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Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program (VXX) Contract

Solicitation Number: N00019-12-R-0063(Draft)
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Air Systems Command
Location: NAVAIR HQ
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Special Notice
Added: Nov 23, 2012 8:46 am

THIS IS NOT A NOTICE OF SOLICITATION ISSUANCE. The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) intends to conduct a full and open competition under the authority of 10 USC 2304 (a) and in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15 for the Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program (VXX). NAVAIR will not be using the provisions of FAR Part 12 for this acquisition. The Government is hereby releasing a Draft Request for Proposal (RFP), including sections L&M. Please note that Section M currently does not contain the evaluation factor order of importance. Industry input is being sought prior to the release of the Formal RFP, which is anticipated in the mid FY 2013 timeframe.

Publicly releasable unclassified documentation, to include the Draft RFP Sections A-M, has been posted herein and on the NAVAIR Open Solicitation Homepage website. All subsequent Draft RFP amendments and publicly releasable documentation will reside on FedBizOpps and the NAVAIR Open Solicitation Homepage website. It is recommended that interested Offerors check these sites frequently for any updates.

A Pre-solicitation Conference (commonly referred to as "Industry Day") will be conducted to afford Offerors an opportunity to ask additional clarifying questions on the Draft RFP. Instructions are included in this notice on how to submit comments, clarifying questions and responses associated with the Draft RFP.

This announcement is not a contract, request for proposal, a promise to contract, or a commitment of any kind on the part of the Government. The Navy will not assume liability for costs incurred by an attendee or for travel expenses or marketing efforts; therefore, attendee cost in response to this notice is not considered an allowable direct charge to the Government.

VXX Program Information:

The VXX aircraft will replace the aging VH-3D and VH-60N aircraft used to support the Presidential vertical lift mission requirements. VXX will be a critical, national-level platform that provides a survivable and dependable worldwide transportation capability and enables the strategic information superiority necessary to execute the duties of the President as the Commander-in-Chief, Chief Executive, and Head of State. The VXX will provide a comprehensive and secure communications capability to ensure connectivity between the President and U.S. Government agencies or foreign governments, throughout the threat spectrum, regardless of location. The VXX Acquisition Strategy is based on the integration of mature subsystems into an existing air vehicle.

Offerors will be highly encouraged to propose an existing, in-production helicopter platform from which the VXX will be derived. It is the Government's desire to hold development to an absolute minimum on the VXX Program and focus the program effort on integration of mature subsystems on a mature platform. While minor changes to the platform to accommodate integration of subsystems are inevitable, change to major components such as drive train, rotors, engines and basic structure is highly discouraged. In keeping with this approach, the Offerors will be encouraged to not propose any design elements that contain immature technology or that might be deemed Critical Technology Elements (CTEs).

The baseline aircraft from which the VXX will be derived should be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a recognized civil airworthiness authority (with bi-lateral agreement with the FAA), United States (U.S.) Military airworthiness certification authority or possess a clear, imminent path (to be demonstrated by the Offeror) to such certification if and when any proposals are submitted in response to a formal solicitation. The Government does not intend to impose bottom-up airworthiness criteria that would drive redesign, but plans to leverage the current certification basis with the cognizant civil or U.S. Military airworthiness certification authority to achieve a NAVAIR flight clearance. The Prime Contractor will be responsible for: 1) obtaining delta certification of the integrated VXX platform from the original certification authority, and 2) maintaining continued airworthiness certification of the integrated VXX platform with the original certification authority. In the event that the original certification authority is a foreign entity, certain elements of the VXX integration will require certification by a U.S. certification authority without the involvement of the original certification authority. For subsystems/components which the original certification authority will not or cannot certify, NAVAIR will provide delta certification of only those subsystems/components as long as such delta certification will not invalidate the certifications from the original certification authority.

The Presidential Helicopters Program Office (PMA-274) is currently partnering with the Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD) St. Inigoes, MD to assemble an executive communications suite using existing off-the-shelf components that will meet the communications subsystem requirements of the VXX Program. This VXX Mission Communications System (MCS) will incorporate existing "state of the art" analog radio terminals and encryption equipment in use today and expand that capability by providing a digital, Internet Protocol (IP)-based network architecture using currently available hardware. Other NAVAIR programs continue to develop and field other specialized mission systems into a variety of platforms, which will be leveraged for the VXX. The MCS and other specialized mission systems constitute the Government-defined subsystems to be integrated on the VXX platform.

Additionally, the Prime Contractor will have primary responsibility for the executive cabin interior, the overall performance of the VXX integrated air vehicle (IAV) and the installed performance of all subsystems on the platform, to include the Government-defined subsystems.

Offerors are encouraged to point out to the Government areas in this Draft RFP where it is believed that stated requirements are counter to the approach described above. At a minimum, NAVAIR is seeking feedback on the following areas:

Performance Based Specification (PBS) Requirements:
•  Achievability and consistency with the Acquisition Strategy of minimizing development
•  Tailoring approach, instructions and viability
•  System level impacts of classified requirements (delayed response)
Mission Communications System Integration:
•  Approach for Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)
•  Clarity of Architecture and boundaries
•  Technical Data Package (TDP) maturation plan and timeline
•  Allocation of PBS requirements/responsibility for installed performance
C-17 Transportability Load Demonstration:
•  Feasibility and execution issues
•  Impact, if any, on Offerors given demonstration location
•  Clarity of approach, process and responsibilities with Original Certification Authority and NAVAIR delta certification
•  Understanding of the deliverables requested in the RFP
•  Delineation between airworthiness testing and PBS verification testing

Contract Type:
Currently, the Production IAV and Interim Contractor Support (ICS) Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) are Fixed Price Incentive Firm (FPIF). Offerors are requested to provide input on its preference of contract type for the Production IAV and ICS CLINs, either Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) or FPIF. Offerors are encouraged to include a brief narrative regarding any perceived risks associated with either option. Offerors should be aware that an FPIF contract type for the Production Option CLINs will include the Earned Value Management, cost estimating and reporting tasks outlined in Section J, Attachment (3) "Production Statement of Work for the Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program (VXX)," paragraph 1.9 Earned Value Management Requirements. Additionally, the draft RFP includes Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clauses 252.211-7003, 252.211-7007, and 252.245-7001; however, the Presidential Helicopters Program Office is currently seeking relief from certain aspects of these requirements. In the event relief is provided, the draft solicitation will be revised accordingly.

General Information:

The VXX Program includes controlled unclassified technical information that is designated as "For Official Use Only" (FOUO). In accordance with DODI 5230.24,
"Distribution Statements on Technical Documents" (23 August 2012), the VXX program applies "Distribution Statement F" to all technical documents to restrict third party dissemination. Unclassified documentation with distribution statement restrictions will be made available through a secure website that will serve as an unclassified virtual bidders' technical library. Other documentation to include Industry Day briefs, the voluntary interested vendors list, and Industry Day Questions and Answers will be posted to this library as well. Access to the Technical Library requires a DoD Common Access Card (CAC) or External Certification Authority (ECA) certificate and a PMA-274 Integrated Digital Environment (IDE) account. An ECA certificate can be obtained from IdenTrust, Inc., Operational Research Consultants, Inc. (ORC) or VeriSign, Inc. Additional information on obtaining an ECA certificate is available at

To request access to the secure web site for unclassified data and to request transmittal of classified documentation, potential offerors must contact the Contract Specialist, Jessica Norris at, with the following information: Company name, mailing address, mailing address for classified information, phone number, e-mail address, current CAGE number, DoD System for Award Management (SAM) number and acknowledgement of the Contractor's responsibility under the U.S. export control laws and regulations. Please copy Mark Krukar at when e-mailing. Potential offerors shall acknowledge that no dissemination of any export-controlled technical data subject to this requirement will occur in a manner that would violate applicable export control laws and regulations via DD Form 2345, Militarily Critical Technical Agreements. Upon review of written request, verification of Offeror's status and acknowledgement of the Offeror's responsibility under the U.S. Export laws and regulations, web site access instructions (https://www site address, user name, and password) will be provided. Potential offerors will need a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) external certificate to access the unclassified technical library.

Potential offerors must also meet the requirements of the DD Form 254, Contract Security Classification Specification. In addition, the program requires a procurement effort in certain critical technologies/data that are not releasable to foreign firms. Some documents are under Federal export control for "sensitive" or "controlled" technologies regulated by the U.S. Department of State International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) protecting national security. Data may not be exported without an approval, authorization, or license under E.O. 12470 or the Arms Export Control Act.

The Offeror must be a U.S. Contractor, licensed, chartered, or incorporated in the U.S. The Offeror must have a valid Top Secret Facility Clearance Level (FCL) issued by the Defense Security Services (DSS), and be able to achieve and maintain designated contract secure work area(s) and personnel security/enhanced security access requirements. The Offeror must have the authority to receive critical technology and/or data required to execute this program. It is the Offeror's responsibility to provide evidence of any such agreement and/or license to this office for review and this shall be verified prior to release of any controlled documents.

Furthermore, this effort may contain information at the enhanced security classification level. For instructions and procedures on how to obtain this information, please contact the PMA-274 Security Manager, Chris Brugman at (301) 995-2808 or

Pre-Solicitation Conference:
The VXX Program intends to conduct a Pre-solicitation Conference the week of 10 December 2012 at Patuxent River, MD. The purpose of this event is to provide a status update of the VXX Program, inform industry of program requirements, discuss the competition timeline, receive industry's feedback on the draft RFP, and provide a Question & Answer/networking opportunity. Interested Prime Contractors are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Number of participants from each firm will be limited. The Government reserves the right to make a determination as to which Contractors qualify for one-on-ones. Only registered attendants will be permitted into the conference facility.

Events planned for the week of 10 December 2012 include the following:
•  Pre-Solicitation Conference
•  One-On-Ones (future One-On-Ones as needed)
•  Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Training
•  Site Visits
•  Small Business networking opportunities with potential Offerors

These are UNCLASSIFIED events; no clearances are required. Information presented at the event will be made available to Offerors unable to attend via the same process used for draft RFP.

Pre-solicitation Conference Registration:
Registration details to be provided as an update to this posting.

Technical Interchange Meetings (TIMs):
The Government intends to conduct individual TIMs with interested Prime Contractors. The Government reserves the right to make a determination as to which Contractors qualify for TIMs. These meetings will be coordinated with Prime Contractors and scheduled at a later date.

Comments, Clarifying Questions, and Responses:
Unclassified written comments, recommendations, and questions regarding the draft RFP shall be submitted no later than 05 December 2012; however, may also be submitted incrementally to the following: Jessica Norris, by e-mail to, and cc: Mark Krukar at When providing feedback, please utilize the VXX Draft RFP Feedback Matrix posted on the FedBizOpps and NAVAIR Open Solicitation websites.

Questions should be limited to matters involving unclassified and/or business non-proprietary matters. At any time after receipt of comments/questions, the Government reserves the right to contact respondents for further clarification of the submittal. A potential Bidder's List will be compiled from draft RFP and Pre-Solicitation Conference registrations and will be posted to the aforementioned websites. Additionally, questions received from potential Offerors and Government responses may be posted to the Virtual Bidder's Technical Library as soon as reasonably possible.

ALL communications regarding this solicitation must come through the Contracting Officer, Mark Krukar, at (301) 757-1255 or and/or the Contract Specialist, Jessica Norris, at (301) 757-9054 or

•  Draft RFP Sections A-M
•  Draft DD Form 254
•  Draft RFP Feedback Matrix


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Draft VXX RFP Attachments
Posted Date:
November 23, 2012
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