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Fantasy Football Program

Solicitation Number: F41999-13-I-7007
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Direct Reporting Unit - AFSVA/SVC
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This is a Request for Information (RFI) Only

This RFI is issued by the Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office (AFNAFPO). All requirements, solicitations and subsequent contracts, if any, awarded through AFNAFPO are funded wholly with Nonappropriated funds. These funds are generated through user fees and charges at Air Force morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) programs worldwide.  THEY ARE NOT APPROPRIATIONS FROM CONGRESS OR "TAXPAYER" DOLLARS.

The Air Force Personal Center Services Directorate (AFPC/SV) is seeking sources for providing the Air Force installations a Fantasy Football Program. The AFPC/SV is comprised of over 100 installations worldwide. The Fantasy Football Program will be accessed by all Air Force Airman, Civilians and Family Members.

AFPC/SV request information and pricing on providing product branding, hosting, managing, and delivering all programs and materials related to running a Fantasy Football League.

THIS ACTION is for planning purposes only and shall not be construed as a request for proposal or as an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any follow-on acquisitions. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of the RFI or otherwise pay for the information solicited. No entitlements to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges by the Government will arise as a result of a submission of responses to the RFI and Government use of such information.

2261 Hughes Ave Ste #156
Lackland AFB, Texas 78236-9854
United States
Air Force Personnel Center Services Division (AFPC/SV)
Air Force Nonappropriated Purchasing Office (AFNAFPO)
2261 Hughes Avenue, Suite 156
JBSA Lackland, Texas 78236-9854
United States
Valerie Baltimore,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 210-395-7830
Fax: 210-395-7819
Ron Hunter,
Chief, Business Systems Section
Phone: 210-395-7824
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