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Solicitation Number: HSTS07-09-R-00134
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Transportation Security Administration
Location: Contracts and Procurement
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Added: Jul 29, 2009 5:47 pm
This amendment, Amendment Number 3, provides answers to remaining vendor inquiries as follows:

Questions of 27 July 2009:

1. P. 18 of 126 TSA Unisex Team Jacket:

Q “The spec states: ‘The lining shall be nylon quilted to 3.3 ounces per square yard 100% nylon taffeta lining, with a 1/8” foam insulation.’ Foam insulation is a very old type of insulation and breaks down very quickly. Can we substitute a Thinsulate, Thermolite or Peraloft insulation instead of the 1/8” foam?”

A – The Government is not changing the specification at this time. After award, contract clauses will allow for contractor submittal of new innovations and/or potential product improvements. In the proposal stage, vendors are encouraged to be responsive to the requirements of the solicitation.

2. PP 47 of 126, 50 of 126, 77 of 126 and 79 of 126 Trouser Seaming:

Q: “All the 65/35 Men’s & Women’s Trousers state under Seaming, the Out-seams are to have ‘Piping made with standard issue shirt fabric. ‘ Is the ‘piping’ corded or is it shirt fabric folded and sewn into the seam with 1/8” exposed?”

A - The piping is shirt fabric wrapped around a cord and stitched into the pant seam. There is 1/4" fabric inside the seam, with 3/16" of the covered cord outside of the seam.

3. Quantity of the TSA Patches and Emblems

Q. “Please verify the quantities for the TSA Patches and Emblems. There seems to be an inconsistency between the items needing emblems and the quantities identified. Please clarify how many emblems and badges we should plan for?”

A - The Embroidered Shoulder Emblems quantity to be evaluated on Tab 2 is 25,000 and the TSA Badge Emblem quantity to be evaluated is 10,000. These items relate to non-TSO uniform items and typically state “without emblem” or “without cloth patches” in the item description column. See also Q #14 of Q&A_072209_120PM.doc for previously provided details.

4. Samples

Q “Is it possible to extend the due date for submission of approved samples to August 20, 2009.”

A – The purpose of alerting vendors on Industry Day June 11th, that samples would be required and then posting that information on the FBO portal, was to provide ample time for vendors interested in responding to this solicitation for production of samples. Additionally, in the current solicitation, the Government has provided accommodation to all interested respondents by advising them that alternative cloths would be acceptable if submitted in accordance with Solicitation Section L.4 ‘Instructions for Submitting Alternate Fabric for Pre-Production Sample Only’; Reference Amendment 001.

Q “The specs call for royal blue as the shirt color, but would you accept another color for the pre-production samples”.

A. “ Yes. The Government in Section L .3, Sub-factor 3, Pre-Production Samples , did not call out a specific color and would accept an alternative color. Under Section M. (3), under Pre-Production Samples the Fabric will be evaluated for color-fastness.

Pre-Award Site Visit:

Q: Prior to final contract award, will potential vendors distribution and corporate offices be visited? If so, is there an expected date of when those will occur?

A: At the present time, no date has been set for a pre-award visit, but the Government reserves the right to conduct one, if need be.

Contract Period of Performance

Q. Is there a possibility of having four (4) one-ear extensions, vs. two (2) one year extensions ?

A: No. The period of performance for this solicitation remains a one-year base year with 2 one-year options to follow.

(See section L and M). That the Government will be evaluating for . As a result, the due date

The date of submission will not be extended. See also questions #2 and #21 of Q&A_072209_120PM.doc for previously provided details.

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