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Defense Industrial Base Network (DIBNet) Development and Sustainment

Solicitation Number:
Agency: Defense Information Systems Agency
Office: Procurement Directorate
Location: DITCO-Scott
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Justification and Approval (J&A)
FAR 6.302-1 - Only one responsible source (except brand name)
September 21, 2012
Added: Sep 24, 2012 4:25 pm




Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)/ Multiple Award Contract (MAC)

Orders under MAC/ Fair Opportunity - 16.505, DFARS 216.505-70, PGI 216.505-70


Purchase Request Number: DIAMZ22032

Contract Number: HC1028-08-D-2015

Task/Delivery Order Number: TBD

Procurement Title: Defense Industrial Base Network (DIBNet) Development and Sustainment

Contracting Office: DISA/DITCO

                                 3200 East Drive, Bldg 3600

         Scott AFB, IL 62225

Estimated Value: $9,883,915.15 (not including DITCO fee)

Statutory Authority: Only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements, 10 U.S.C. §2304(c)(1). (FAR 6.302-1/DFARS 206.302-1)





Justification for OTFAOC Number:  JA12-136


Upon the basis of the following justification, I, as Procuring Activity Competition Advocate, hereby approve the use of other than full and open competition of the proposed contractual action pursuant to the authority 10 U.S.C. §2304c(b), FAR 16.505(b)(2)(i)(B).






The requiring activity for this procurement is:


Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Program Executive Office for Mission Assurance and Network Operations (PEO-MA)

NetOps Division (IA2)

6910 Cooper Avenue

Ft. Meade, MD 20755-7088


The contracting activity is:


Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO)

Scott Air Force Base, IL 62225-5406




This requirement is to ensure continued support of the Defense Industrial Base Network (DIBNet) systems, and the critical capabilities which are developed to meet the Defense Industrial Base Cyber Security and Information Assurance (DIB CS/IA) program demands and requirements. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) NetOps Division (IA2) is currently the executive agent to the Department of Defense (DoD) Chief Information Officer (CIO) to provide and maintain the DoD-DIB Collaborative Information Sharing Environment outlined in DoDI 5205.12. DIBNet is a web-based tool that enables more than 2,650 Cleared Defense Contractors in the DIB to exchange classified and unclassified cyber threat information and collaborate with the DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) on an on-going basis.


The action for which this approval is sought is to grant an exception to Full and Open Competition for a new task order (TO) award to Booz Allen Hamilton under the ENCORE II contract to continue development and support of the DIBNet capabilities for a base period of nine (9) months and one (1) three (3) month option period to begin approximately 1 September 2012.


Changes to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), which "prescribe reporting to DoD...certain cyber intrusion events that affect DoD information resident on or transiting through contractor unclassified information systems" were put in place in early May 2012, and opened the DIBNet system to more than 2,650 Cleared Defense Contractors with 5-10 accounts each (i.e., more than 15,000 users) over a period of five (5) years, significantly accelerating user growth on the DIBNet and pushing the program into initial operations.


The current contract supporting DIBNet development and sustainment will reach its ceiling of $24.3M on or near 31 August 2012 as a result of an acceleration of delivered DIBNet capabilities. Though the current contract expires April 2013, it is not possible to increase the ceiling of the Defense Technical Information Center's (DTIC) Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center (IATAC) Technical Area Task (TAT) SPO700-98-D-4002-0287 delivery order 0399, which is a Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) type delivery order. Efforts to increase the ceiling of the current delivery order through the end of the period of performance were exhausted with the IATAC contracting officer. No increase in ceiling is allowable under the current delivery order. The current IATAC contract is at the end of life and the IATAC contracting office is not allowing any extensions to ceiling or period of performance. Once this sole source effort is awarded, the current IATAC delivery order 0399 will be terminated.


This exception is requested on the basis of FAR 16.505 (b)(2)(i)(B), in which only one awardee is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the supplies or services ordered are unique or highly specialized. This shall be a new TO that is a follow-on effort to the current development in contract SPO700-98-D-4002-0287 delivery order 0399. The contract is expected to be a combination of Firm Fixed Price (FFP) and CPFF utilizing FY12 O&M funding.


Due to the aforementioned DFARS program reprioritizations, a new contract has not been solicited or awarded. It is anticipated that the contract will be recompeted and awarded no later than September 2013 and will support a more timely transition, minimizing the risk to critical DFARS requirements that are currently under development.


This is to complete requisite tasking in the narrow window afforded and then allow for full and open competition for the next contract to sustain and maintain DIBNet systems. Upon approval and award of the new follow-on TO, the existing contract will be modified for termination as a result of the funding and ceiling limitations. The estimated cost for this procurement is $9,883,915.15.




The scope of the DIBNet effort consists of multiple tasks to provide the DISA PEO-MA NetOps Division Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance for the continued development and deployment of the robust DIBNet-U and DIBNet-S capabilities.


DIBNet performs a crucial, risk-reducing role for the US Government by providing DoD with situational awareness (SA) over similar cyber threats targeting multiple DIB partners, and by providing DIB partners with the tools and technology to mitigate threats against DoD information resident in their networks. DIBNet plays a mission-critical role in the reduction of cyber threats across the DoD's critical infrastructure.


DoD CIO has directed DISA to continue to enhance the DIBNet capability, in order to further reduce the threats facing the DoD's infrastructure. This direction is outlined in a series of short-term enhancements to the existing DIBNet-U and DIBNet-S systems. These enhancements will reduce the risk of the DoD's critical infrastructure, and ensure that the previously mentioned DFARS rule change can be adequately supported.


•·         Near-term Requirements (0-12 months):  DoD CIO provided DISA with twelve (12) high-priority requirements that must be met by October 2012. There are five (5) remaining high priority requirements (including Interconnect Facilities ICF integration, updates to the portal and permissions model to support dynamic communities, multi-user chat, certificate management capability, and automated credential management) which are complex multi-spiral efforts that will require the remainder of the fiscal year to accomplish. Additionally, there are requirements for DIBNet that ensure the system is able to support the anticipated user volume and collaboration needs of the DIB CS/IA program. These enhancements include: planning of two cross domain solutions for DIBNet-U to DIBNet-S, and SIPRNet to DIBNet-S communications; planning and support for a high-availability architecture that supports COOP against MAC II requirements; development of a scalability plan to support the 15,000 users expected over the 5-year period; on-going operations and maintenance of the DIBNet systems at Ft. Meade and the DISA Enterprise Service Center (ESD); maintenance of the DIBNet program IA posture; and TIER II-III support activities.


The DIBNet task order will provide the necessary programmatic/operation/engineering services, material, equipment and facilities to support the life-cycle management of the DIBNet system.  The work includes:

•·         Program Management

•·         Cost/Schedule Management

•·         Financial Management

•·         Architecture and Engineering

•·         Requirements Gathering, Analysis, and Management

•·         System Design and Development

•·         Systems Engineering

•·         System Testing and Evaluation

•·         System Deployment

•·         Hardware and Software Management

•·         Security Engineering Certification and Accreditation

•·         System Operations Support

•·         Transition Planning (there was no current transition built into the current IATAC delivery order).

•·         Training

The services described above are applicable for the entire contract PoP. It is projected that the total estimated cost will be funded through appropriated, PE04K, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) funds.


Projected in the below table are the estimated costs for the base period and one, three-month option periods:


•·         Base Period:  25 September 2012 - 30 June 2013

•·         Option 1:  1 July 2013 - 30 September 2013


Base Period Total


Option Period 1 Total


Contract Total


The costs are based on maintaining the current level of support plus the additional support for the C&A and Operations Support activities.




Only one awardee is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the supplies or services ordered are unique or highly specialized. (10 U.S.C. §2304c(b), FAR 16.505(b)(2)(i)(B)).


Booz Allen Hamilton has been supporting DISA/IA2 and the DIBNet program for the last two (2) years, and has been performing all of the services listed in "Section 3 - Description of Supplies / Services" shown above. This support has provided Booz Allen Hamilton with a wealth of experience with the Government's DIBNet product line, which includes nine (9) separate COTS packages integrated into a single system and deployed to over fifty (50) separate Virtual Machines (VMs) across four (4) separate locations in Virginia, Ft. Meade, and ESC-OKC, and two separate classification enclaves (UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO and SECRET). Booz Allen Hamilton has implemented and received an accreditation for a unique authentication scheme that allows commercial DIB partners, using non-DoD access credentials, to access the classified DIBNet system securely over an internet link. Booz Allen Hamilton understands the operational and technical environments, which includes shared platform components, separate security and authentication schemes for DIBNet-U and DIBNet-S, full integration with medium assurance hardware tokens provided by DoD approved external PKIs, unique C&A requirements (e.g., SECRET-but-not-SIPRNet) that require specially-configured High-Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptors (HAIPE) devices, and an understanding of the cross-domain requirements needed to synchronize UNCLASSIFIED and SECRET efforts. In addition, Booz Allen Hamilton has in-depth knowledge of the DoD CIO business processes, as well as this combination of COTS and GOTS products and capabilities that have been integrated to support DoD CIO and the DC3 mission, which make the DIBNet effort unique. Although the effort is unique, the Government owns all development rights and the source code developed under the current delivery order.


Disengaging from Booz Allen Hamilton could effectively cause the program to come to a complete halt for a minimum of 6 months while a new contractor transitions key personnel, processes, and acclimates with the technical and operational business processes that need to be performed. This work stoppage would result in a significant and unacceptable setback for the DIB CS/IA program, and would affect the program schedules of DoD CIO and DC3. DISA's DIBNet efforts require continuation of Booz Allen Hamilton's services with no disruption, and the additional time required to develop another source at this stage with the technical expertise and knowledge of the required system engineering similar to that of the incumbent would create unacceptable delays in fulfilling DISA's requirements to DoD CIO.


Booz Allen Hamilton's long tenure on this effort has resulted in a workforce that has seen very low turnover rate, resulting staff that is cross-trained in the many different tasks called for in this contract. Booz Allen Hamilton staff has become intimately familiar with all aspects of the technical baselines, operational policies, organizational requirements, and have developed a battle rhythm that supports the DoD CIO's operational tempo. The skills and legacy of this workforce is required in order to ensure the system adequately supports schedule requirements that DoD CIO has placed on DISA.


Failure to maintain contractor support provided by Booz Allen Hamilton until such time that a new task order can be fully competed, awarded, and transitioned will result in a loss of continuity of services and be significantly detrimental to DISA's ability to support the DIB CS/IA effort, which will significantly increase the cyber threat to DoD's critical infrastructure resident on DIB partner systems. Without Booz Allen Hamilton's support, the ability for DIB partners to collaborate and share threat information with the DoD will be diminished, effectively un-doing several years of work by DoD CIO in support of the DIB CS/IA program. DoD and DIB partners must continue to maintain situational awareness regarding the extent and severity of cyber threats through the DIBNet system, in order to protect DoD information from emerging, advanced, and persistent cyber threats. Booz Allen Hamilton has unique experience as the developer and implementer throughout DoD and the DIB community. With Booz Allen Hamilton, the time required to cross-train and transition a new team is non-existent because they have in-depth familiarity with the DIBNet solution and immediate access to experienced manpower.  At a minimum, new teams would need at least 6 months in order to gain the same level of expertise required for training across the diverse infrastructure that exists within the DIBNet systems. The Government does not have the luxury of transition time on the current contract. With the new contract in place, the Government will compete the current work in order to facilitate a transition to a new contractor if necessary. 


Booz Allen Hamilton has accumulated significant technical expertise and unique knowledge during the performance of this initial effort. Engineering processes of systems as well as technical data accumulated during this support is unlikely to be resident at organizations other than Booz Allen Hamilton. The specialized expertise of Booz Allen Hamilton would take years to fully duplicate, and will be crucial to DISA/IA2 over the next 12 months, in order to support the following activities:

•·         Planning and engineering support for additional capabilities that increase threat sharing between DIB partners and the DoD, including indicator database integration, multi-user chat support, automated certificate management, and TIP/TAR repository.

•·         Cross domain integration to support DIBNet-U to DIBNet-S, and SIPRNet to DIBNet-S

•·         Support to define and implement a system COOP and scalability plan to support MAC II requirements, including the development and implementation of a high-availability architecture that works within the unique security requirements of DIBNet.

•·         On-going operations and maintenance of the DIBNet systems to (in Ft. Meade and at the DISA ESC), to maintain IA posture, support helpdesk activities, and ensure continued operations.

•·         Research and development to meet emerging requirements (e.g., support for DIBNet access on mobile devices, standardizing DIBNet-S laptop baseline, etc).

•·         Assisting DISA/IA2 in achieving and maintaining DIBNet-S DSAWG approval and continued IA accreditation for the DIBNet system baseline

•·         Business process and engineering support to enhance and maintain the DIBNet system (e.g., updated user on-boarding, administrative reports, expanded auditing, instrumentation, and metrics collection) to support DoD CIO FY12 and FY13 prioritized requirements.


In addition to Booz Allen Hamilton's technical and operational knowledge of the system, Booz Allen Hamilton has developed extensive knowledge of the unique security and IA requirements of the DIB CS/IA program. Booz Allen Hamilton's specific knowledge includes security hardening for the COTS tools used for securing DIBNet at the baseline and maintaining it against the DoD 8500 controls in order to maintain an Interim Authority to Operate (IATO)/Authority to Operate (ATO), integration of DIBNet with DoD-approved external PKIs, development of unique roles and permissions scheme to allow DoD CIO to on-board DIB users in stages, the development of a secure company registration process that allows company administrators to manage their own company's users, and an approach to secure the SECRET but-not-SIPRNet enclave, yet make it accessible via commercial networks. These security requirements are unique and specialized to the program, and are a critical requirement for the success of DIBNet. Booz Allen Hamilton has over two (2) years of direct implementation experience with these requirements, and can continue to ensure they are properly supported as the DIBNet system evolves.


Booz Allen Hamilton has also developed an extensive understanding of the operational business processes used by DoD CIO and DISA/IA2 in the delivery of DIBNet. Booz Allen Hamilton has developed technical materials and supported the IA efforts necessary for DIBNet to receive an ATO, and fully supports IA2's 12-step agile delivery methodology, which Booz Allen Hamilton has used to successfully implement nine (9) separate deliveries of DIBNet-U and DIBNet-S within seven (7) Spirals since March 2010. Booz Allen Hamilton understands DISA/IA2's unique lifecycle processes will not require any transition or ramp-up time, and are necessary in order for DISA to meet DoD CIO's delivery schedule and milestones.




Rates have been established within the ENCORE II contract.  All rates set forth in the contract, and used on individual orders, were based on competition among the DITCO ENCORE II vendors and a price analysis was accomplished.


The labor rates used/set forth in the ENCORE II contract will remain the same. The prices were considered fair and reasonable based on competitive proposals in conjunction with price analysis.  The total estimated value for this action is estimated at $9,883,915.15 (not including DITCO Fee). The proposal will be reviewed to consider the level of effort and the mix of labor proposed to perform the tasks being ordered to determine whether the total price is reasonable.  Also, it will be requested that BAH provide certified cost and pricing data along with a certificate of current cost and pricing data.


A determination will be made by the Contracting Officer concerning whether the order represents the best value to the Government by conducting both a technical review and a fair and reasonable price determination.


2300 East Dr.
Building 3600
Scott AFB, Illinois 62225-5406
United States