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R--Solicitation No. SOL-DC-12-00014 Amendment #000001

Solicitation Number: SOL-DC-12-00014
Agency: Environmental Protection Agency
Office: Office of Acquisition Management (OAM)
Location: EPA/Headquarters (HPOD & SRRPOD)
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Added: Sep 05, 2012 3:15 pm Modified: Oct 05, 2012 1:34 pmTrack Changes
Amendment #000001 was issued today, formally incorporating all nine questions and answers received in response to the solicitation. The amendment revises 1552.209-74 "Limitation of future contracting" section (c), revises Section 5.a "Summary of Past Performance" of the Technical Proposal Instructions and removes in its entirety Section L.4 "Disclosure Requirements for Organizational Conflict of Interest." The amendment may be found at:

The "Questions & Answers" are as follows:

Q.1 Are commercially available models precluded from consideration in an offeror's approach for Task b?

A.1Commercially available models are not precluded from consideration of an offeror's approach for Task No. B.

Q.2 If commercially available models are acceptable; should the ODC allowance shown on p. 134 be disaggregated to provide specific license fees?

A.2 The ODC estimates should not be disaggregated, as those estimates are utilized for purposes of cost and price evaluation. However, license fees would likely need to be included if they met the criteria included in Section G of the cost proposal instructions, located on p. 133 of the Request for Proposals, which instructs offerors on the information required for ODCs.

Q.3 We respectfully request that EPA please consider modified language regarding paragraph (c) of the Limitation of Future Contracting clause such that the limitations apply on a work assignment basis, and specifically to the scope of the proposed work assignment. We are concerned that the current proposed Limitation of Future Contracting clause (LOFC) on p. 35 of the solicitation may be overly restrictive as written. A strict interpretation of the proposed language could imply that no firms that perform work for commercial entities in the U.S. would be eligible to compete for this work.

A.3 H.6 1552.209-74 "Limitation of future contracting" section (c) has been changed to: (c) Unless prior written approval is obtained from the cognizant Contracting Officer, the Contractor during the life of such work assignments agrees it shall not enter into a contract with a power generation firm or their operating affiliates, or firms that are point source emitters of Hg, SO2, NOx, or CO2, that would present an organizational conflict of interest with respect to the subject matter of a work assignment.

Q.4 On p. 115 of the solicitation, you mention that ˙completed past performance questionnaires and past performance information required under EPAAR Clause No. 1552.215-75?would not be include in the page count of the proposal. On p. 130 of the solicitation, you state that our clients will need to submit the completed questionnaires to Ryan Daniels in the USEPA Headquarters. Please confirm that we do not need to provide completed questionnaires as an appendix in our technical proposal, but that they can instead come separately to the EPA as described on p. 130.

A.4 Confirmed. Questionnaires shall come separately to EPA.

Q.5 Please indicate which instructions for we should use for Past Performance. Those found on p. 91, Section L. 12, or those found on p. 129-130, Sections 5a and 5b.

A.5 The information requested in EPAAR Clause No. 1552.215-75 L.12 is part of the information requested in the Past Performance section of the Technical Proposal Instructions. Section 5.a "Detailed Past Performance Information and Questionnaire" requests the information detailed in EPAAR Clause No. 1552.215-75, including issuance of the Client Authorization Letters and the completion of Past Performance Questionnaires by offeror clients. Section 5.b "Summary of Past Performance," on p. 130 of the technical proposal instructions, is for a separate summary narrative statement with the content requested by that section. The solicitation is corrected to indicate that the Past Performance Questionnaire is Attachment No. 4. In addition, Section 5.a has been removed in its entirety and is replaced with the following in order to clarify and simplify past performance technical instructions:

5.Past Performance a. Detailed Past Performance Information and Questionnaire The offeror must provide the past performance information specified in Section M (Evaluation Factors for Award), and as required by clause L.12 and complete the Client Authorization Letters and Past Performance Questionnaire (Attachment Nos. 4 and 5). The questionnaires are to be sent out by they offeror to be completed by a maximum of five (5) previous clients (federal, state, local, or commercial). For contract value, offerors should specify actual realized dollar value (based on work assignments/tasks ordered, hours expended) as well as maximum potential contract value.

In regards to detailed past performance information requested by EPAAR Clause No. 1552.215-75 that is other than the Client Authorization Letters and Past Performance Questionnaires completed by offeror clients, although that information will not be counted in the technical proposal page limitation, the offeror is requested to be succinct and not submit more than one (1) page per project/contract.

Completed Past Performance Questionnaires shall be forwarded to the Contracting Officer from an offeror's previous clients by postal service or email to the following address no more than (5) days after closing date of the solicitation:

Ryan Daniels, Contract Specialist USEPA Headquarters Ariel Rios Building 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Mail Code 3803R Washington, DC 20460 Email:

Q.6 If questionnaires are to be sent and completed by our clients when are they due back to the EPA?

A.6 As indicated on p. 130, completed questionnaires were to be due back by closing date of the solicitation. The paragraph has been revised to further clarify the completion date and to add (5) extra days for offeror clients to complete questionnaires (see Question No. 5).

Q.7 It appears that Section L.4, Disclosure Requirements for Organization Conflict of Interest, is referencing a different RFP. Please confirm that Section L.4 is not applicable to this RFP.

A.7 Section L.4 "Disclosure Requirements for Organizational Conflict of Interest" is not applicable to this procurement and is removed in its entirety from the solicitation.

Q.8 Are financial statements required for subcontractors?

A.8 Financial statements for subcontractors are required when meeting the criteria in Section J of the Cost Proposal Instructions, located on p. 134 of the Request for Proposals.

Q.9 Does this allow a business to participate in more than one offer? For example, if the offeror is a small business, is the offeror allowed to submit an offer as a prime for the small business set-aside and participate in another offer as a subcontractor to a large business prime?

A.9 Yes, an offeror may submit an offer as a prime and participate in another offer as a subcontractor.
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