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10--M4 Carbine Modification Kit

Solicitation Number: W15QKN-10-X-0435
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - New Jersey
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Added: Jan 22, 2010 2:14 pm
M4 CARBINE MODIFICATION KITMarket Survey AnnouncementW15QKN-10-X-0435

The U.S. Army, Army Contracting Command (ACC), Joint Munitions and Lethality (JM&L) Contracting Center is seeking companies with experience in small arms manufacturing and associated technologies (corporate knowledge, technical expertise, facilities, manufacturing equipment, and product acceptance test hardware). The Government is seeking to test and potentially qualify a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)/Non-Developmental Item (NDI) Modification Kit for improvements to the M4 Carbine. It is anticipated that the modification kit be evaluated as a system and be able to drop-in/be installed to stock M4 Carbines. It is the Governments intent (via the application of this Modification) to provide measurable improvements in reliability, durability, and maintainability of the M4. Specific areas of interest may include but shall not be limited to the bolt and bolt carrier assembly, upper receiver and barrel assembly, gas operating system, trigger group assembly, and robust MIL-STD-1913 rail system (Picatinny Rail). All upgrade possibilities are encouraged and welcome, from replacement of individual components up to and including the replacement of the entire upper receiver. There are no anticipated modifications to the standard lower receiver; however minor modifications to the trigger mechanism and the interface of the upper to lower receiver may also be submitted. The weapon must retain the existing 5.56x45mm caliber (M855, NATO SS109). The application of the Modification Kit must not result in the diminution of any performance characteristic associated with the current M4 Carbine. The estimated quantity that may be required by the Government is 500,000 each.

Interested firms should submit literature/brochures not exceeding twenty (20) pages describing product technical capabilities, design details and operational characteristics, and production capability (monthly sustainable production rate). Submissions shall also include a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) unit price (per kit) estimate for the following quantity ranges 500-1,000; 1,001-5,000; 5,001-10,000 and 10,001-20,000 for each production year from FY12 thru FY17. The ROM will be used for planning purposes only. If alternate production range bands provide for more economical pricing, it is requested that those also be provided, but not to exceed four bands. The Government respectfully requests that all interested vendors provide responses to this notice on or before 16 February 2010, however responses that are submitted beyond this date will also be accepted. Please submit responses to U.S. Army, Army Contracting Command, Joint Munitions and Lethality Contracting Center, CCJM-SW, ATTN: David DeCandia, Building 9, Picatinny Arsenal, N.J. 07806-5000. Submissions may also be emailed to In the event that additional information is sought, all responders are required to provide the following contact information: Contractor name and address; point of contact with telephone number and email address; size of business; and country represented.

This market survey is for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP). This Market Survey is not to be construed as a commitment by the US Government. If a formal solicitation is generated at a later date, a solicitation notice will be published. No award will be made as a result of this Market Survey. All information is to be submitted at no cost or obligation to the Government. The Government reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, any private sector input as a result of this market survey. Respondents will not be notified of the results of this survey or results of information submitted.
US Army, Army Contracting Command, Joint Munitions and Lethality (JM&L) Contracting Center, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000
David Decandia, Contract Specialist, (973)724-4674

David Decandia