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DHCAPE - TRICARE Operations Center

Solicitation Number: HT0011-14-RFI-0024
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: Defense Health Agency
Location: Contract Operations Division - Falls Church
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Added: Feb 24, 2014 12:02 pm

Agency/Office: Department of Defense
Defense Health Agency (DHA, formerly TRICARE Management Activity (TMA))
Defense Health Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (DHCAPE)


1.0 Purpose of this RFI
The Defense Health Agency (DHA)/Defense Health Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (DHCAPE) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) as a means of conducting market research to make appropriate acquisition decisions and to gain knowledge of potential qualified vendors interested and capable of performing the work.

DHCAPE is seeking information from companies who have the capability and experience to provide services for design, development, operations, services, materials, and maintenance in support of data extraction, data analysis, and reporting in support of the TRICARE Operations Center (TOC). The work performed will include data extraction, data analysis, design and development of new reports, and maintenance of current reports from the Military Health System (MHS) Data Repository (MDR), MHS Management Analysis (Analysis is part of name) and Reporting Tool (M2), and the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) that requires an in-depth knowledge of the files and tables to produce reliable reports of data extracted. Work performed shall also include program management of daily operations in monitoring daily data feeds from all CHCS hosts, development and sustainment of reports produced using that data, development and sustainment of website to post reports, and maintenance of CHCS and DHA accounts. The Contractor will work closely with the Government to develop plans and transition databases and software if and when appropriate based on agency efficiency requirements to streamline, refine, merge, or down scope TRICARE Operations Center (TOC) requirements. Transformation has been key as the TOC has progressed over the years in supporting the MHS with useful business intelligence. The Contractor shall provide necessary support as operations transform and migrate to other corporate information systems.

2.0 Background
DHA, a Combat Support Agency, supports the delivery of integrated, high quality health services to beneficiaries of the Military Health System (MHS), and executes responsibility for shared services, functions, and activities in support of the Military Services. The DHA serves as program manager for the TRICARE military health program.

DHCAPE supports performance-based decision making for the DHCA by applying appropriate scientific methods and operational support. DHCAPE uses a multidisciplinary approach to investigate complex issues in measuring, evaluating and analyzing the performance of healthcare delivery systems and developing innovative methods for providing high quality health care to over 9.7 million beneficiaries worldwide, and extends from theater medical care for deployed forces to peacetime healthcare supporting active duty, family members, Guard and Reserves, former spouses, foreign nationals, et al.

TMA, predecessor of the DHA organization, established the TOC in late 1999, introducing a central information center providing near real-time standard access to care reports for medical commanders and decision makers throughout the MHS. The TOC delivers meaningful, easy to use, web-based operational reports that help the MHS manage healthcare services. The reports provide a centralized collection of CHCS, MDR, and M2 data through a web-based report suite. The TOC retrieves data from the MDR Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server landing zone which receives automatic transfers of select business data from all Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) CHCS hosts on a nightly basis. The data is then processed, not altered, and displayed via standardized reports. These reports transform and aggregate MTF data into useful management information, and make the results available at every level of the organization through a series of graphical and tabular reports. The TOC has been manned by contract personnel since its inception since the services needed are not inherently governmental functions.

DHCAPE receives special data and report requests, outside the normal standard reports provided on the TOC website, from a variety of sources including internal staff and other DHA organizations in the form of data pulls from CHCS, MDR, or the M2. All requests for data and special reports will be submitted to and approved through DHCAPE leadership. DHCAPE may receive requests for data analysis of data pulled in order to ensure data quality. This data analysis may include short term, quick response tasks as well as longer term data analyses.
3.0 Information Requested
This RFI is being used to collect information about capability of qualified vendors to provide support in the management of the daily operations of the TOC providing DHCAPE with data extraction, data analysis and reporting in management of the MHS direct care system. DHCAPE TOC data analysis and reporting operation include, but is not limited to:
a. Writing ad hoc reports to data-mine CHCS for key management indicators.
b. Provide support for development and maintenance of a suite of executive information reports providing senior MHS leadership and MTFs with concise, accurate views of operational indicators for both peacetime and wartime scenarios.
c. Provide support, disseminating and tracking management data from the direct care system and purchased care system utilizing CHCS, Managed Care Support Contractors, DEERS, MDR, and M2 data.
d. Monitor statistical data necessary to track enrollment, MTF access, utilization, quality measures, and cost.
e. Provide support for requests for data extraction, data analysis, and reporting.

• Report Design. The Contractor shall provide report design services. The contractor must perform design of new reports or upgrades to the existing web reports suite for the DHCAPE reports and components as defined by the Government. Detailed report design must include: development of detailed data and process models, program specifications, interface specifications, screen and report designs, program control specifications and/or teleprocessing considerations. This delivery order requires the following activities:
o Design database and file structures to include: definitions of file characteristics, file layouts, data dictionary entries, file indices for each subsystem and database schema and subschema.
o Finalize input and output design to include: data flows, data dictionary entries, dialogue specifications and lists of all inputs and outputs by subsystem.
o Define special design considerations to include: data control, security and audit procedures, trending, archived historical data, current data purging and data entry criteria, scheduling, disaster recovery, special quality assurance factors and configuration control requirements.
o Identify, define, and design capacity requirements and any associated limitations. Specifically, coordinate with government to identify facility limitations and considerations.
o Develop, deliver, and maintain a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) to list all report/component requirements, and detail how and where they are addressed in the report design.

• Report Development. The contractor shall provide report development services. Following government approval the contractor must develop new customer defined reports or upgrades to existing web reports. Specifically, the contractor must:
o Research appropriate CHCS files and tables to develop, produce, validate, and distribute CHCS Ad Hocs to 106 hosts.
o Create and maintain CHCS menu options, script files, and associated documents for management and maintenance of ad hoc capabilities.
o Develop, produce, validate, and distribute timely (daily, weekly, or monthly) routine reports utilizing the DHCAPE systems and software Xcelsius, Microsoft Office (Access, Excel including Pivot tables and PowerPivot), Reflections, Kea, Persona, CHCS Fileman, CACHE, SAS, Java, HTML, Dreamweaver, Front Page, PL/SQL, Visual Basic as needed and required.
o Develop automations processes for sustainment of new reports that encompass the process from beginning, (receipt of raw data files from CHCS, Microsoft Excel), to the end (creation and maintenance of web-based reports using SAS, Xcelsius, Microsoft Excel (Pivot tables, PowerPivot), Java, HTML, CGI and JavaScript).

• Planned, Preventative, and Emergency Maintenance. The contractor shall provide support for the functional maintenance of software and/or hardware as directed by government POC for the current systems and systems delivered during the period of performance of this order to include, but not limited to all servers and workstations as required to operate DHCAPE TOC data processes. Examples of ongoing functional maintenance include but not limited to: data analysis of problem(s), preparation of resource estimates and schedules to effect necessary changes, design and code changes, conduct testing of all changes, complete and/or update all documentation affected by the required change(s), coordination of change implementation through appropriate approvals as required by the contractor's configuration management procedures, and provide advice on recommendations/actions of DHA Network and Security Management. The contractor must consult with DHA Network/Security specialists to develop/advise government POC on a Contingency and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) to specify planning for the remediation of specific systems, equipment, software, and/or operations in the event of critical impact resulting from natural, accidental, or intentional events.

• Maintenance Support. The contractor must maintain an ad hoc interface to CHCS utilizing Fileman or CACHE to rapidly deploy new procedures and data calls to be determined by the mission at hand. The contractor must maintain all current reports and processes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as directed by government POC using the hardware, software, procedures, processes to include maintenance of website, reports, processes, databases, for longitudinal and current data, and programs in Xcelsius, Microsoft Office (Access, Excel including Pivot tables, PowerPivot), SQL, SAS, HTML, and Java.

Transformation has been key as the TOC has progressed over the years in supporting the MHS with useful business intelligence. The Contractor shall provide necessary support as operations transform and migrate to other corporate information systems. This includes eliminating the use of SQL on the TOC report processes during the base year of this contract. The Contractor shall research and design reports utilizing SAS and later SAS Enterprise Guide to develop reports using TOC CHCS datasets stored on the MDR. CACHE may be used to access the CHCS data when applicable to report requirements.

The Contractor shall conduct/attend walkthroughs and/or meetings where Contractor maintained software and reports are discussed. The Contractor shall participate in Integrated Product Teams (IPT) as directed by the Government.

• Data Extraction and Data Analysis. The contractor shall provide upon government request and approval, one-time pulls of data from CHCS, MHS Data Repository (MDR), or Military Healthcare System Mart (M2). DHCAPE receives requests for data in the form of data pulls, data analysis, and special reports from CHCS, the MDR, or M2 and must be approved through DHCAPE leadership. These requests could be recurring data pulls or special reports requiring staff data analysis.

At the request of the government, the Contractor will perform data analyses using numerous systems, including, but not limited to: direct (MTF-based) care, purchased (TRICARE-based) care, pharmacy prescriptions, and dental. These systems include both inpatient and outpatient care. This data analysis may include short term, quick response tasks and longer-term data analyses. These tasks may involve using standard health care reference tables, e.g., ICD9/10, CPT, and DRG codes. The contractor will analyze MHS health care data using commercial software, e.g., SAS, SQL (DB2), PERL, Xcelsius, and Microsoft Excel including Pivot tables and PowerPivot. The contractor must demonstrate:

o The ability to apply complex fact-finding, analytical and problem solving methods and techniques to identify interrelated system level problems.
o Skills and experience with automated data systems, microcomputer spreadsheets, database usage, and graphics presentation to include Xcelsius, and Microsoft Office applications.

For the key areas, the vendor should consider that the government is looking for highly skilled individuals with (1) Composite Health Care System (CHCS), (2) MHS Data Repository (MDR) and MHS Mart (M2), (3) Microsoft Office application and web-based application skills and experience with the following characteristics or similarities.

• All vendor staff must comply with IAT Level II qualifications as described in the DoD
8570.01-M, Information Workforce Improvement Program.

• Composite Health Care System (CHCS)
o Specific experience with Patient Scheduling, Manage Care/Referral Files, Health Care Finder functions, OpenVMS system, and SY_ETU setup and maintenance support.
o Demonstration of the ability to write ad hoc reports utilizing Advance CHCS Fileman functionality, and print and sort templates.
o The ability to create and maintain CHCS TOC Menu options via TOC routines and daily processing via Taskman.
o Demonstration of advance knowledge of CHCS menu option creation and Taskman functionality and how they work to create data for the SY_ETU process.
o Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of CHCS files and tables, their structure (including pointer relationships among files), the CACHE database and application environment, and their relationships of shared variables.
o Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of CHCS system architecture in order to research effects of system changes on data files and tables, ad hocs, and data build and transfer routines.
o Demonstrate experience in a CHCS development environment for design and development of new ad hocs.
o Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills of Fileman Access Security codes for cross-pulling of data from multiple CHCS files and tables for design and development of new ad hocs.
o Demonstrate present/past CHCS Account Access experience.
o Knowledge of MUMPS programming as it is related to design, development, and creation of new ad hocs.
o Knowledge of CACHE application environment as it relates to design, development and creation of new reports.

• MHS Data Repository (MDR) and MHS Mart (M2)
o Experience working in SAS Corporate Environment (SCE)
o Demonstration of the ability to write SAS and SQL code and document it.
o The ability to write data specifications and dictionaries to match the SAS or SQL code.
o Specific experience with running production SAS code on a periodic schedule on various platforms, including, but not limited to Windows and AIX.
o Experience in working in M2 Data Mart - SAP Business Objects Infoview with specific experience in Webi.
o Demonstrate the ability to integrate external data with MHS data, e.g., eligibility and enrollment (DEERS) information and provider information (NPI), MTF information, Zip code based information, diagnosis and CPT group information.
o Demonstration of the ability to de-identify data to create public use files. Contractor shall have to provide requisite expertise on HIPAA.

• Other Systems
o Demonstration of in-depth Microsoft Office application experience.
o Specific experience in writing scripts for automation of Access programs, development and programming of in-depth tools/applications.
o Specific experience in design and development of reports using Microsoft Excel tools, including Pivot tables and PowerPivot.
o Demonstration of Web-based application development and programming experience.
o Specific experience in Xcelsius, PowerPivot, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, and CGI.
4.0 How to Respond
THIS IS A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) ONLY. This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes - it does not constitute a solicitation nor does it restrict the Government as to the ultimate acquisition approach. In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Any contract that might be awarded based on information received or derived from this market research will be the outcome of a competitive process. Responders are advised that the U.S. Government will not pay for any information or administrative costs incurred in response to this RFI. All costs associated with responding to this RFI will be solely at the interested vendor's expense. Not responding to this RFI does not preclude participation in any future RFP, if any is issued.

• Small businesses with the capabilities listed in the following section are requested to submit an electronic capabilities package that does not exceed 10 pages all inclusive with the exception of the title page, and table of contents). The capabilities package shall be concise and focused. Incomplete packages will not be favorably reviewed.

• Submissions should cover skills, approach, and comparable past performance. Generalized concept papers are not solicited and will not be reviewed.

• Sales brochures, videos, and other marketing information materials are not solicited and will not be reviewed.

• Cost estimates or Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) can be provided.

• Interested small businesses shall submit an electronic copy of their capability statements via email to;; The due date and time for submission of responses is 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) 07 March, 2014.

• No phone calls and no emails related to this RFI will be accepted other than the formal submission of responses.

• The total e-mail file limit size is restricted to 5MB. Files exceeding this threshold shall be submitted over multiple messages, and be identified as "MESSAGE #X of #X."

• All responses must include the following information:
1. Company name
2. Company address
3. Company business size
4. Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code and current Facility Clearance Level
5. Current North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes
6. Point-of-contact name, telephone number, and email address

The formal closing date for this RFI and for the submission of responses is 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) 07 March, 2014. . All responses should be submitted electronically in with subject "TRICARE Operations Center (TOC) contract - RFI Response - [VENDOR NAME] to the following email address(es):;;

7700 Arlington Blvd.
Suite 1M401
Falls Church, Virginia 22042
United States
Nicolas Sanchez
Phone: 7036815937
Robert LeBlanc,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 7036811790