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Finder Program Broad Agency Announcement

Solicitation Number: IARPA-BAA-11-05
Agency: Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Office: Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Location: IARPA1
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Jun 13, 2011 1:44 pm
It is common today for even consumer-grade cameras to tag the images and videos that they capture with the location of the image on the earth's surface ("geolocation"). However, some imagery does not a geolocation tag, and it can be important to know the location of the camera, image, or objects in the scene. For this imagery, analysts work hard to deduce as much as they can using reference data from many sources, including overhead and ground-based images, digital elevation data, existing well-understood image collections, surface geology, geography, and cultural information. Such image/video geolocation is an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive activity that often meets with limited success.

Several research and consumer-oriented systems have developed useful and relevant capabilities using techniques that include large-scale ground-level image acquisition, crowd sourcing, and sophisticated image matching. These largely automated systems tend to work best in geographic areas with significant population densities or that are well traveled by tourists, and where the query image or video contains notable features such as mountains or buildings. 

The Finder Program aims to build on existing research systems to develop technology that augments the analyst's abilities to address the geolocation task. Required technical innovations include the 1) integration of analysts' abilities and automated geolocation technologies to solve geolocation problems, 2) fusion of diverse, publicly-available, but often imperfect data sources, and 3) expansion of automated geolocation technologies to work efficiently and accurately over all terrain and large search areas. If successful, Finder will deliver rigorously tested solutions for the image/video geolocation task of any outdoor terrestrial location.
Added: Jul 08, 2011 6:36 pm

The following amendment has been made to the original Broad Agency Announcement:

1. Part One (Overview Information) and Section 1 (Funding Opportunity): the word "taken" is added to the sentence "The Finder Program aims to develop technology that, with the aid of an analyst, geolocates an outdoor image or video taken from anywhere on the land surface of the world, via the use of publicly available information" to clarify that the images and videos are taken ground level.

2. Section 1.A.1.c (Research Challenges and Analyses) is amended to clarify that the triage system is to be fully automated.

3. Section 1.A.2.a (Government Furnished Information (GFI)) is amended to allow performers to use other types of GIS reference data by stating "The use of additional Reference Data of the same types as the GFI Reference Data is not permitted with the exception of GIS data."

4. Section 1.A.2.a (Government Furnished Information (GFI)) is amended to read "Performers should expect that the GFI Reference Data volume will be approximately 20 to 60 MB per square kilometer."

5. Section 1.A.4 (Test and Evaluation) is amended to add the following statement "During evaluations, internet access will be solely limited to interactions with the analyst."

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Package #1

Posted Date:
June 13, 2011
Description: IARPA-BAA-11-05_20110613.pdf
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Amendment 1

Posted Date:
July 8, 2011
Description: IARPA-BAA-11-05 Amendment 01 Description 20110708 is provided in pdf format.
Description: IARPA-BAA-11-05 Amendment 01 20110708 is provided in pdf format.
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