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R -- USAID/BOLIVIA - Partners in Health

Solicitation Number: RFA511-02-011
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Bolivia USAID-La Paz
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Added: March 22, 2002
USAID/BOLIVIA contemplates issuing a Request for Application (RFA) for a five (5) year health activity in support of USAID/Bolivia?s Health Strategic Objective to improve the health of the Bolivian population. Specifically, the purpose is to help bring about healthy behaviors, client-friendly health services and participatory health systems. The 5-year activity will do this through two major mechanisms: 1) a small grants program through which funds will be channeled to non-governmental organizations in the health field; and 2) provision of technical advisory services in a range of health areas. The sub-grants will support lines of action directly related to the 3 intermediate results of the health strategic framework. The intermediate results are: 1) Strengthening people?s health-related knowledge and practices, so that they better protect and promote their health and seek required health services in a timely and cost-effective manner; 2) Improving the coverage and quality of health services, so that they can resolve people?s health needs satisfactorily and in a way that respects clients? rights; and 3) Promoting a decentralized and participatory health system that responds to community needs and is subject to social control by the community. Typically, sub-grants will finance decentralized, locality-specific work that tailors already-proven best practices to the local context, resulting in measurable improvements in people?s health. To provide the technical advisory services, a database of largely Bolivian-based specialists will be established. Maintenance of USAID/Bolivia?s TraiNet database is a third component of the activity.

The NAIC Code for the above award is 541990.

Interested parties should submit via APO mail, fax or courier their expressions of interest to the Agreement Officer. Approximately two weeks after this notice USAID/Bolivia will release RFA-Bolivia 511-02-011. USAID/Bolivia intends to make one (1) award from this RFA to the most responsible firm/organization whose proposal offers the best value to the Mission. USAID/Bolivia plans to complete this competitive process as soon as possible and make an award no later that September 15, 2002.

The preferred method of distribution of USAID Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) information is via the Internet.

This CBD notice can be viewed and downloaded using the Agency Web Site. The solicitation, once issued, can be downloaded from the Agency web site. You are encouraged to access the solicitation via the Internet as this eliminates possible delays associated with mailing, in general, and particularly from overseas Missions. The USAID Worldwide Web address is Select "Business and Procurement" from the home page, then "USAID Procurements." On the following screen, select "Download Available USAID Solicitations". Here you will see a list of all new solicitations. YOU MUST CONFIRM IN WRITING TO THE CONTACT PERSON NOTED ABOVE THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS SOLICITATION THROUGH THE INTERNET.

As the recipient of this solicitation document, you are responsible for ensuring that you have received it from the INTERNET in its entirety. USAID bears no responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission or conversion processes. Further, be aware that amendments to solicitations are occasionally issued and will be posted on the same Internet site from which you downloaded the solicitation. Generally, the Agreement Officer will issue amendments to all those who have sent in the written confirmation of solicitation receipt. However, USAID does not guarantee that an amendment will be issued to you directly based upon written confirmation that you have downloaded the solicitation from the Internet. You are therefore advised to regularly check the USAID Internet site for amendments. Interested parties may also request a written copy of the RFA by mailing a request to: (If sending from the U.S., the address is) Attn: RFA 511-02-011, Phillip S. Tresch, Agreement Officer, Regional Contracting Office (RCO), USAID/Bolivia, APO AA 34032, Unit 3914, Attn: Jose Zenteno; (Otherwise, the local mailing address is) Attn: RFA 511-02-011, Phillip S. Tresch, Agreement Officer, Regional Contracting Office (RCO), USAID/Bolivia, Calle 9 No. 104 ? Zona Obrajes, La Paz, Bolivia, P.O. Box 4530, Phones 591-2-2786445/2430631, Attn: Jose Zenteno.

The RFA will be mailed and available on the Agency Web Page not less than 1 week after this notice is issued. No phone requests will be accepted.

Questions must be directed to Contact Point: Jose Zenteno, Acquisition Specialist, RCO - USAID/Bolivia, Calle 9 No. 104 - Obrajes, La Paz, Bolivia P.O. Box 4530; E-mail ,Fax 591-2-2785689; Phones 591-2-2786445/ 2430631

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Bolivia USAID-La Paz, Amer Emb/La Paz Unit #3914, APO, AA, 34032
Lourdes Silva, Acquisition Specialist, Phone 011-591-2-2786445, Fax 011-591-2-2785689, Email - Lourdes Silva, Acquisition Specialist, Phone 011-591-2-2786445, Fax 011-591-2-2785689, Email