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14--MK 41 Vertical Launch System (VLS) Launcher Production Contract for (FY13- 17) - Presolicitation questions and answers.

Solicitation Number: N0002412R5320
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Sea Systems Command
Location: NAVSEA HQ
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N00024-12-R-5320 Pre-solicitation Questions and Answers

Q1. Would the MK 41 PMO be willing to hear a brief on an optional approach for performance based requirements to allow greater competition and allow more industrial participation in the bid?

A1. The government intends to conduct a build to print competition.

Q2. At the MK 41 VLS Launcher Production Industry Day, it was stated that a ‘subcontractor limitation’ clause would be included in the forthcoming MK 41 Launcher Solicitation N00024-12-R-5320. This clause would limit the amount that could be subcontracted to a single subcontractor. In advance of the issuance of the solicitation, a copy of this clause is requested. If the clause is not yet fully drafted, a description of the intent/details of the clause is requested.


Please note that the final solicitation will govern all requirements. At this time, the Government's intent is to limit participation of each subcontractor to no more than 20% of the overall effort based on the contract's total dollar value.

Q3. Is it the Government’s intention, in the subject procurement, to limit the subcontract value that can be awarded to “one subcontractor”?

A3. Please see the response to Question 2.

Q4. If yes, how does the Government plan to limit the subcontract value to “one subcontractor”?

A4. Please see the response to Question 2.

Q5. Does the Government plan to invoke the FAR clause 52.215-22 “Limitations on Pass-Through Charges – Identification of Subcontract Effort” into the subject procurement RFP?



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August 20, 2012
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