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D--RFI- Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement

Solicitation Number: VA11814I0062
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA Technology Acquisition Center
Location: VA Technology Acquisition Center
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Added: Dec 16, 2013 4:27 pm

This Request for Information (RFI) seeks to identify comprehensive integrated solutions that exist today that can meet the requirements below within the scope of 370,000 workstations and 30,000 server processors supporting a workforce of more than 600,000 users (including employees, volunteers, and contactors). The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a comprehensive Microsoft solution already in place that provides a seamless integrated environment where users are presented a single sign on and can then access all capabilities within the full set of products licensed by VA. The comprehensive and seamless integration of the existing product set allows users to interchange data between the individual applications through cut/paste and retain linkages and characteristics to/of the original data. The seamless integration provides a collaboration environment where multiple users in diverse locations can work on the same documents as if they were seated together. This integration has extended, through the Microsoft integrated development capabilities within the applications and Microsoft Visual Studio, to the VA Health Information System where the user has single sign-on capabilities with the VA developed applications.

VA has an extensive investment in Microsoft technology and extensive experience with that technology. VA's desire is to assess the current marketplace for an alternative to the comprehensive, seamless integrated environment currently provided by the Microsoft products to supplement the current environment. Manufacturers that provide a seamless integrated solution equal to or greater than the environment provided by Microsoft, of the same size and scope that is currently operating within VA, are requested to provide a description of that product set and provide examples of that environment currently operating in implementation of the same size and scope. VA is focused on determining if the proposed implementations are of the same size and scope, provide the same level of seamless integration, and are as comprehensive as that currently operating and available to VA from Microsoft. More specifically, is the solution proposed, equal to or greater than the capabilities of that provided by the Microsoft solution operating within VA and is that comprehensive solution successfully deployed and fully operational to the same levels as VA in a seamless integrated environment of the same size and scope as VA.


VA operates 370,000 workstations and 30,000 server processors to provide a broad range of IT capabilities to every user across the agency. VA holds perpetual licenses for a significant number of Microsoft products that operate on these systems. VA seeks to assess the current IT market place to understand the seamless integrated capabilities that meet or exceed those currently operating within VA.

The entire solution must provide security that meets FIPS 140-2. It must also provide capabilities equal to or greater than those provided by Microsoft Right Management Services (RMS) for persistent data protection and prevention of data leakage. The solution must provide for user identification by providing native Microsoft Active Directory integration for user identity and contact information, native Integration with Microsoft Exchange Free/Busy calendar to help setup meetings for collaboration, and native Microsoft Active Directory integration to facilitate single sign-on and single log-on (only log-once without being re-prompted for credentials). The solution must provide the ability to support public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates to validate identity in documents as well as to encrypt documents, the ability to support private or confidential flags in calendar items so no unauthorized users can open or view the item, and the ability to support separate "Out of Office" messages for internal and external e-mail recipients to prevent leakage of internal calendars to the public. The solution should include a file classification infrastructure to automatically apply headings and security controls based on document content. The solution should include data loss prevention, e-discovery and online archiving capabilities.

VA requires a seamless, integrated end-user environment that provides the user with functionalities and capabilities equal to or better than Microsoft Office Professional 2013, hosted either internally or externally. The solution must fully comply with FIPS 140-2 and be fully compliant with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The solution must provide word processing application, spreadsheet application, presentation application, database application, e-mail client, forms application, calendar/scheduling application, and instant messaging and collaboration application. It must provide the ability to cut/paste text/charts/objects from one application to another while keeping the connection back to the original data source.

Beyond basic functionalities, the Word Processing application must provide:

a) Alternate text to tables (For 508 Compliance)

b) Remove background pictures automatically

c) Picture compression and cropping

d) Automatically save versions

e) Take screenshots from within the application

f) Co-author documents where multiple users can work on a file in tandem

g) Ensure security through a protected view feature which does not execute code.

h) Embed Charts/Spread sheets/Presentations from other Documents

Beyond basic functionalities, the spreadsheet application must provide:

a) Document security with the protected view feature

b) Sparklines to quickly compare lists of data

c) Quick filtering of data using improved functionality in pivot tables

d) Automatically save versions

e) Advanced mathematical and statistical functions

f) Support millions of rows

g) Preview of data while pasting

h) Ability to take screenshots from within the application

i) Co-authoring of documents where multiple users can work on a file in tandem

Beyond basic functionalities, the presentation application must provide:

a) Ability to take screenshots from within the application

b) Co-develop presentations where multiple users can work on a file in tandem

c) Automatically save versions of presentations

d) Organize slides into sections

e) Merge and compare presentations easily

f) Trim audio and video clips directly within the application

g) Automatically remove the background from an image

h) Use transitions with 3D motion graphic effects

i) Broadcast presentation slideshows

Beyond basic functionalities, the Calendar application must provide:

a) Personal appointments (create, edit, & delete)

b) Meeting requests and recurring meetings (create, edit, & delete)

c) Sending of meeting requests to other users

d) Notification when people accept or forward

e) Meeting request responses: accept, decline, respond tentatively, or propose new time.

f) Scheduling Assistant to find a good meeting time for people, rooms, and equipment

g) Shared resource calendars representing resources such as rooms and equipment

h) Configurable automatic processing of resource calendars

i) Ability to share folders, including calendars and contacts with others and apply different levels of access, such as owner, contributor, and reviewer

j) Ability to easily share free/busy, subject, or all appointment information in one's calendar with others

k) Ability to easily send e-mails to others with one calendar, with user-defined dates and levels of granularity

l) Ability to mark items as private, even if sharing the calendar with others

m) Ability to interact with calendar and reply to meeting requests from a mobile device

n) Listen to, reply to, create, and forward items in your calendar over the phone

o) Accept and reply to meeting requests over the phone

p) Cancel a meeting, clear time on a calendar, and send an "I'll be late" message over the phone

q) Categories for organizing mail

r) Calendar Overlay, viewing up to 30 calendars at once

s) SharePoint Calendar integration support in Outlook 2013 and greater

This solution must provide seamless integration to allow mobile devices to authenticate to the VA networks. These devices must have access to exchange e-mail with the VA e-mail system.

This solution must provide a seamless integrated and robust communication and collaboration infrastructure equal to or greater than that provided with Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This includes Microsoft Exchange 2013, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft SharePoint. This includes capabilities to accommodate voice conversations through desktop/laptop computer, capabilities to convert voice message to text, real-time collaboration for electronic documents, and integrated presence information within the entire infrastructure. The solution should also include integrated enterprise search across multiple mediums with security trimming.

The solution must provide seamless integration into existing environmental security, management, monitoring, and server platforms. Together, the solution needs to be equal or greater than Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection, System Center Server Management, and Windows Server. The solution must provide an integrated management system to provide real-time management of applications, servers, and client devices equal to or greater than that of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. This includes the capabilities to monitor systems and applications as well as perform patch distribution and monitoring. It must be capable of delivering operational efficiencies not available with silos of security, management, and server platforms found in traditional solutions. The solution must include a single mechanism for deploying client software and updates, a single solution for monitoring and management of server infrastructures, a single implementation for security policies, and a single security solution that spans multiple server workloads such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Lync Server.

This solution must provide a seamless integrated ability for the enterprise to plug into and leverage project and visualization technologies equal or greater than that provided by Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Project 2013, and Microsoft Visio 2013. This includes the ability to interact with the data from a web based, rich client, or server side components. It must be capable of interacting with existing Microsoft Project Management solutions such as PMAS, and capable of utilizing and accessing existing and previous visualized network diagrams, office layouts, and workflow templates currently being used in the environment.

The solution must provide a seamless integrated database application that can be used both on the client and the server that are equal to or greater than Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

This solution must provide a seamless integrated capability for developing and tailoring specific capabilities within each application provided that is equal to or greater than that provided through the Microsoft development tools offered within their application suites and by Microsoft Visual Studio. The Development Suite must offer collaboration tools equal to or greater than those provided by Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The solution needs to be capable of integrating into existing development projects, provide application lifecycle management, and utilize existing collaboration infrastructures for seamless access which is equal or greater than Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio, and Microsoft SharePoint. The solution must be an integrated development environment (IDE) which can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and HTML 5. The IDE has to be capable of utilizing the existing projects and development solutions which have been created and are being used within the enterprise.

The solution must have seamless integration into existing customer, veteran, and financial relationship management solutions which is equal or greater than the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product currently being utilized. The solution must be a multi-lingual CRM product, with out of the box support for customization that can meet many different demands while allowing native support for access to other systems and services such as; Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office with collaboration leveraging Microsoft Exchange and Lync products. Access must be provided to external contractors, providers, both with rich and virtualized access. The solution must be capable of being both an on premise and hosted cloud solution which meets all required mandates for security and data protection.

This solution must provide a seamless integrated capability for single sign-on for the entire solution so that the user is only prompted one time for access to all applications within the solution. The solution must to be equal or greater than the Vergence solution providing single sign-on capability for all included applications. This single sign-on must extend to provide a seamless integration into VA's VistA Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) enabling caregivers to enter their enterprise directory credentials once in order to gain access to any application. This must enable fast user switching so Clinicians can quickly and confidently share workstations-knowing that they will have quick and proper access to the applications and records they individually need. This must provide re-authentication which Streamlines tasks such as ordering and administering medications or signing clinical documentation-all while accommodating any re-authentication needs. The solution must provide role-based access and a familiar desktop role-based toolbar to standardize the look and feel of diverse workstations across the enterprise. This helps standardize the user experience throughout the day.

The vendor must have a formal and direct supportability channel for deployment and operational issues for all included components of the integrated and comprehensive solution.

Responses to this RFI are due by 12:00pm noon on January 2, 2014. Product information, brochures, part numbers, and/or other description information should be submitted via email to Contract Specialist Kimberly Flynn at Kimberly.Flynn1@va,gov. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION. Do not submit a proposal or quote.
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Posted Date:
December 16, 2013
Department of Veterans Affairs;Technology Acquisition Center;260 Industrial Way West;Eatontown NJ 07724
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