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23--JPO MRAP All Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV)

Solicitation Number: W56HZV-09-R-0115
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA)
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Added: Nov 13, 2008 2:59 pm Modified: Nov 14, 2008 8:02 amTrack Changes
The Government plans to acquire an MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV). The M-ATV is a lighter, off-road, and more maneuverable vehicle that incorporates current MRAP level protection. The M-ATV will require effectiveness in an off-road mission profile. The vehicle will include EFP and RPG protection (integral or removable kit). The M-ATV will maximize both protection levels and off-road mobility & maneuverability attributes, and must balance the effects of size and weight while attempting to achieve the stated requirements. The M-ATV acquisition is being conducted under the authority of the Joint MRAP Vehicle Program. An NDI solution for the M-ATV is sought; we are responding to a Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement (JUONS).

Offerors must be prepared to timely deliver five test vehicles. The government will purchase (at approximately 90 days after RFP release) the first two of the five representative test vehicles from each offeror that passes the proposal entrance criteria. Following vehicle test and evaluation, approximately 120 days after RFP release, the government plans to award up to 5 IDIQ contracts. Offerors whose proposals and vehicles pass the entrance criteria will be offered an opportunity to provide a final proposal revision prior to the award. Awardees must deliver the three additional test vehicles within three business days of contract award. At the completion of testing, the government plans to select from the IDIQ contractors a single M-ATV producer but may, at its discretion, place production orders with multiple IDIQ producers.

There is a quantity range required from 372 to the most probable M-ATV production quantity of 2,080 up to a maximum of 10,000. The RFP will also require pricing for a range of monthly delivery rates from 100 to 1,000. These production quantity estimates are subject to availability of funding. The resulting IDIQ contract(s) will include associated initial spare parts and ancillary requirements. As soon as feasible, the government will post a draft acquisition summary with the anticipated schedule, and other documents on the M-ATV web page. An RFP is planned to be issued before 1 December 2008.
Potential offerors are encouraged to frequently review the website often for updates.
TACOM - Warren Acquisition Center, ATTN: AMSTA-AQ-AMB, E Eleven Mile Road, Warren, MI 48397-5000
TACOM - Warren Acquisition Center ATTN: AMSTA-AQ-AMB, E Eleven Mile Road Warren MI
Dawn VanHulle, 586-574-8901

TACOM - Warren Acquisition Center