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Request for Information Market Survey. Transportation of cargo to/from Northern Europe to/from various locations in Afghanistan

Solicitation Number: HTC711-09-NGLOCRFI
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: United States Transportation Command
Location: USTRANSCOM Command Acquisition
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Sources Sought
Added: Oct 14, 2008 11:17 am


The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) is conducting a market survey on industry capabilities and potential sources for inter-theater surface transportation of military cargo to/from various destinations in Afghanistan utilizing two possible options. The first option is to move cargo between Northern Europe and various destinations in Afghanistan through Caucus’ and Central Asia. The second option is to move cargo between CONUS and Afghanistan through Asia and Central Asia. In addition to the options above, the Government is also looking for other possible innovative routing and intermodal solutions which may include air transportation. Maps with detailed routing must be included in every option presented. Teaming for solutions is permitted. The Cargo Preference Act and Fly America Act will apply. There is no solicitation package at this time.

This market research is designed to solicit ideas and opinions from experts in the field pertaining to the potential follow-on competition and to develop the solicitation while determining the level of interested sources. The Government is neither negotiating nor calling for offers at this time. This announcement is only an expression of interest and does not commit the Government to pay for any response preparation cost. The government will not make an award on the basis of this Sources Sought Synopsis/Request for Information synopsis. Copies of information submitted by interested parties will be reproduced and submitted to a USTRANSCOM team for review and will be used to develop the requirement.

USTRANSCOM is seeking information on industry capabilities and potential sources that can provide reliable and secure Time Definite Delivery, Security, In-transit visibility and end to end management of containerized and break bulk military cargo from/to Northern Europe in option one, or CONUS in the second option, to/from various locations in Afghanistan. The majority of cargo deliveries in Afghanistan will be to Bagram and Kandahar airfields. The military cargo may consist of CLASS I (food and water), CLASS II (General Supplies), CLASS III Package (oils/lubricants), CLASS IV (Construction Materials), CLASS VI (AAFES Supplies), CLASS VII (Major End Items), CLASS VIII (Medical Supplies), CLASS IX (Repair Parts), or CLASS X (non-military goods such as humanitarian supplies). The current operating environment presents significant risk. This includes strikes, border delays, accidents, and pilferage. Within Afghanistan this risk also includes attacks and armed hijackings. Shipments from/to the origin to/from the various destinations in the region could eventually amount to approximately 30,000 twenty foot equivalent units (TEU) and 21,500 forty foot equivalent units (FEU) per year. Approximately 85 percent are dry containers and 15 percent are refrigerated (reefers). Additionally, break-bulk cargo could eventually reach approximately 20,000 Stons.

USTRANSCOM encourages all interested companies to submit a detailed response that specifically outlines your company’s ability to meet these requirements:

1. Accept cargo at origin, either in Europe, CONUS or Afghanistan, on behalf of the Government and deliver to the final destination. The Government requires transit times of between 30 to 45 days from acceptance at the origin to the various locations within Afghanistan.

2. Establish and operate up to six container transload points in AFG.

3. Retrograde material back to Europe or CONUS on return trip.

4. Ensure cargo loss rate is less than one percent (to include losses due to pilferage, accident, spoilage, attacks and acts of God).

5. Provide real-time In-transit Visibility (ITV) compatible with command and control applications on cargo location and provide full access to the shipper and other Government employees designated by the contracting officer.

6. Deliver cargo by the required delivery date (RDD) on a minimum of 90 percent of shipments.

7. Provide direct delivery to Forward Operating Bases if required.

8. Initiate process improvements and other value added services.

9. Provide end to end management with customized information management reports related to delivery time, delivery reliability, shipment volume and other criteria that characterize and provide performance based views.

10. Handle substantial increases in shipments (surge requirements) as needed for wartime and other contingencies.

11. Provide security for cargo from origin to destination.

Market Survey:

USTRANSCOM is asking for industry input and comment on this requirement to include commercial best practices and logistics/transportation management capabilities. All interested parties (to include potential prime contractors, subcontractors, or teams) are strongly encouraged to submit a response to this RFI. Responses should be concise and include the following:

1. A comprehensive explanation of innovative alternatives your company may have to the two options TRANSCOM is currently considering (as referenced in the first paragraph of this RFI).

2. Is your company capable of performing the services described and would you be interested in submitting a proposal for the services identified above?

3. If not, why? If so, briefly describe your capabilities.

4. What are the recommended commercial practices from a contract perspective for these types of services?

5. What are the methods/metrics the commercial industry uses for monitoring performance?

6. What flexibility in a performance work statement must the respondent have in order to propose the most effective and economical transportation operation?

7. What data from the US Government would be required for a responsible response to develop a proposal to manage and operate inbound and outbound transportation requirements?

8. Describe the risks/associated with this effort. How can the risks be mitigated?

9. How the company would provide ITV, security, and process claims for lost, damaged or stolen freight.

10. Description of company’s teaming and relationship management with sub-contractors along with your company’s understanding of the challenges and risks of operating successfully in the region.

11. Specific identification of any limits to company’s capabilities.

12. Your company’s experience in providing the services described above and its experience with an operation similar in size and scope to that described above. Include: The largest projects the company managed either as a prime or subcontractor including shipping volumes, total revenue, performance goal results, and other metrics with regards to pilferage, losses, percentage of RDD met, and how long the relationship lasted.

13. Your company’s recommended commercial pricing structure for the operation described above. Break down pricing to normal delivery, retrograde of empties and retrograde of material out of Afghanistan separately. What are the major cost drivers?

14. Recommended incentive provisions to motivate performance that will meet or exceed the goals of this effort (for example RDD, cargo loss metrics, ITV).

15. What limiting factors, if any, exist?

16. Are there any other concerns/comments or recommendations?

Send responses to and

no later than 4:30 pm central time on 13 Nov 08. No phone or FAX responses will be accepted. Please ensure “USTRANSCOM CARGO MARKET SURVEY” is listed in the subject line of your responses.

508 Scott Drive
Bldg 1900
Scott AFB, Illinois 62225
United States
508 Scott Drive Bldg 1900
Scott AFB, Illinois 62225
United States
William R Henderson,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 618-229-2492
Cindy L Strout,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 618-229-2495