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Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH)

Solicitation Number: FA8629-12-R-2400
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Material Command
Location: AFLCMC/PK - WPAFB (includes PZ, WL, WW, WI, WN, WK, LP, WF, WK)
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Added: Oct 19, 2012 6:44 pm

Executive Summary for Request for Proposal (RFP) FA8629-12-R-2400, Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH) Program:

1. The Government invites your company to submit a proposal in response to the subject RFP. This program will replace the USAF aging HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter fleet with new air vehicles, training systems, and product support as required for the Personnel Recovery (PR) mission. The requirement is for 112 new air vehicles (most probable quantity); however, the RFP has been structured to handle fluctuations of quantities.

2. The CRH system acquisition (air vehicles, training systems, and product support) will use a single Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15 contract with a planned award in the fourth quarter of FY13. If all options are exercised, the period of performance will span approximately 14 years and will include the development, integration, production, and initial sustainment of the entire CRH system. The contract will be Fixed-Price Incentive Firm (FPIF) for Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) and FPIF options for Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP). Full Rate Production (FRP) options will be Firm Fixed-Price (FFP). A small portion of the contract will be a combination of FFP and Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) in order to cover "over and above" repairs and studies and analyses. A total of nine air vehicles will be procured during EMD, 18 air vehicles in LRIP, and the remaining quantity (85) will be procured during FRP assuming all options are exercised at the most probable quantity.

3. The competitively awarded CRH contract will incentivize you to reduce costs and share in the savings through the FPIF contract during EMD and LRIP. The FPIF arrangement includes a mandatory profit at target cost of 11% for a cost incentive with a mandatory ceiling percentage of 120% and a mandatory 50/50 share ratio. In addition, 1% of target cost has been set aside for schedule performance incentive.

4. You are hereby notified that all amendments to this RFP, along with any notices pertaining to this RFP, will be provided via electronic means only. All amendments and notices will be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website (FedBizOpps) at It is your responsibility to access the information. No paper copies will be distributed.

5. To receive a copy of the classified annex to the System Specification, you need to send your request to the CRH mailbox,, with the following information to receive the CRH Classified Annex: Company Name, Company CAGE Code, Classified Mailing Address for the Outer Envelope, and Classified Mailing Address for the Inner Envelope with a Point of Contact.

6. This source selection is conducted in accordance with (IAW) FAR Part 15, Source Selection, as supplemented by the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFFARS), and the Department of Defense (DoD) Source Selection Procedures, 04 March 2011, and Air Force Mandatory Procedures 5315.3, 04 May 2011. The basis for award is as specified in Section M (Basis for Contract Award) of the RFP. The Government anticipates awarding one contract based upon the best value to the Government. The Government anticipates conducting discussions prior to awarding a contract. However, you should ensure that your proposals are complete and comply with all requirements of the RFP's Section L, Information to the Offerors. Discussions will be conducted with offerors determined to be within the competitive range. The tentative award date is NLT 28 Sep 2013 and the Government requests that the proposals remain valid until 30 Sep 2013.

7. The Contracting Officer has initially determined that adequate price competition is anticipated for this source selection; certified cost or pricing data is not currently required. If it is determined that certified cost or pricing data is necessary, you will be asked to provide such data within 30 calendar days of the request.

8. A few minor changes to the Government requirements and program direction throughout the RFP development process have been made. All previous discussion and exchanges of information are superseded by this formal RFP. You are cautioned to examine the RFP closely, comparing it to the previous draft versions. In addition, your continuous review of the FedBizOpps website is necessary to know of the latest information pertaining to the RFP.

9. If you determine that the technical requirements of this RFP require clarification(s) in order to submit a responsive proposal, these questions shall be submitted in writing by 13 Nov 2012. Government responses or any amendments that may be generated will be posted within five business days.

10. Your proposal must be received by the Government at the address contained in Section L, paragraph 2.14., not later than 3:00PM Wright Patterson AFB OH local time, on 3 Jan 2013 for all volumes. These mandatory response times are located on the "Solicitation, Offer and Award," cover page, Block 9.

11. In accordance with FAR 15.201(f), and to ensure a fair competition and to maintain integrity in the RFP process, all questions and/or correspondence shall be in writing to the undersigned as the sole point of contact. No verbal or written communication with any Government personnel or activity other than the Contracting Officer is permitted. All contacts or briefings concerning the program by industry are no longer allowed outside of the formal source selection process. Address your correspondence to the attention of the undersigned at the above address or by email to the CRH mailbox:

12. Offerors are requested to use the posted "CRH Offeror RFP Question Format" in submitting questions in writing to the Government.

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Solicitation 1

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October 19, 2012
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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
October 19, 2012
Description: CRH RFP Cover Letter
Description: CRH RFP Section A thru K
Description: Sec J, Attachment 3 - SOW
Description: Sec J, Attachment 4 - DD Form 254
Description: Sec J, Attachment 5 - AFMC Form 158
Description: Sec J, Attachment 6 - LFTE Assest List
Description: Sec J, Attachment 7 - VIQ Matrix
Description: Sec J, Attachment 8 - Restrictions on Tech Data and Computer Software
Description: Sec J, Attachment 10 - SE Mobility Package Kit
Description: Sec J, Attachment 11 - QASP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 12 - CLIN and SOW Matrix
Description: Sec J, Attachment 13 - Base Support Agreement
Description: Sec J, Attachment 14 - Aircraft Spares Listing
Description: Sec J, Attachment 15 - Aircraft SE Listing
Description: Sec J, Attachment 16 - Training System Spares Listing
Description: Sec J, Attachment 17 - RSP Kit Listing
Description: Sec J, Attachment 20 - CRH IMP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 21 - Training System SE Listing
Description: Sec J, Attachment 22- 2794 Contract Prime EMD
Description: Sec J, Attachment 23- 2794 Contract Sub
Description: Sec J, Attachment 24- 2794 Contract RDT EMD
Description: Sec J, Attachment 25- 2794 Contract Prime LRIP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 26- 2794 Contract Sub LRIP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 27- 2794 Contract RDT LRIP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 28- 2794 Contract Prime FRP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 29- 2794 Contract Sub FRP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 30- 2794 Contract RDT RFP
Description: Sec J, Attachment 31 - TMCR
Description: Sec J, Attachment 32 - Listing of Licenses for CLIN 0006
Description: Sec J, Exhibit A CDRL Non-Omit
Description: Sec J, Exhibit B CDRL OMIT
Description: Sec L, Instructions to Offerors
Description: Sec L, Attachment 1 - TEP Workbook
Description: Sec L, Attachment 2- CRH Cross Reference Matrix
Description: Sec L, Attachment 3 - Past Performance Information Tools
Description: Sec L, Attachment 4 - CEO Certification Ltr
Description: Sec L, Attachment 9 - Past Performance Questionnaire Tracking Record
Description: Sec L, Attachment 10 - Past Performance Sample Consent Letter
Description: Sec L, Attachment 11 - Past Performance Sample Questionnaire Corp Cover Ltr
Description: Sec L, Attachment 12 - Past Present Performance Questionnaire
Description: Sec L, Attachment 13 - Past Performance Client Authorization Ltr
Description: Sec L, Attachment 14 - DCMA 14 Point SHA Macro
Description: Sec M - Eval Factors for Award
Description: CRH Offeror RFP Question Format
2275 D Street
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433-7218
United States
Lisa M. Meyer,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 937-255-4093
William R. Keaney IV,
Contract Negotiator
Phone: 937-255-4180