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Solicitation Number: FA5270-13-T-0033
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Pacific Air Forces
Location: 18 CONS - Kadena
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8-9 April 2013




18th Wing


1.  Description of Services/General Information:


The Contractor shall provide all labor, supplies, tools, transportation, and incidentals necessary to provide the following:


        1.  SERVICES:  The Contractor shall provide three 1-1 ½ hour speaker presentations for a maximum of 350 participants per session covering the goals and desired outcomes listed below.  The goal is a training day event centered on the established Sexual Assault Prevention & Response program launched by the Air Force.  There shall be three 1-1½ hour presentations conducted on 8 Apr 2013 (0900 - 1030, 1300 - 1430 & 1800-1930) and three 1-1½ hour presentations 9 April 13 (0900 - 1030, 1300 - 1430 & 1800-1930).  The government will maintain the right to conduct three sessions each day on 8-9 Apr 2013 and move the times as necessary to meet flying and maintenance schedules. The contractor shall be available 0800 - 1930 on 8-9 Apr 2013 at the discretion of the 18th Wing.  The presentations will be held at the Base Theater.


        2.   MATERIALS:  Three full-length presentations of Sex Signals.  Poster templates and other promo materials that may be photocopied or used as press release by Purchaser.  At least one presenter will also be available for radio, ads, newspaper interview, etc., provided for the 18th Wing on the 8 of Apr 2013 by the Contractor.  POC:  Capt Emily Meredith (098) 961-7272.  


        3.  LOCATION:  All sessions will be conducted at the Base Theater. 


        4.  WORKMANSHIP:  The contractor shall conduct a live speaking performance at three sessions.  Slide shows or other performance props or equipment will be optional for the contractor. Providing an estimate, the Government will reserve the right to not accept the estimate and stop at this point at no expense.


       5.   Extensive market research was done.


2.  Services Summary (SS)


Sexual Assault Awareness Month support as a "Sex Signals" speaker for all units to strengthen the wingman concept and personal decision points in the lives of airmen in the 18th Wing and tenants.  The Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) Program is a DoD program and consists of a four-tiered approach with emphasis on leadership, individual, base, and community-level involvement -- underscoring responsible behaviors.


        1.  The contractor shall empower individuals and organizations to be more proactive in the elimination of sexual assault, operate more in concert with personal and organizational values and beliefs, and be character-centered in daily life.

        2.   Performance Thresholds:

•·         realities of friendship/date rape

•·         sex and dating

•·         mixed messages

•·         gender role stereotypes

•·         unrealistic fantasies

•·         misunderstandings between the sexes

•·         Students are challenged to provide solutions that will better improve communication in interpersonal relationships.

        3.   Participants should take away concepts from the training that include key concepts as required by DoDI 6495.02 (E3.2.1 thru E3.2.2.2) Periodic/Update training will include:


  • what constitutes sexual assault

  • distinction between sexual assault and harassment

  • why sexual assaults are crimes

  • meaning of consent

  • contain a scenario based interaction

  • be entertained and educated in a fun and humorous way

  • demonstration of the entire cycle

          reporting - reporting options available and exceptions/limitation

        to each option

        response - services available

        accountability - bystander intervention


4.  Overall topics shall include:


•·         Air Force Core Values:

        Integrity First

                Service Before Self

                Excellence in All We Do

        5.  Measurable performance objectives

  • Audience participation will be observed through interaction with presenter

  • Audience ability to answer questions at end of performance given by the presenters

  • Time of performance will last 1 to 1 ½ hours

3.   Government-Furnished Property (GFP) and Services


        1.  The government will provide transportation and an escort from presenter's hotel (Shogun Inn, Kadena AB) to Base Theater and return trip at end of the day's performances.  Stage props will include stage, two armless chairs, two cordless (lapel style) microphones and stage lighting.  Slide shows or other performance props or equipment will be optional for the contractor. Providing an estimate (the Government will reserve the right to not accept the estimate and stop at this point at no expense).


4.   Appendices as applicable


        1.  This document does not include a safety appendix, historic and projected work load data, maps, or equipment list, other than that stated in the Government furnished property (GRP) listing above. 



Unit 5199
Kadena AB, APO Japan, 96368-5199
18 WG Kadena, AFB, Keystone Theater.
APO, Non-U.S. 96367
Contracting Officer
Phone: 3156345834
Paul W. Thomas,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 315-634-2912