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R--The U.S. Army Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill anticipates a requirement for long range training concepts and strategies, training and doctrine development, analysis, instruction and support products.

Solicitation Number: W912SU-08-0001NB
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, MICC
Location: MICC Center - Fort Eustis (Joint Base Langley-Eustis)
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Sources Sought
Added: December 21, 2007
Small Business Sources Sought. This is a Sources Sought Announcement Only seeking Small Business responses in order to determine Small Business participation in the Acquisition. Specific Requirements: The United States Army Fires Center of Excelle nce (USAFCOEFS), Fort Sill, Oklahoma, mission is to develop and produce training strategies, doctrine, concepts, instruction and products for the current and future force. Contract support is required to support Department of the Army (DA) and Departmen t of Defense (DOD) Agencies initiatives for the Fires Force in development, assessment, analysis, staffing, integration and documenting concepts, doctrine development, organization requirements, simulation requirements and production of training and doctri ne products. This requirement also includes contractor knowledge, expertise and services to support Directorate of Training and Doctrine (DOTD with its focus on training support to the Warfighter by leveraging technologies, battlefield digitization, develo ping issues, seeking solutions, demonstrating alternatives and coordinating projects. This includes products for combined arms organizations, units and institutions. Tasks include: (a). Task Area 1, Long Range Training Strategies and Concepts Support. Des cription of work: Development and refinement of DOTD, 428th FA Brigade ( Officer Training), 434th FA Brigade (Basic Combat Training), Joint and Combined Integration (JACI) Directorate, and Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) instructional and function al training strategies, operational war fighting concepts, and related tasks. (b). Task Area 2, Training Development Support. Description of Work: Training development tasks generally encompass institutional through unit collective and individual training . Conduct research, and/or writing resulting revisions to existing USAFCOEFS, DOD or DA training documents and manuals. Needs assessments and analyses may be required to substantiate training requirements. In some cases, the directed research will result i n new manuals, courseware, training support packages or programs of instruction as well as maintenance of the aforementioned. (c). Task Area 3, Doctrine Development Support. Description of Work: Conduct research and write resulting revisions to existing USAFCOEFS Doctrine and other Capstone documents and manuals. In some cases, the directed research will result in new doctrine or Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) manuals. (d). Task Area 4, Organizational Development Support. Description of work: The Contractor shall assess the impact of organizational design to identify facilities needs. Develop and maintain long- and short-range strategies that describe the targeted organizational structure. (e). Task Area 5, Training Support. Description of Work: Instruction shall be a combination of platform instruction, leading small groups through hands-on training exercises, or mobile training teams that conduct training at other locations worldwide. The Contractor shall also participate as a subject ma tter expert in developing revisions of the Training Support Packages to remedy any deficiencies or shortcomings identified during the preparation for and conduct of instruction. Training standards for all instructions are outlined in Programs of Instructio n (POIs), and supported by the lesson plans. Standards are measured by practical exercise or formal test. This effort includes training support for testing of systems. Support will be provided IAW Guided Experiential Learning and TRADOC Regulation 350-70, dated 9 Mar 99, System Approach to Training Management, Processes, and Products. Individual Task Orders will specify specific requirements in detail, per this reference. (f). Task Area 6, Simulations and Analysis Support. Description of Work: Provide sys tems and software engineering support, to include systems design, analysis, development, integration, technical assistance, and software application development . 100% of installs/upgrades are tested/validated prior to use before an exercise or simulation. All aspects of software engineering are developed IAW best commercial practices. (g) Task 7, Evaluation Support: This effort shall require the Contractor to provide evaluation of individual and collective training events and to conduct Training Effectiveness Analyses as directed in the Master Evaluation Plan. (h). Task Area 8, Knowledge Management Enhancements. Description of work: Observe, operate and becom e familiar with the existing FKN/JKDDC portal, and how it is used, functions and operates. Test all aspects of interoperability, integration and interface among the FKN/JKDDC and AKO, BCKS, JKO and other designated sites. Assess what actions can be taken to rectify shortcomings and implement improvements. In making the assessment, the Contractor shall consider all aspects, to include (but not be limited to): purpose and objectives of the FKN/JKDDC, AKO, BCKS, JKO and other sites; anticipated growth and future development of these and other systems programs; limitations of existing FKN/JKDDC, AKO, BCKS, JKO Software and licensing; software adaptations/customization; Webpage layout and GUI design; use of additional commercial or Government software/hardwar e; implementation complexity; timelines, manpower and costs; and any other actions that must be considered to improve the sites integration, interoperability and interface with other sites.

For the purpose of Small Businesses, the NAICS Code is 5419 90, All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, $6.5M. Your response shall include the following information: Size of Company (i.e., 8(a), Hubzone, WOSB, SB, Veteran Owned, SDB, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, all others), N umber of Employees, Revenue for last three (3) years, Relevant Past Performance on same/similar work dating back three (3) years, and your companys capability to do this type of work. Documentation of Technical Expertise must be presented in sufficient d etail for the Government to determine that your company possesses the necessary functional area expertise and experience to compete for this acquisition. The information should be sent to NRCC by 16 January 2008; 2:00PM EST. Responses should be addressed to Northern Region Contracting Center, Bldg 2798, Fort Eustis, VA 23604-5538. Electronic responses only emailed to Questions may be directed to Nicole Brown, (757)878-3166, ext 3245.
ACA, NRCC, Mission, Building 2796, Fort Eustis, VA 23604
ACA, NRCC, Mission Building 2796, Fort Eustis VA
Cynthia Cherry, 757-878-3166 x 255

ACA, NRCC, Mission