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Solicitation Number: RFI-OFR-12-0102
Agency: Department of the Treasury
Office: Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD)
Location: Bureau of the Fiscal Service
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Added: Nov 13, 2012 3:14 pm
The government received a large number of responses to this RFI; in all cases the responses, although very informative, presented a very similar approach and technology stack that helped validate the results of many months of market research and conversations with other Government Agencies and Financial Regulatory Units. Based on this validation, the government plans to take a phased approach to developing the overarching solution and continue building on its current environment.

It appears that no single technology/solution answers all the requirements and no new or unexpected alternative solutions were presented; the path forward will be to build the integration layers and expand current capability in a way that some of the technology options will "bolt on" to the existing infrastructure and additional capability will be added discretely and methodically to solve specific requirements as needed.

It is anticipated that solicitations will be issued for "add on" capability components based on specific requirements and for the hardware and software required to expand the current environment. The government will continue to research and analyze the emerging technologies and may in the near future issue a more comprehensive solicitation.

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