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Land Reform in Afghanistan (LARA)

Solicitation Number: 306-10-0032
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Afghanistan USAID-Kabul
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Award Notice
January 30, 2011
This is a Cost Plus Fixed Fee Term Contract with a Total Estimat
Tetra Tech ARD
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Added: Jan 31, 2011 7:06 am
The type of contract instrument selected for this procurement is a Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) term contract. The scope of work is described in general terms and obligates the contractor to devote a specified level of effort for a stated time period. Per FAR 16.306 (d) (2), if the performance is considered satisfactory by the Government, the fixed fee is payable at the expiration of the agreed upon period, upon contractor statement that the level of effort specified in the contract has been expended in performing the contract work, renewal for further periods of performance is a new acquisition that involves new cost and fee arrangements.

The objective of LARA is to develop a robust, enduring, Afghan owned-and-managed land market infrastructure that encourages investment and productivity growth, resolves or mitigates land-based conflict, and builds confidence in the government's legitimacy, thereby enhancing overall stability in Afghan society.

In accordance with the Activity Approval Document, the LARA program was mainly designed to contribute to COIN Strategy through the contribution to the following components:

• Conflict Mitigation/Government Legitimacy by organizing itself at provincial and regional levels so that it can leverage local expertise, and train military and Provincial Reconstruction Team personnel to employ land use rights and tenure formalization as a tool for combating insurgency.

• Job Creation and economic recovery in Afghanistan by facilitating leasing of government-owned property to put lands to more productive use and provide an alternative to poppy production.

• Contribution to Afghanization by the creation of employment and building the capacity of about 500 local Afghan staff either directly or through partner NGO institutions.

LARA is primarily a technical assistance type activity and specific end results are yet to be defined.

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