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Solicitation Number: HSTS07-09-R-00134
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Transportation Security Administration
Location: Contracts and Procurement
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Added: Jul 22, 2009 5:56 pm

SUMMARY OF CHANGES -- Request for Proposal (RFP) HSTS07-09-R-00134 --

All changes from original RFP documents appear in red font in Amendment 01.

Please replace previous versions with the following amended Sections to the RFP:

Section A – NO changes – remains the same.

Section B - [B.1] Revisions: Excel Contract/Pricing spreadsheets(Tabs 1 & 2) have been changed as follows:

• A note has been added to the top of both tabs indicating that:

(a) All shoulder boards, socks and shoes should be priced as pairs

(b) Tab 2 note – Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) 00063 – 00124 is reflected in Option year One pricing and CLIN 00125 – 00186 in Option Year Two pricing

• NUMBERING CHANGE - CLIN/SLIN numbers have changed as a result of the following revisions:

Carefully review Tabs 1 & 2 for changes from original solicitation. Only Tab 2 will be accepted for proposal pricing. Tab 1 is for informational purposes only.

(a) Revision: The previous RFP CLINS 00004, 00069 and 00134 for ‘Shoulder Boards remain as CLINS, however, the three (3) line items below have been labeled as SLINS (sub-contract line items). Only the SLINS reflect estimated minimum/maximum quantities. This change subsequently affected all remaining CLINS. [CLIN 00004 remains the same, 00069 is now 00066 and 00134 is now 00128].

(b) Addition: CLINS 00053A, 00115A and 00177A have been added to include the ‘Unlined Coverall, Unisex, without emblem.’

** CAUTION: Amendment 01 pricing spreadsheet (Tab 2) must be used in preparing your proposal. No previous versions will be accepted as a proposal submission. **

Section C [C.3] – See attached Specification revisions. The Statement of Work remains the same.

Pg. 10 Add - Packing – Sweaters are poly bagged individually

Pg. 16 Add - Packing – Commando sweaters are poly bagged individually

Pg. 25 Add – Packing - Jackets are poly bagged individually

Pg. 30 Add – Packing - Jackets are poly bagged individually

Pg. 36 Add - Packing – Ties are poly bagged individually

Pg. 56 Add - Packaging – Shirts are poly bagged individually

Pg. 66 Deletion – Deleted reference to ISO 9001

Pg. 84 Add - Packing - Ties are poly bagged individually

Pg. 85 Deletion – Deleted reference to ISO 9001

Section D, E, F, G, H, I, J & K – NO changes.

Section L – (L&M are one combined word document)

[L.2(A)] Revision: e-mail address:

Revision: Clarifications & questions due no later than 12 noon July 27, 2009

[L.2 (C)] Addition: Volume I –Technical Capability: revised sub-factors to include

‘Small Business’ Subcontracting Plan and ‘Pre-Production Samples’.

[L.3(A)] Addition: See Sub-factor 4 Small Business Subcontracting Plan –

All ‘Large Business’ Offerors …

[L.3] (B) Addition: See Factor 2 – Price

See end of paragraph “… Testing Requirements and any other costs related to management or administrative issues. No separate line item for such items is included or will be evaluated.”

[L.4] Addition of Clause – 'Instructions for Submitting Alternate Fabric for

Pre-Production Samples Only’.

Section M -

[M.2] (b) Addition: (including Approach, Plans, Pre-production samples and

Subcontracting Plan)

[M.3] Addition: … Pre-production samples and subcontracting plan.

The first three (3) sub-component subfactors are of equal importance and the

4th, Small Business Subcontracting Plan, sub-factor is of next importance, and

less important than the first three.

[M.3(2)] Revision: Added language stating that sub-factors 3 & 4 have been

reversed in their order of appearance in this section.

[M.3(4)] Revision: Added language – “… as outlined in Section L and to meet

criteria set forth in FAR 52.219-9 (I.8).



Addition: The following adjectival ratings will be used to evaluate the first

three (3) technical sub-factors – Technical capability, Plans and Pre-production


Addition: At the very end of the above mentioned section, adjectival ratings

for the ‘Evaluation of Small Business Subcontracting Plan’ was added to

include definitions of Outstanding – Acceptable – Neutral – Unacceptable.

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Atlantic City International Airport
Atlantic City, New Jersey 08405
Contracts & Procurement - TSA Uniform Procurement
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