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D--Web and Mobile Imaging Solution

Solicitation Number: VA11813R0025
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA Technology Acquisition Center
Location: VA Technology Acquisition Center
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VA Request For Information for a Web and Mobile Imaging Solution, Revision 1


This is a Request for Information (RFI) only. Any and all information requested in response to this RFI is for Market Research purposes only. In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. The Government is under no obligation to issue a solicitation or to award any contract on the basis of this RFI. All costs associated with responding to this RFI will be the sole responsibility of the contractor. All submissions to this RFI will be treated as business confidential materials, become Government property, and will not be returned. Items in appendix A and B provide the current business requirements and appendix C addresses specific information that is desired as part of the RFI.


The Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) Veterans Health Administration (VHA) operates the largest integrated health delivery system in the United States, delivering comprehensive care to approximately six million Veterans through a network of health care facilities owned and staffed by VA, academic medical affiliates and other contracted providers, contracted networks, and episodic fee-for-service purchases which administer 152 health care systems (HCSs) and medical centers (VAMCs), 974 Outpatient Clinics - most of which are extensions of a parent HCS/VAMC - and 133 Community Living Centers which deliver skilled nursing and extended care. VHA sites of care are distributed across the United States, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico with additional clinics in American Samoa, and Guam.

Connecting this network into a meaningful and seamless healthcare system in which Veterans receive the right care no matter where they are in relation to the system's resources is critical in meeting the needs of Veterans. New technology geared to improve how VHA's health care system connects and reducing the effects of geographic disparity is growing and presents an opportunity to increase VHA's ability to connect patients, healthcare providers and the data they need to interact in a meaningful way. An example of these new technologies are applications that allow the viewing of medical images on mobile platforms that can expedite diagnosis and treatment planning, facilitating communication among radiologists and referring clinicians.

The VA recently defined its requirements for web and mobile access to medical imaging to enable VA care providers and their patient's timely, convenient access to medical imaging information and in alignment and support of VA's strategic objectives:

" Enhance the Veteran experience and access to health care

" Establish strong VA management infrastructure and integrated operating model

" Health Care Efficiency: Improve the quality of health care while reducing cost

" Transform health care delivery through health informatics

This initiative also enables and accounts for several significant technical and workflow considerations:

1. Accessibility: Providing a browser, platform and PACS agnostic web and mobile imaging solution

2. Acceptance: Providing an FDA, cleared for diagnosis solution for both web and mobile imaging

3. Security: Provide a secure environment for a web and mobile imaging solution. Where patient data is protected at all times, the applications adhere to strict IT policies and personal devices can be centrally managed

4. Performance: Provide a state of the art imaging platform that includes basic imaging needs all the way to the advanced user. The solution will perform under a variety of network restrictions but maintain the optimal performance for the user.

5. Collaboration: Provide a solution that allows true real-time collaboration amongst geographically spread users. Providing the highest of patient care in an ever changing healthcare environment.


The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to assist the Veterans Health Administration in determining the potential level of interest and technical capabilities within the commercial sector and the full extent of the requirements for a mobile medical image viewer application.


VHA's vision is to implement an application that will allow for the viewing of clinical images stored in VISTA imaging on mobile devices. VHA requirements for the application are set forth in Appendix A and B to this notice.


Appendix A: Functional Business Requirements for Imaging Mobile Application

Business Requirements for Imaging Mobile Application

Business Need: Provide Mobile Device-based Viewing of Images

Provide the ability to access images from VistA Imaging on mobile devices. Scanned documents and ECG wave forms are out of scope.

Provide the ability for VA's enterprise mobile app solutions to interface with VistA Imaging via API or web services. The VA will provide the API and web services.

Provide the ability to view all images and reports available in VistA Imaging using approved mobile devices. (as of 10/1/12 the only approved device is the iPad)

Provide the ability for users to login to the mobile application.

Provide the ability to select the VA site to query.

Provide the ability for patient lookup.

Provide the ability to search for images by type of procedure.

Provide the ability to search for images procedure date.

Provide the ability to search for images by ordering physician. (this is not currently a searchable field in VistA Imaging)

Provide the ability to view a list of procedure names for selected patient.

Provide the ability to select a procedure from the list.

Provide the ability to sort/filter by type of procedure, procedure name, date and ordering physician.

Provide the ability to view the list of procedures in reverse chronological order as a default.

Provide the ability to select more than one procedure at a time for a side by side comparison. Business Rule: user will be limited to no more than 2 selections at one time.

Provide the ability to manage two procedures in one place and view side by side.

The system shall display thumbnails including the middle image for each series in a study.

Provide the ability to enhance viewing of images with the following functionality: window and level, pan and zoom, ruler and protractor , and scroll through a series.

Provide the ability to adjust the magnification of the image or report.

Provide the ability to determine whether a report exists for an image.

Provide the ability to view the imaging procedure report and image simultaneously in the same location.

Provide the ability for "cine" functionality to display multi-frame images.

Provide the ability select diffusion-weighted images, perfusion images and MR angiography from the MR display option.

Provide the ability to display 3D images that have been previously calculated including maximum intensity projections and color surface renderings of MRI and CT volumetric acquisitions.

Provide the ability to display perfusion and diffusion images.

The Vendor's solution support a range of file types to include DICOM, JPG, TIFF, AVI . The vendor shall provide a list of all file types they are able to support. These file types may include, but are not limited to:

a. ASC

b. DCM

c. JPG

d. TIF

e. BMP

f. AVI

g. DOC


i. MP3

j. MP4


l. RTF

m. WAV

n. PDF

Non Functional Requirements

1. The Vendor's solution must have FDA certification. The vendor shall provide FDA certification information to include specifically what functions the app is certified to do.

2. The vendor must be able to customize the back end data store access to work with Vista Imaging at multiple sites simultaneously

3. The Vendor's solution be scalable to support 10,000 concurrent users

4. The Vendor's solution must not leave persistent data behind on the device

5. The Vendor's solution must encrypt data in transit

6. The vendor will provide acceptable performance, presentation, and download speed for user satisfaction.

7. The Vendor's solution must be iOS compatible. While the VA prefers apps that are multiple platform compatible, such as by utilizing HTML5, this mobile application must provide acceptable performance, as well as access API's which are not available through HTML5.

8. The mobile application shall display the following imaging types:

" CT

" Mr

" Radiography


" Nuclear Med

" Ultra Sound

" Angiography

" Secondary Capture

9. CT/Enhanced CT and MR and Enhanced MR must be FDA cleared for diagnosis.

10. The Vendor's solution shall minimize problems associated with low network bandwidth and latency.

11. Non Functional Requirements (cont)

12. The Vendor's solution shall allow users to choose or implement both a cloud hosted solution and Regional Data Center solution.

13. The Vendor's solution shall allow users to choose between having images rendered on the server or cached locally on the device.

14. No software download is required other than downloading the imaging app.


Appendix B: Features required by the imaging solution

Features Web Platform Mobile Platform


Host and/or Participate Yes Yes

Layouts Yes Yes

GSPS Yes Yes

Linked Scrolling Yes Optional

Reference Lines Yes Yes

Multitasking No Yes

Cine Yes Yes

Pan Yes Yes

Zoom Yes Yes

Window Width/Level Yes Yes

WL Presets Yes Yes

Orientation Image Flip Yes Optional

Text Annotation Yes Optional

Freehand Annotation Yes Optional

Point Measurement Yes Optional

Linear Measurement Yes Optional

ROI Measurement Yes Optional

Angle Measurement Yes Optional

Measurement Calipers Yes Yes

Orientation Labels Yes Yes

Reset To Original View Settings Yes Yes

Screenshot Yes Optional

Keyboard Shortcuts Yes N/A


Oblique MPR Yes Optional

Slab MPR Yes Yes

Reformatted Series Export Yes Optional

Curved MPR Yes Optional

Volume Measurement Yes Optional

3D Features Yes Yes

Clipping Planes Yes Optional

Scalpel Tool Yes Optional

Segmentation Yes Optional

Rotational Batch Capture Yes Optional

Customizable VR Presets Yes Optional


FDA-Cleared for diagnostic use Yes Yes


No data sent to devices Yes Yes

No proprietary software installed Yes Yes

Connect to Multiple PACS Yes Yes

Run on any browser and any browser version Yes N/A

Run on any platform Yes N/A

Support iOS and Android platforms N/A Yes

Enable Collaboration sessions without software download Yes Yes

Collaboration sessions enable authorized users to view and/or interact with medical images Yes Yes


Appendix C: Mandatory Data Requests (Parts 1-3)

Part 1: Business Information - Please provide the following information related to your organization and its products and services

1. Name of Organization

2. DUNS Number

3. Please identify the NAICS Code assigned by the Government for actions where you either held or competed for a contract.

4. Type of Organization: (For-profit company, Non-profit entity, College or University, Government agency)

5. Past Experience: Is your organization currently providing similar software solutions to other government agencies or other non-government customers? If so, identify the agency or non-government customer and provide the following information on a maximum of three similar projects completed within the last three years for which you were a prime or subcontractor:

a. The name, address, and value of each project.

b. The Prime Contract Type, Firm Fixed-Price, Time and Materials, etc.

c. The name, telephone and address of the technical POC of each project.

d. A description of each project, including difficulties and successes.

e. Your organization's role (Prime or Sub) and services provided for each project

6. Capabilities/Qualifications

a. Describe the capabilities/qualifications/skills your organization possesses to provide the product(s) and perform the as described in the RFI. This can include:

1. Your experience with providing mobile imaging technologies and applications for multi-facility and multi-clinic enterprises.

2. Your prior experience with VHA to include, VistA (including VistA Imaging), CPRS, etc.

b. Does your organization possess in-house capabilities to independently provide some or all of the capabilities necessary to meet VHA's requirements? If not, please describe any existing or potential teaming/subcontracting and any associated approach previously used.

7. Indicate whether your organization, subcontractors, teaming partners, joint ventures have a Federal Socio-Economic status, e.g., Small Business, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Veteran-Owned Small Business, Woman-Owned Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business, and HUBZone. If Service-Disabled or Veteran-Owned Small Business, is your company and or partners registered and verified in VA's VetBiz repository?

a. Describe the length of time your products and related services have been commercially available.

b. Describe your maintenance and sustainment support concept in consideration of help desk support, solution upgrades and backwards compatibility

c. Provide your price and related discount history for the same or similar products and related services. If applicable, provide information if services and products are available under any Federal Contract Vehicle, e.g., GWACs, GSA Federal Supply Schedule, etc.

d. Provide any other relevant information.

Part 2: Recommended Solution - Please describe your recommended solution to meet VHA's requirements

1. Recommend a scalable technical solution (initial concurrent users is up to 10,000) with your application based on VHA's Goal, Vision and business and technical requirements stated in the RFI, including the integration of your product with the Vista Imaging System.

2. Provide an estimated cost for your recommended scalable technical solution, including the following elements:

a) Product cost structure (e.g., license. renewal, upgrade, sustainment/maintenance, number of concurrent users, number of sites, etc.)

1. Also, provide information regarding the potential for 'volume' discounts, if the application is accessed by a high number of users.

b) Product installation/implementation and its associated services cost structure

c) Required hardware and software(s)

d) Hosting options including options for hosting the application on the Cloud

e) Product integration with VistA Imaging System

f) User Training

3. Provide an estimated project timeline, utilizing an agile approach, and provide a list of the recommended corresponding deliverable(s) for your proposed solution

4. Provide a set of quantitative and/or qualitative best-practices measures to depict the progress of a successful execution and implementation of your proposed solution

5. Provide a list of success factors and/or the requirements that you need from VHA to ensure a successful implementation of your proposed solution

6. State clearly the potential risks of and a risk mitigation strategy for your proposed solution

7. Provide additional information VHA should consider in developing a potential acquisition strategy

Part 3: Requirements - Please provide feedback related to VHA's requirements contained in the RFI.

1. Has VHA identified the essential functions required to achieve its vision for the mobile imaging application?

2. Which functions described in the RFI do you consider to be essential?

3. Which functions do you feel are not needed? Why?

4. What other essential functions do you think need to be added? And what are the costs and risks, if any, of adding these additional functions?

5. Does your recommended solution involve implementing all of the requirements in the RFI? Discuss any requirements that cannot be met through your solution or that need additional clarification.

It is requested that interested contractors submit a response (electronic submission) of no more than 10 pages in length, single spaced, 12 point font minimum that addresses the above information. All responses shall be submitted no later than 12:00PM EST (noon) on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 to Kevin Monahan at Any questions related to this RFI shall be submitted to Kevin Monahan at or at 732-440-9695.
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Posted Date:
November 1, 2012
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