, vehicle operational range, crew capacity, lethality, protection, and rough order of magnitude cost information.


The Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) will consist of a readily available COTS/MOTS/GOTS light armor quote mark wheeled or track quote mark vehicle capable to support the IBCT and have the capability of being transported via CH-47 (Internal/External sling load). The LRV Lethality includes/not limited to the ability of being able to detect, destroy, and survive multiple threats (light armored vehicles, dismounted personnel, hardened enemy bunkers, snipers, chemical/nuclear threats etc.) seen in the battlefield while sustaining minimal damage to the soldier. The LRV will have the following capabilities; operational range greater than HMMWV M1025, silent watch, C4ISR, KE/blast protection, moving and shooting in day/night, all weather and visibility conditions (degraded modes) in complex terrain while defeating second tier armor threats.


This notice is a request for information (RFI) and is not a request for proposals (RFP). The government will not award contract on the basis of this notice, or otherwise pay for information solicited by it. The Market Survey and demonstrations are not part of an Army Acquisition action. The U.S. Army intends for its subject matter expert team of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and engineers to review submissions to gain knowledge of technology and market availability. Proprietary information should be clearly marked. The requested information is for planning and market research purposes only and will not be publicly released. In accordance with FAR 15.201(E), responses to this RFI are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract.

Upon Completion of this Market Survey, some respondents may be invited to have their vehicle participate in a Platform Performance Demonstration. Demonstrations are at no expense to the U.S. Government. These Demonstrations are envisioned to occur at a Department of Defense Installation during the 3rd or 4th QTR FY15.
LRV Demonstration Execution:
- Have the ability for proposed Vehicle(s) to support a Platform Performance Demonstration.
o Have the ability for proposed vehicles to support Assessment (Soldier loading demonstration (6 soldiers w/gear)).
o Have the ability for proposed vehicle(s) to support CH-47 Internal and External Sling Load and Pallet Load demonstration.
o Have the ability for proposed vehicles to support Payloading (soldiers w/ all mission equipment, personal and platform) demonstration.
o Short Cross Country Test Course ( less than 50 miles), emphasizing mobility comparable to a dismounted Soldier.
o US ARMY reconnaissance experts will want to discuss operational capabilities with vendor representatives.
o Have the ability for proposed vehicle to support the VIP DAY (General Officers (GOs) & Senior Executives (SES)). Contractors will provide presentation for vehicle.
Contractors unable to furnish a fully-functional vehicle demonstrator may present a full size mock-up augmented by poster boards, models, information etc.


1. Administrative Information:
a. Company Name.
b. Mailing Address and Website.
c. Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code.
d. North America Industry Classification System (NAICS) number, with associated Business size and eligibility under U.S. Government socio-economic programs and preference (i.e., type of business - large, small, small-disadvantaged, woman-owned, veteran-owned, or 8(a)).
e. Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.
f. Location of facility(s).

2. Person(s) Responding to Questionnaire:

a. Name.
b. Title.
c. Company Responsibility/Position.
d. Telephone Number/Fax Number.
e. E-mail Address.

3. Security

a. Do you have a Facility Security Officer (FSO)? If so, provide contact information.
b. Does your company deal with International Trade Agreement Regulation (ITAR) issues?
c. If so, what experience do you have with technical assistance agreements?
d. Is your company foreign owned? If so, what is the country of origin and is the company fully or partially owned?
e. Will the workforce on the Contract be United States (US) citizens?
f. Does your company have experience with Marine Corps Security Regulations?
g. Has your company implemented an Operations Security (OPSEC) plan?
h. Does your company have experience with a program protection plan?
i. Is your company currently able to transmit unclassified data in accordance with U.S. Government data encryption requirements?
j. Does your company have experience with compliance of DD 254 - Contract Security Classification Specification? If so, what procedures does your company use to enforce DD 254 compliance with subcontractors?
k. Does your company have the ability to operate and maintain a secure shared data collection site (manpower, estimated labor hours, and total payments) between contractor and Government?

4. Specifications and Revisions

To date, a LRV requirement effort is currently being drafted. However, the major requirements of the LRV effort as defined to this RFI require the following clarifications to the Mobility, Lethality, Transportability, Protection, and Payload sections:

- Ability to travel Complex and restricted terrain.

-Capability of defeating and engaging hardened enemy bunkers, light armored vehicles, and dismounted personnel in machine gun and sniper positions

- CH-47 (~14k lbs): Must be able to be transported Internal and External Sling Load. Must meet weight, and dimensional characteristics for both transport options

- Includes Crew of 6:
Each Crew is allotted 351 lbs (gear included)

-KE threats/under body blast threats


Responses shall describe the proposed vehicle approach using a marketing chart (Title up top; Upper Left Quadrant is the quote mark capability name quote mark ; Upper Right Quad is the quote mark Capability description quote mark ; Lower Left Quad is the quote mark Operational Description quote mark and quote mark Battlefield Interrelationships and Dependencies quote mark ; Lower Right Quad is quote mark Point of Contact quote mark ), plus a maximum of five (5) pages to describe the system and respond to the survey questions with a limit of sixty (60) pages for responses. A description of your candidate vehicle should be provided documenting how it addresses the needs defined in information above; key design features and technology, performance capabilities and basic characteristics for the LRV, including:

a) Curb weight of the LRV variant (lbs).
b) Max Payload capacity (lbs).
c) Overall dimensions of vehicle including reducible dimensions (in).
d) In addition, a statement is requested defining what you consider to be the greatest technical challenges in meeting the capabilities defined in this RFI document and how your candidate vehicle has met them.
e) Information supporting the vehicles capability of being CH-47 internal and external sling load.
f) Information supporting that the vehicle meets weight and space envelope for CH-47 internal and external sling load transport.
g) Information on Vehicles Top Speed (mph) and Operational Range (mi).
h) Information on Silent Watch Capability (Kwh)
i) Number of Crew for the LRV variant. Describe.
j) If vehicle tracked/wheeled along with Ground Pressure. What type of Track/wheeled configuration (4x4, 8x8 etc) is used on vehicle.
k) Images or videos of the vehicle.

6. Human Factors Engineering

a. How does your system address soldier safety performance?
b. How does your system address the protection to the gunner during a roll-over, sudden stop, and collision?
c. How would you ergonomically update the crew positions to improve crew situational awareness, ability to egress, and use of seatbelts while wearing full combat gear?
d. How does your system address whole body vibration exposure?
e. How does your system address noise levels within the crew compartment?
f. How does your system address the ventilation to the crew?
g. How does your system monitor air quality in crew compartment?
h. How does your system monitor climate control within crew compartments?

Vendors desiring to respond to this request should provide a white paper as follows:
White Paper: Describe vehicle/projects/technologies in detail that have been used, at a minimum, the specific information of interest stated in Part I. Other information of potential interest that vendors could include current and investigational applications of product, future commercial developments, references that document recovery and efficiency of the system or product, and photographs of complete system and components (Times New Roman, Font 12, one inch margins).
To be responsive to this announcement a vendor must supply their information as requested by 15 September 2014 as a Microsoft Word document. The recipient email address is: Vendors are requested to provide the name of Contact Person for their company, telephone number, FAX number, email and complete address with each submission of data.

The U.S. Army is under no obligation to select any participating technologies.
Contracting Office Address:
Tera Caruso
6501 E. Eleven mile Rd
Warren, MI, 48397-5000

Point of Contact(s):
Rashahn Goldsmith (586) 282-0709

Mike Karaki (586) 282-0870

MAJ Stephen Tegge (586) 282-6778
ACC - Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA), ATTN: AMSTA-AQ-AMB, E Eleven Mile Road, Warren, MI 48397-5000
ACC - Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA) ATTN: AMSTA-AQ-AMB, E Eleven Mile Road Warren MI
Patrick Ruoff, 586-282-9810

ACC - Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA)