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Managed Mobility Request for Technical Capabilities

Solicitation Number: RFTC
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
Location: ITS Office of Acquisition Operations (QTA)
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Special Notice
Added: Feb 01, 2013 5:01 pm
This RFTC has two primary components, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM), and also includes Mobility Life-Cycle (MLC) support. This RFTC also has a set of optional services contained within each.

The government's mobility management challenge must address the customer agency's mission needs in a secure, cost-effective manner.  This objective is driven by the Digital Government Strategy requirement 5.5, which seeks to "Set up a government-wide mobile device management platform" (  Managed Mobility is a core capability for effectively scaling the secure deployment and management of mobile applications, enterprise data on mobile devices, and management of the devices and mobile platforms themselves.  The optimal balance between security, total costs and functionality will provide the most business value to the agencies.   The Managed Mobility program defines a functional framework, and Government agencies should be able to work with all components of the framework seamlessly in an easy to use, secure, integrated solution.

This initiative will identify MDM/MAM platform(s) capable of satisfying the government's mobile device management needs specified by the requirements developed as a result of the Digital Government Strategy (DGS) Item #5.5 Multi-Agency Working Group efforts. 

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Managed Mobility Request for Technical Capablities

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Managed Mobility Request for Technical Capablities
Posted Date:
February 1, 2013
Description: Managed Mobility Request for Technical Capabilities (RFTC) Requirements Document
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Fairfax , Virginia 22030
United States
Jon M. Johnson,
Program Manager
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Contract Specialist
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