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caHUB Acquisition of Normal Tissues in Support of the GTEx Project

Solicitation Number: S10-120
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: National Institutes of Health
Location: National Cancer Institute
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Jan 29, 2010 9:38 pm
To be eligible for Task Order award as a result of this RFP, Offerors MUST submit responsive proposals to BOTH this Task Order RFP as well as the Basic Ordering Agreement RFP No. S10-084 that may be found at Offerors not receiving an award under the competitively issued BOA mentioned above WILL NOT be eligible for Task Order awards. Applicable terms and conditions for a Task Order resulting from this procurement are contained in both the Task Order document as well as the Basic Ordering Agreement.

The objective of this Task Order is to establish Tissue Source Sites (TSS) to provide human tissues for biomedical research, one of the two main initiatives for the Genotype-Tissue Expression Project (GTEx), a pilot project of the NIH Roadmap. This effort will be organized within the National Cancer Institute's (NCI cancer Human Biobank (caHUB) to whom the samples will be shipped for quality evaluation and use by the Laboratory component of GTEx.


A Purpose of the GTEx Project

The GTEx project, a NIH Roadmap Initiative (, aims to provide a resource to the scientific community with which to study the relationship between genetic variation and regulation of gene expression. This project will collect and analyze multiple human tissues from donors who will also be characterized for germline genetic variation through dense genotyping. By treating global RNA expression levels as quantitative traits, loci with polymorphisms that are highly correlated with variations in expression will be identified as expression quantitative trait loci, or eQTLs. The SNPs within the eQTL that are correlated with gene expression are sometimes called eSNPs. Based on analysis of individual tissues, 4% or more of gene transcripts have cis-eQTLs, operationally defined as an eSNP that is located close to the gene whose expression it is correlated with. To identify trans-eQTLs, in which the eSNP maps far from the gene or on a different chromosome from the gene it is regulating, much larger numbers of samples relative to cis-eQTLs, will be required to achieve a statistically significant association. This is due to the need to adjust for the large number of statistical tests involved in searching for correlation between expression levels of every transcript and a very large number of genetic variants. Comprehensive identification of both cis- and trans-eQTLs will provide a valuable basis on which to study gene regulation with an immediate application in interpreting GWAS study findings.

The GTEx project will begin with a 2.5-year, 3-phased pilot in FY10. As developed at a June 2008 GTEx Workshop (, the primary goal of the overall pilot is to assess the feasibility of enrolling 160 deceased donors identified through low post-mortem-interval (PMI) autopsy or organ/tissue transplant settings and collecting high-quality RNA from multiple tissues per donor. The precise number of tissues that yield high-quality RNA that can be collected from each donor is not known. The aim of this project is to collect as many different tissue types as is practical, ideally between 50 to 70, and to analyze gene expression in at least 50 tissues per donor.


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RFP and Task Order

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RFP and Task Order
Posted Date:
January 29, 2010
Description: GTEx RFP S10-120 Document
Description: GTEx Task Order Document
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