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Solicitation Number:
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA Ann Arbor Health Care System
Location: Department of Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Health Care System
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Justification and Approval (J&A)
FAR 6.302-1 - Only one responsible source (except brand name)
April 11, 2014
Added: Apr 11, 2014 11:03 am 2: Request for Sole Source Memo Format


Justification and Approval


Other Than Full and Open Competition

1. Contracting Activity: Department of Veterans Affairs, VISN 11, Battle Creek VA Medical Center, PR 515-14-3-423-0064.

2. Nature and/or Description of the Action Being Processed: Software Maintenance Contract for CurrentWare Browse Reporter Internet control software that restricts inappropriate surfing and enforces internet usage policies across the facility. Renewal an existing software maintenance contract and additional units to cover the Grand Rapids CBOC.

3. Description of Supplies/Services Required to Meet the Agency's Needs:

CurrentWare BrowseReporter software-annual upgrade and maintenance plan for the period of April 19, 2014 to December 15, 2014. 1340 units at $2/Unit for a total of $2680. BrowseReporter-Internet Monitoring Software. 460 units at $15/unit for a total of $6900. Contract total is $9580.

Codework Inc, 55 Hawktree Ridge, Ottawa, ON K2J 5N7

Telephone#: 613-368-4300

Fax#: 866-929-9808

4. Statutory Authority Permitting Other than Full and Open Competition:

( x ) (1) Only One Responsible Source and No Other Supplies or Services Will Satisfy

Agency Requirements per FAR 6.302-1;

( ) (2) Unusual and Compelling Urgency per FAR 6.302-2;

( ) (3) Industrial Mobilization, Engineering, Developmental or Research Capability

or Expert Services per FAR 6.302-3;

( ) (4) International Agreement per FAR 6.302-4

( ) (5) Authorized or Required by Statute FAR 6.302-5;

( ) (6) National Security per FAR 6.302-6;

( ) (7) Public Interest per FAR 6.302-7;

5. Demonstration that the Contractor's Unique Qualifications or Nature of the Acquisition Requires the Use of the Authority Cited Above (applicability of authority):

This monitoring software is already in use at the Battle Creek VAMC and this software only available from one distributor in the United States. This software program is unique in the installation and reporting. With CurrentWare Browse Reporter, no additional hardware, software, or database is needed. It runs on any windows application.

6. Description of Efforts Made to ensure that offers are solicited from as many potential sources as deemed practicable:

FSS and the internet were searched with negative results.

7. Determination by the Contracting Officer that the Anticipated Cost to the Government will be Fair and Reasonable: $ 9,580. This price is fair and reasonable based on historical pricing for this service. PO 515-Q30989 shows $2 per unit maintenance coverage, and PO 515-A00001 shows $15 each for BrowseControl - Internet Management Software Licenses. These are the same prices charged for current services.

8. Description of the Market Research Conducted and the Results, or a Statement of the Reasons Market Research Was Not Conducted:

FSS and the internet were searched with negative results.

9. Any Other Facts Supporting the Use of Other than Full and Open Competition: None

10. Listing of Sources that Expressed, in Writing, an Interest in the Acquisition: None.

11. A Statement of the Actions, if any, the Agency May Take to Remove or Overcome any Barriers to Competition before Making subsequent acquisitions for the supplies or services required:

Should another requisition of this nature reoccur, we would undertake a new market survey

12. Requirements Certification: I certify that the requirement outlined in this justification is a Bona Fide Need of the Department of Veterans Affairs and that the supporting data under my cognizance, which are included in the justification, are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

_____________________________ ________________________

Name Date



13. Approvals in accordance with FAR 6.304

a. Contracting Officer's Certification: (required) I certify that the foregoing justification is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

_____________________________ ________________________

Name Date


Network 11 Contract Office

b. NCM/PCM (Required $3K and above): I certify the justification meets requirements for other than full and open competition.

_____________________________ ________________________

Name Date

NCM/Supervisory Contract Specialist (as appropriate)

Network 11 Contract Office
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Justification and Approval (J&A)

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Justification and Approval (J&A)
Posted Date:
April 11, 2014
Department of Veterans Affairs;Ann Arbor Healthcare System;Network 11 Contract Office;2215 Fuller Road;Ann Arbor MI 48105
Robert Kay
Contract Specialist

contracting officer