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F-35 Sustainment Industry Day - Support Equipment

Solicitation Number: F35JSF_SE
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Air Systems Command
Location: NAVAIR HQ
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Sources Sought
Added: Sep 28, 2012 1:41 pm
F-35 Joint Program Office Sustainment Industry Day

The F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) is sponsoring an unclassified Industry Day to identify potential business sources with the resources, capabilities, and experience to successfully deliver a wide range of hardware and infrastructure services in support of F-35 JPO sustainment. The F-35 JPO requires support in the following sustainment functional areas: (1) Supply Chain Management (SCM); (2) Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS); (3) Training Systems; and (4) Support Equipment. This Industry Day will encompass all four (4) topics. The results of this Industry Day will be used to assess tradeoffs and alternatives available for determining how to proceed in the acquisition process. The F-35 JPO has scheduled the Industry Day for 14 -15 November 2012 in the Washington DC metro area. The exact time and location will be provided as an amendment to the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website.

The Industry Day will provide a general overview of F-35 JPO sustainment requirements, a forum to ask questions, and a chance to have a one-on-one session with the Government. Following the Industry Day presentation on 14 November 2012, the Government will host one-on-one sessions with interested companies, along with their anticipated subcontractor team, provided prior coordination with the Government is established. The one-on-one sessions give companies a chance to ask specific questions regarding the program that they did not want to share during the presentation. These sessions will be limited to 30 minutes and will be held in the afternoon on 14 November 2012 and between 08:00 - 17:00 on 15 November 2012 (16 November will be an overflow day). Session times will be randomly assigned and companies will be notified of their time slot via email.

This announcement is not a contract, a request for proposal, a promise to contract, or a commitment of any kind on the part of the Government. The information provided herein is subject to change and in no way binds the Government to solicit for or award a contract. The Government will not pay for any effort expended or any material provided in response to this announcement, nor will the Government return any data provided. If a solicitation is released, it will be synopsized on the FBO website located at It is the potential offerors' responsibility to monitor this site for the release of any follow-on information.

The F-35 JPO is a joint, multi-national program, and is the Department of Defense's (DoD's) focal point for defining affordable next generation strike aircraft weapon systems among the U.S. Air Force (USAF), U.S. Navy (USN), U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), and eight cooperative international participants: the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Norway. The program objective is to develop and deploy a three-variant family of highly common and affordable fifth generation strike fighter aircraft that meet the operational needs of the USAF, USN, USMC, and cooperative international services. Additional production of the F-35 will be made through Foreign Military Sales (FMS). The F-35 program is a DoD Acquisition Category (ACAT) 1D program. The Defense Acquisition Executive (DAE) is the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA).

The F-35 JPO has not yet determined the acquisition strategy for F-35 sustainment, including the competitive approach; solicitation, evaluation, and award methodology; contract vehicle; socio-economic considerations; scope or hardware/services; delivery schedule/period of performance; rough order of magnitude/budget; intended number of contract awards; or acquisition timeline. The F-35 JPO intends to use information provided in response to this RFI, in addition to other market research, to refine its acquisition strategy and to evaluate alternatives that will deliver the best value, long-term F-35 sustainment solution. This supports the broader F-35 JPO goals of increased affordability, transparency, predictability, and accountability for sustainment costs and performance.


The Industry Day will provide presentations and host one-on-one sessions on the following sustainment functional areas:

Supply Chain Management: The F-35 plans to utilize Performance Based Logistics (PBL) to allow the Government customers to purchase, via the JPO, a package of support structured to meet each Government's operational requirements and optimize readiness of the F-35 Air System, including Supply Chain Management (SCM) support. It is the intent of the F-35 JPO to take maximum advantage of existing public and private capabilities to achieve the balance between affordability and performance. In that light, the following areas represent the SCM functions under consideration for competition:
a. Shipping Containers
b. Deactivation, Demilitarization & Disposal
c. Regional Warehousing
d. Transportation & Distribution Services for Spares

Support Equipment: The F-35 JPO would like to identify companies with the capability to manufacture and/or supply various items of ground support equipment (SE). The JPO will consider various types of manufacturing processes to support the F-35 JPO maintenance tasks, including but not limited to mechanical/weldments, electrical, and critical machining. Along with SE, various types of tools will be required, such as torque wrenches, screwdrivers, adapters, and gauges. The following areas represent the SE functions under consideration for competition:

a. Manufacture and/or supply various F-35 Air System and Propulsion SE for USAF, USN, USMC, and cooperative international services
b. Manufacture and/or supply various hand tools to perform proper aircraft maintenance
c. Provide calibration capabilities for Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment

Autonomic Logistics Information System: The Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) is an integrated part of the F-35 Air System. It is designed to fulfill the requirement for an intelligent information infrastructure that binds all of the key concepts of Autonomic Logistics Global Sustainment (ALGS) into an effective overall support system. ALIS provides a comprehensive tool for data collection, data analysis, decision support and action tracking. Additionally, ALIS represents that component of ALGS which establishes the appropriate interfaces between and among the Air Vehicle (AV), the War Fighter, the Training System (TS), the Support System (SS), supporting commercial enterprise systems, and government Information Technology (IT) systems from the domains of logistics support, training management, operations, and command and control. It is a single autonomic logistics solution required to satisfy all United States and Partner Nations Service needs. The requirement includes hardware technical refresh at operational and Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) facilities, on-site administration of ALIS in support of all variants of the F-35 at home stations, MRO facilities, and deployed locations. The following areas represent the ALIS functions under consideration for competition:
a. Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) administration of ALIS
b. Develop and deliver ALIS Administrator training

Simulation Training Services: The F-35 JPO would like to identify companies with the capability to support F-35 training devices and provide training services at the Academic Training Center (ATC). The following areas represent the Simulation Training Services functions under consideration for competition:
a. Training Device Support
i. Pilot Training Devices (Full Mission Simulators, Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainer and Mission Rehearsal Trainer)
ii. Maintenance Training Devices (Aircraft System Maintenance Trainer/Electronically Mediated Lecture, Ejection Seat Maintenance Trainer, Weapon Load Trainer, F135 Engine Module Separation, Accessories Removal and Installation and Lift Fan Clutch Assembly Repair and Outer Mold Line Restoration Training Lab)
b. Training Services at the Academic Training Center
i. Training Center Operations, Physical, Information and Operational Security, and Training Infrastructure System

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. This is a no-fee event and seating is limited to two (2) individuals for each company as there is limited seating. Companies are required to e-mail Scott Ostrow, F-35 Contract Specialist @ no later than 4:00 PM (EST) on 15 October 2012, the following pre-registration information: (1) Company Name, (2) Company size under the applicable NAICS codes (Small Business Administration business size classification), (3) CAGE Code, (4) a one page company profile, (5) Name(s) of employees/representatives attending Industry Day, and (6) if you are a Prime Offeror, whether your company would be interested in participating in one-on-one discussions. Attendee substitution requests may be submitted to the same point of contact by 4:00 PM (EST) on 07 November 2012. All firms must be registered in Central Contractor Registry (CCR) to be eligible for award of Government contracts. Electronic responses shall be submitted in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel format, or Portable Document Format (PDF).

IMPORTANT: Attendees will be required to present a CURRENT Government issued photo ID (driver's license, military ID, or passport) matching the information provided above upon check-in. Please allow sufficient time for the check-in/verification process. Late registration and "walk-in" requests will NOT be permitted.

Hard copies of the presentation materials will not be provided at the Industry Day, but will be posted to the FBO website on 18 October 2012. Specific questions regarding the presentation materials must be submitted to the registration point of contact no later than 4:00 PM (EST) on 07 November 2012 via e-mail. Please indicate whether the question is either "General" - to be addressed during the Industry Day presentation or "Competition Sensitive" - to be discussed in a one-on-one session. The presentation materials, resulting "General" Questions and Answers, and a listing of the Companies who attended will be provided via the FBO website following the event.

All responses should indicate which portions of their response are proprietary and should mark them accordingly. Wyle Laboratories, Inc. is a support contractor expected to have access to the data provided in response to this Industry Day announcement. Wyle already has Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in place with the Government as a requirement of their function in supporting Government projects. If desired, respondents can request NDAs with this contractor directly. If additional contractors are to be utilized during the review, respondents will be notified so that the necessary agreements can be obtained, if required. Any markings on data should reflect that the information is releasable to these contractors. Failure to release response information to listed Government support agents may prevent its review.

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F-35 Sustainment Industry Day Notice

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F-35 Sustainment Industry Day Notice
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September 28, 2012
Description: F-35 Sustainment Industry Day Notice
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