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Sources Sought for Purchase, Integration, Implementation and Potential Hosting for a Commercial Item Acquisition System

Solicitation Number: NRC-HQ-11-R-09-0013
Agency: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Office: Acquisition Management Division
Location: Acquisition Management Division
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Sources Sought
Added: May 23, 2011 4:39 pm
A. General Information

This is a source sought notice. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is conducting market research to determine the availability of responsible entities that can provide a commercial item acquisitions system (hereafter referred to simply as "acquisitions system"), and the implementation, integration, and hosting of that acquisition system.

The intent of this sources sought notice is gather information to support NRC's market research to identify sources to support informed decisions regarding whether some form of small business set-aside may be appropriate to procure for the required acquisition system and related services. However, the NRC encourages responses from all large and small business interested sources. Small businesses under the NAICS code identified in this notice are highly encouraged to respond.

B. Background
NRC has implemented a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software product, CGI's Momentum® (hereafter referred to as "Momentum®") for its Core Financial System (CFS), known at the NRC as the FAIMIS CFS. The FAIMIS CFS includes the following modules: Budget Execution, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Card, General Ledger, Travel Accounting, Fixed Assets, License Fee Billing, and Cost Accounting.

On December 28, 2010, NRC issued Solicitation No. NRC-HQ-11-R-09-0013 for the purchase of commercial item acquisitions system licenses, and the implementation and integration of the acquisition system into CGI's Momentum® federal financial management solution, NRC's FAIMIS CFS. In the solicitation, the NRC required that offerors host their acquisitions system at DOI/NBC with the NRC's CFS located in Denver, CO. Additionally, the solicitation required that the Contractor work with the hosting entity, DOI/NBC, in support of the transition from the NRC to the hosting facility. The solicitation closed on February 21, 2011.

On April 27, 2011, NRC was informed that the anticipated hosting site for the acquisition system, DOI/NBC, may not host NRC's current FAIMIS CFS past Oct. 2012). That impacted the acquisition system solicitation because NRC then became faced with the need to identify alternative hosting solution(s) for both the FAIMIS CFS as well as the yet-to-be-procured acquisition system.

C. Objective

NRC's inability to utilize DOI/NBC to host its FAIMIS CFS and its future acquisition system into the future requires additional market research to determine what sources have the capability to provide the products and services required, now to include hosting services. NRC will also use responses and analysis related to this sources sought notice in conjunction with other market research conducted by the NRC to make a determination regarding whether a small business set-aside is appropriate for the acquisition system and related services, including hosting requirements.

D. Solicitation

The solicitation and all subsequent amendments are located on Federal Business Opportunities at /listing.html.

D.1 Anticipated Amendment to the Solicitation

• To NRC is no longer "requiring" that firms host their acquisition system at the  Department of Interior/National Business Center (DOI/NBC).
• Hosting location for NRC's acquisition system has not been determined
• Reporting requirements associated with NRC's FAIMIS Core Financial System (CFS) data warehouse will be deleted from the PWS

Optional Functionality
• Data warehouse requirements may become optional
• Advanced Procurement Process
• Grants Functionality
• Requirements to support Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratory Agreements and Interagency Agreements

E. Period of Performance
Acquisition System Release 1: October 2013 (FY 14); Release 2: March 2014 (FY 14). Refer to PWS for descriptions of releases.

F. Instructions for Responses

Respondents are requested to submit the following:

1. Business Information --
a. DUNS Number
b. Organization name
c. Organization address
d. Type of organization with respect to NAICS 541512 (i.e., other than small business, small business, 8(a), woman owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, veteran-owned small business, HUBZone small business, s, etc. See FAR Subpart 2.101, Definitions, for definition of various types of business entities.).
e. Organization Point of contact, phone and email address for the response to this sources sought notice
f. The Organization's own GSA Schedule Contract Number (if applicable)
g. Point of contact, phone and email address of individuals who can verify the capabilities/experience identified in the responses.

2. Capability Statement and Experience - . Responses to this notice must clearly demonstrate the organization's capability, experience, and/or ability to marshal resources to effectively and efficiently provide an acquisition system and related services, potentially including hosting services, at a sufficient level of detail to allow proper evaluation by the NRC. For small businesses, the organization should provide evidence that they could satisfy the minimum requirements listed above while ensuring compliance with FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting. Failure to definitively address each of these points may result in a finding that respondent lacks capability to perform the work. Respondents should submit their capability statement not exceeding fifteen (15) pages in length.

3, Does your organization you have experience implementing a commercial item acquisitions system commercially or for any Federal Government agencies? If yes, did your organization provide integration services for that acquisition? Please list the agencies or companies for which your organization provided this type of implementation.

4. If your organization has a contract with any other companies or government agencies to implement an acquisition system at an enterprise level, please so indicate and describe those contracts. How they are structured (contract type, Contractor FTEs provided, contract value, etc.).

5. Does your organization have experience implementing an acquisition system that is fully integrated with the CGI Momentum suite? What is your organization's experience managing interfaces to the CGI Momentum software?

6. What experience, if any, does your organization have implementing an acquisitions system for federal contracts/orders, grants, interagency agreements and/or Department of Energy laboratory agreements?
7. What experience does your organization have with configuration change management?

8/ Has your organization developed training materials and conducted training courses in conjunction with the implementation of an acquisition system? If yes, please explain the training products and services provided.

9. Does your organization have experience operating a helpdesk in support of a system implementation? If yes, please explain in detail, and indicate how include issue tracking was managed.

10. Has your organization developed clause business/logic rules for FAR, FAR Supplement or agency local clauses that are used as a part of an acquisition system? If yes, provide details regarding that experience.

11. Does your organization currently have its own GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and/or Governmentwide Acquisition Contract(s) (GWAC) that includes acquisition system software?

12. Does your organization currently have its own GSA FSS contract and/or GWAC contract that includes services that could provide hosting services for an acquisition system?

13. Does your organization currently have its own GSA FSS contract and/or GWAC contract that includes services that could provide integration and training for an acquisition system?

14. Does your organization have experience with commercial and/or federal government hostsof acquisition systems that are integrated with a CGI Momentum-based financial system? If yes, please explain what level of experience.

15. Does your organization offer standard and ad hoc reporting as part of your organization's own acquisition system solution?

Responses to this notice shall be submitted so that they are received at, with a courtesy copy to, no later than the closing date for this notice.

Added: May 24, 2011 4:18 pm Modified: Jun 02, 2011 9:16 amTrack Changes

The due date for responses to this notice is extended to 4:30pm, est. on Friday, June 3, 2011.

Added: May 25, 2011 1:10 pm

Question 1: Please clarify whether the capabilities statement only is limited to 15 pages in length, or whether the complete response which includes both the capability statement and the answers to the 12 "experience" questions is limited to a total of 15 pages.

Answer 1: The NRC's intent is that the complete response (capability statement plus answers to questions) should not exceed 15 pages total. However, as this is a Sources Sought announcement and not a solicitation, respondents will not be penalized for failing to comply with this request.

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