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In–Pile Thermal Desorption (IPTD) services for Environmental Remediation Project at the Danang Airport

Solicitation Number: SOL-486-13-000002
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Thailand USAID-Bangkok
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Award Notice
February 8, 2013
TerraTherm, Inc.
Added: Mar 25, 2013 9:47 pm
The Da Nang Airport is referred to as a dioxin “hot spot” due to the high levels of dioxin in the soils and sediments. Project goals include: remediation of 73,000 cubic meters of contaminated soil and sediment to below Government of Vietnam (GVN) clean-up standards, which will enable critical airport expansion needs and provide for the health and safety of nearly 800,000 residents living near the airport; and development and testing of innovative remediation technologies and methodologies for broad dissemination.  For the performance of this contract to be completely successful, the required results of this contract are to achieve concentrations of dioxin in soils and sediment placed into the IPTD pile structure following treatment to less than 150 parts per trillion (ppt).  The aforementioned required results are sometimes referred to herein as the “cleanup goals” or “cleanup standard(s).” The soils and sediments will be treated in two phases, Phase I and Phase II, each of which contains approximately one-half of the dioxin contaminated material on site. ISTD/IPTD technology was selected as the preferred alternative through a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of potential alternatives, consistent with US environmental regulations.


This contract was awarded to TerraTherm, Inc. (TerraTherm) on a sole source basis through a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee(CPFF), Completion type of contract. TerraTherm is the sole holder (licensee) of worldwide rights to use the ISTD/IPTD technology.  CPFF completion type contract was determined to be the appropriate type because uncertainties involved in contract performance do not permit costs to be estimated with a high degree of certainty or accuracy to use a fixed-price contract.
American Embassy/Bangkok
USAID Box 47
APO, 96546
Karittha Jenchiewchan,
Procurement Specialist
Martha Aponte,
Regional Contracting Officer