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Z--Repairs to B350 Structural Steel & Coatings at Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Florida

Solicitation Number: N6945011R0995
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Location: NAVFAC Southeast, Bld 903
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Sources Sought
Added: Jan 10, 2011 11:52 am
This notice is a sources sought market survey announcement for written information only. This notice does NOT constitute a request for proposal, request for quote, or invitation for bid. The intent of this notice is to identify potential offerors for determining whether to set-aside the requirement for small business.

Work under this project includes, but is not limited to repairs to Building 350, a vehicle maintenance shop, that has experienced corrosion damage to the structural framing and the protective coating system is in need of repair. This project refurbishes the protective coating systems on all of the interior structural steel framing, including but not limited to the roof trusses, wall framing, the crane support structure, permanent equipment platform framing, all columns, girts, purlins and bracing.

Also included are the stairs, landings, crane access platform, the underside of the roof deck, and the jib cranes in Building 350. The replacement of metal wall panel fasteners is also included. The wall panels shall be protected from high pressure water blasting and other surface preparations which could damage the panels or connections. In addition, required structural repairs to corrosion damaged members include replacement of several gusset plates, 2 damaged bottom chord braces, and missing bolts and welds. Plug welds shall be provided to strengthen connections of wall angle to W-beams at eaves, and 2 removable guard rails shall be provided at the stairs. The majority of the work shall be performed after normal operational hours and in a manner which will minimize interruptions to the operational tempo of the Blount Island Command mission.

This project is located at Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Florida.

The magnitude of construction is between $1,000,000-$5,000,000. The NAICS Code is 236210 with a Small Business Size Standard of $33.5 million. The Government will use responses to this SOURCES SOUGHT announcement to make appropriate acquisition decisions in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 19.

All interested Small Business concerns will provide this office, in writing, a notice stating their positive intention to submit a proposal for this project as a prime contractor no later than 21 January 2011. The written notification, which shall not exceed 5-10 written pages, must include (1) positive statement of intent to respond to any future solicitation as a prime contractor; (2) Identification of firm with appropriate SBA certification/documentation (including DUNS/CAGE); where applicable, status of potential contractor will be verified via SBA Websites; (3) A listing of projects, with synopsis, completed as prime contractor, or major sub-contractor which were completed during the past five years, both for government and private industry (emphasis on Federal Government projects), that are similar in complexity and dollar value to the proposed project, citing the percentage of self-performed work for prime contractor projects.

The type of project, dollar value, contract number, location and point of contact are to be included. Relevant projects for this sources sought include major renovation work on industrial buildings that contain ALL of the following: containment, cleaning, coating, environmental waste handling experience for containment of cleaning bi-products, safety requirements that will cover work in a building that has a 65 foot ceiling height, adherence to the phasing schedule due to this project being the first 4 of an 8 phase project, and experience working around and within an operational facility in an industrial or bridge setting. Projects must have been completed by the offeror within the last five years and have a construction value of $5 million or greater.

Renovation projects that do not contain all of the above components shall not be considered relevant. (4) A brief outline of resources, subcontractors, and key personnel that would be used to accomplish the contract. (5) Bonding capacity: Provide name of surety, your maximum bonding capacity per project, and your aggregate maximum bonding capacity. Due to the government reserving the right to set this acquisition aside for Small Businesses based on the responses it receives, it is imperative that firms respond with the required information for capabilities to be accurately evaluated. We ask that the attached Sources Sought Information Request Form be utilized when answering this notice.

Your response to this sources sought announcement must be received by 3:00pm January 21, 2011 via e-mail to and Please email to both POCs.

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Posted Date:
January 10, 2011
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Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Florida
Anita Ludovici (904)542-6159
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