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D--Satellite Bandwidth Management Services Three Month Bridge

Solicitation Number: 0010314158
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, MICC
Location: MICC - Fort Gordon
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Sources Sought
Added: Mar 14, 2013 4:16 pm
This Sources Sought notice is of the procurement for informational and planning purposes only. It does not constitute a Solicitation and is not to be considered as a commitment by the Government. All firms responding to this sources sought notice are advised that their response to this notice is not a request that will be considered for contract award. The information from this market research is for planning purposes only and will assist the Government in planning its acquisition strategy. This is strictly market research and the Government will not entertain questions concerning this market research.

The intent of this notice is to determine the availability of qualified commercial sources technically capable of providing the below service for a three month perion from 26 March 2013 thru 25 Jun 2013:

Provide satellite bandwidth to multiple locations in Southwest Asia for a three month period (26 March 2013 - 25 June 2013) with global mobility capability on existing and provisioned Global Networks. Networks shall be operational with iDirect Version or later and fully compatible with existing SNAP VSAT Terminals. The specifications of the servicing satellite shall at a minimum include:

A single satellite/transponder with no cross strap and a single beam is required.
Proposed bandwidth must be sufficient to meet the stated requirements of an IP rate of 2Mbps x 2Mbps
The proposed satellite's look angle throughout Afghanistan shall be a 35 degrees or greater and an EIRP of greater than = 45dBW.

Provide Teleport Hub Satellite services from a DoD sanctioned and approved teleport facility in support of the USACIL Expeditionary Forensic Network. The services shall include the following components:

Hosted iDirect Satellite Network Infrastructure
Network Packet Shaping Appliance and Services for QoS management at the application level
Redundant RF uplink/downlink services
Generator backed AC power
Public Internet access for IPSEC tunnel only
10MB managed MPLS backhaul to the USACIL EFD facility at Ft. Gillem, GA USA via dedicated DS-3 terrestrial link ** See below requirements details.
US Class C IP's (USA Domain Identification)
DIACAP Network Certification and Authorization to Operate (ATO) ** See following requirement details.

Provide Teleport Hub and MPLS Backhaul: Data packets traversing to and from each of the USACIL SWIFTLINK remote terminals, via DoD approved commercial satellite space segment, shall land at DoD approved teleport in Europe permitting maximum remote terminal elevation look angles. Approved Teleport shall have ability to access multiple satellites be a DoD compliant secure facility and be equipped with redundant power and back up capabilities and include multiple Europe's high speed fiber backhaul connections.
The Teleport shall contain a privately operated iDirect 5IF HUB with iDirect's iNFINITI line cards, protocol processor, and network management system (NMS) and related technology. Configuration of the USACIL's overall network topology shall consist of a private Star based satellite network with all sites sharing the 4Mbps pool of Ku-band capacity. Value added services and technology associated with the 3TBT network shall include Websense content monitoring and Exinda packet shaping hardware.

The Network Operator shall provide minimum 99.5% network availability. The Contractor shall place stringent and verifiable requirements on the teleport facility operations including the teleport's access to primary and redundant power and RF chains. Acceptable teleport's power grid will be connected to two (2) independent 20kV-medium-voltage cables that supply prime power to the teleport. The power cables will be diversely routed for redundancy purposes, one reaching the teleport from the north and the other from the south. The two cables then feed into the teleport's own underground power cable ring. The defined configuration shall provide redundancy such that if one cable fails, power is maintained without interruption. In the case of a total breakdown of the public main electricity supply, the teleport's UPS system, with its 3:1 redundancy, takes over the power supply requirements. The UPS operates in a standby readiness mode and power is constantly maintained. The battery capacity associated with the UPS systems will be designed for one (1) hour operation and shall be augmented by diesel generators take can assume the power load within 50 seconds of cut-over.

The required Teleport shall be integrated into Germany's fiber network and feature an on-site SDH PoP (no local loop). This onsite SDH PoP shall be a part of a Country's fully redundant fiber ring structure for normal and customary commercial ISP Services. The required backhaul of all voice and data shall be via a dedicated and redundant 100Mbps leased circuit to a facility on the East Coast of the United States point of presence (POP). Voice and data shall enter the internet via the East Coast POP gateway. Backhauling voice and data from the East Coast Data Center/POP/Gateway facilitates the issuance of required of U.S public IP addresses, access to the public internet for IPSEC tunneling, enterprise quality, high speed, unfiltered internet service and VPN tunneling. The customized solution shall include a 10Mbps dedicated MPLS circuit between the CONUS East Coast Data Center/POP/Gateway and USACIL's facility in Fort Gillem, Georgia.

Provide DIACAP Network and ATO: The Satellite Network and corresponding terrestrial network shall be Cyber Security compliant based on DoDI 8510. The framework shall enable the Contractor to manage the implementation of Information Assurance capabilities and services. The Contractor security framework shall be is designed to: (1) comply with the DIACAP process and activities; (2) provide templates for all documents and artifacts required in the DIACAP package for Steps 1 & 2; and (3) comply with all the required timelines in DoDI 8510.

A DoD 'Authorization to Operate' (ATO) shall be in place and applicable to the Network being utilized for the USACIL VSAT Services. The Contractor shall actively maintain all documentation required by the DIACAP for the operation of the USACIL network. Examples of documents maintained and created for the USACIL program shall include: Project Plan; Configuration Management Plan; Integrated Test Plan; and Concept of Operations.

The Contractors DIACAP Accredited network shall include Cisco Systems Adaptive Security Appliance and Intrusion Detection and Prevention modules for malicious code. Tracking and logging system security events on an ongoing basis via syslog event log transactions shall be sent directly to the NOC. All workstations shall have host based malware protection services installed and updated virus and spyware definitions are provided over the network. All laptop computers used in the NOC shall be compliant with the Federal Desktop Core configuration (FDCC) DISA Gold disk.

Network Packet Shaping services shall provide QoS at the application level and ensure that all users of the service at an individual site are allocated equal portions of total available network bandwidth. The Contractor shall incorporates an Exinda (Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution) appliance at each teleport to perform deep packet inspection to ensure certain types of traffic is rate limited and prioritized in a way that provides the highest levels of QoS to the network.

Provide Managed Services Operations Center (CONUS): Provide 24x7 customer service to the USACIL user community, accepting and implementing bandwidth change requests, opening, managing and resolving trouble tickets for incident management and opening, managing and resolving problem tickets for problem management. Detailed information on the services offered by the SOC are described in section

Managed Network Support
Scheduled Reports including the following:
Bandwidth allocations and utilization by remote site
Traffic type and allocations by remote site
Terrestrial Services utilization and availability
Normal and customary trouble ticket summary

Provide Managed Services Operations Center (OCONUS): Provide 24x7 customer service to the USACIL user community from a SWA location, accepting and implementing bandwidth change requests, opening, managing and resolving trouble tickets for incident management and opening, managing and resolving problem tickets for problem management. Further, near immediate dispatch of Field Service Representative to designated VSAT equipment location is coordinated and managed from the OCONUS NOC facility.

Security Requirements : The Contractor will require a Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification DD Form 254 contractor sponsorship to adequately execute all deliverables of this effort. Key DD Form 254 data elements for the contractor/sub-contractor include:
The Contractor will support A TOP SECRET facility clearance with data safeguarding.
The Contractor will support Access to Communications Security (COMSEC), and for official use only information.
In performing the contract, the Contractor will receive and generate classified material, require a COMSEC account, access/use/storage of Cryptographic Controlled Items (CCI) classified hardware with specific keying material, and be granted access to the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRnet) for node specific SIPRnet network monitoring and Secure Voice Over Internet Protocol (SVOIP) secure voice service.
The Contractor will implement all National Industrial Security Operating Manual (NISPOM) facility and procedural standards for the access, use, safeguard and storage of classified information and will incur all costs associated with implementation, inspection, certification and any other special requirements.
The Contractor will require access to classified information up to the DOD SECRET level.
The Contractor will provide personnel that are US nationals with a current and valid DoD SECRET or higher security clearance.

Contractors will be required to travel between Kandahar, Baghram, Leatherneck, Kabul, Mazare. Sharif, and Tarin Kowt to apply new boot files to validate proposed connection. This travel is not provided by USACIL, and will be in the space available category at the passenger terminals in Afghanistan.
There is currently no available equipment in theatre that will allow any contractor to validate their access without interrupting the current mission process.
All services provided must be in compliance to the Army DIACAP program. Commercial telephone/internet services must be in place on the Gillem Enclave, dig permit and cable extension from the point of entry (DOIM) to building 925N is required.

Potential offerors having the skills, experience, professional qualifications, and capabilities necessary to perform the described requirement are invited to provide a capabilities statement via e-mail. The Capability statements shall not exceed ten (10) pages and must include the following: 1) Company name and Point of Contact information (address, telephone, e-mail, web-site, etc.); 2) DUNS number and CAGE code; 3) Large or Small Business, if Small Business, include Size/Certification (to include 8(a), HUBZone, SDVOSB, etc.); and 4) Familiarity and knowledge of the requirement.

Responses are due no later than 0800 EST, Monday, 18 March 2013, and shall be electronically submitted to All responses will be used to determine the appropriate acquisition strategy for a potential future acquisition. Response is strictly voluntary; no reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this synopsis or any follow-up information requests.
MICC - Fort Gordon, Directorate of Contracting, 419 B Street, Bldg 29718, 3rd Floor, Fort Gordon, GA 30905-5719
MICC - Fort Gordon Directorate of Contracting, 419 B Street, Bldg 29718, 3rd Floor Fort Gordon GA
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