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ID PFH 60(2) Manning Crevice Bridge

Solicitation Number: DTFH70-14-R-00002
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Location: Western Federal Lands Highway Division
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June 12, 2014
Record Steel & Construction Inc dba RSCI
333 W. Rossi Street, Ste 200
Boise, Idaho 83706
United States
Added: Nov 05, 2013 7:10 pm
PROJECT: ID PFH 60-1(2) Manning Crevice Bridge
LOCATION: On the Clearwater National Forest in Idaho county, Idaho. The project site is located approximately 14 miles east of Riggins, Idaho on the Salmon River Road.
WORK: Design assistance and construction of 280-ft single tower asymmetric suspension bridge
RANGE: Between $5 million - $7 million


History: This new bridge will replace the historic bridge crossing at Manning Crevice on the Salmon River. The Manning Crevice Bridge, built in the 1930s, is a one-lane suspension bridge. It has reached its service life limit and is experiencing deterioration that threatens its future to carry vehicles. This road provides the only year-round access to nearly 3 million acres of forest land and is the most direct route into this area from Riggins. Salmon River Road provides access to residences, resorts, commercial rafting ventures, and is a main artery for recreational users of the river and forest lands. To view photos of the current bridge go to:

Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC): The Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFL) of the Federal Highway Administration will use CM/GC for the construction of the Manning Crevice Bridge. CM/GC involves the construction contractor in the design process (Pre-construction Phase). During the Pre-construction Phase, the contractor collaborates with both the Government and the A/E design firm. The initial contract will be for the Pre-Construction Phase and will include a Not-to-Exceed amount for the construction work.

Once the design is finalized, we will ask the successful contractor for a final Construction Services price. If we agree on a fair and reasonable price that is at or below the Not-to-Exceed amount, WFL will issue a contract modification to finalize the construction work. If we cannot agree on a construction price, the contract will be considered complete and WFL will solicit the construction of this bridge under a new construction solicitation.

Pre-Construction Services: During the Pre-construction Phase, the Contractor will be required to work with WFL and the A/E Designer to develop a quality and cost effective design. This includes minimizing risk, improving the construction schedule, reducing costs, eliminating constructability barriers, helping resolve design problems that have the potential of jeopardizing the project's completion, and so on.

WFLHD will rely on the construction contractor to provide pre-construction services such as the following:
• Work with WFL and the A/E to develop a quality and economical design
• Coordinate design input from key subcontractors
• Collaborate with the Government and A/E
• Detect and report errors and omissions found in the specifications and drawings
• Submit monthly summary of actions completed
• Attend regular teleconferences with the Government and A/E
• Conduct constructability reviews at 50%, 70%, and 95%
• Provide cost estimates at 50%, 70% and 95%
• Identify potential risks (including financial risks) and methods to mitigate them
• Identify issues with the proposed construction schedule and recommend solutions

Construction Services: The Bridge as proposed will be a single tower asymmetric suspension bridge. The structure will be one-lane (16 feet wide) 280 foot span. Some approach work, including retaining walls and rock excavation is also anticipated as part of this proposed project. See "Construction Phase PROJECT DESCRIPTION" posted with this notice.

Construction Challenges: This is a complicated structure that will require an experienced bridge contractor. The difficult terrain and limited space available to build will present unique challenges in the construction of this new bridge. Challenges include:
• Steep and rocky remote canyon site location
• Site access via a one-lane road with occasional pull-off areas; limited width, height, and load capacity along with extremely tight turns at each approach
• Very tight construction site that is close to the existing suspension bridge
• Unique asymmetrical suspension bridge construction
• Challenging cable anchorage locations
• Rock excavation adjacent to the existing suspension bridge
• Maintenance of vehicle traffic with only limited closures allowed
• Fast-flowing river with heavy recreational use (approximately 110 boats/rafts per day during the peak season)
• The existing Manning Crevice Bridge must remain in service until the new bridge is ready for use

Access to the bridge site is very restricted. From US 95 south of Grangeville, Idaho you turn east at Riggins onto the Salmon River Road, which is a one-lane road with occasional pull-off areas. Approximately 7 miles east of Riggins, there is a one-lane through-truss bridge (Lake Creek Bridge) over which all equipment will need to pass. There are no other feasible access roads.

Solicitation: The solicitation documents will be available for download on this Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website. They will include submittal and source selection details.

Contact Us: General questions should be submitted to Technical questions should be submitted to ( or FAX to 360.619.7932.

This paragraph announces possible financing available to small businesses. The three types of businesses that are eligible to receive a loan through this program are: (1) Firms that have received DBE certification from a state or local transportation agency; (2) Eligible small business firms; and (3) Firms that have received a disability rating by the Veteran's Administration and have certified themselves as a SDVOSB. Start-up businesses are not eligible to receive a STLP line of credit and should contact the SBA for information about other possible forms of financial assistance. (NOTE - This paragraph does not reserve this solicitation for these types of business): The Department of Transportation's (DOT) Short-Term Lending Program (STLP) offers working capital financing in the form of lines of credit to finance accounts receivable for transportation related contracts. The Maximum line of credit is $750,000. The STLP loan has a variable rate, which is connected to the prime rate. For more information see:

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Solicitation Posted January 10, 2014.
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610 East Fifth Street
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Project is located approximately 14 miles east of Riggins, Idaho
Riggins, Idaho .
United States
Contracts G. Office,
Western Federal Lands Highway Division
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Fax: (360)619-7932